3 Easy Back-to-School Hairstyles | DIY Hairstyles Compilation 2019

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    Cute Girls Hairstyles

      3 Easy Back-to-School Hairstyles | DIY Hairstyles Compilation 2019

      Can you believe it’s almost time to go #BackToSchool?? Today, I will be sharing some of my favorite #hairstyles that we have filmed previously on my channel!

      Cute Girls Hairstyles

        Which of these 3 hairstyles is your favorite?? Comment below! 💕- Mindy

        Justice Tea

          Can you do another First Day Of School Video ?

          Farhat Aziz

            Please. Also. Do. Some callenges. Like yours siblings. We enjoy it.

            Farhat Aziz

              I am looking. Your and very much thankful to you. Love from pakistani.

              Ashley Lopez

                I LOOOOOVE THEM ! 💞💞 Hope I win Kamris giveaway 🤣.

                MusicLover 17

                  Can You Do A Space Buns With the Small Braids in the front and bangs in the front Tutorial

                  Carlota Falcato

                    Back to school!? Already? I finished school yesterday…

                    Lauren Brannigan

                      Why does Kamri look so young in this?

                      Madi Madi

                        is brooklyn's hair naturally wavy? btw your family is so beautiful💕 i've watched you guys since the twins were young and it's so amazing to see them grow up and become independent young women💪🏽 congratulations on your success🥳

                        Hanady Jaber

                          The braided bun was my favorite

                          kate Choate

                            I like number 5 the braid on kamri

                            Kid Super

                              I feel like summer just started

                              But it is almost over 😭😭😭


                                wow I use to watch years back and got such good ideas, everyone is so grown up now. Time to start watching again, I have two little ones I need to do hair on now, lol

                                Lily Sitkoff

                                  They look so young but it was posted in 2019

                                  LISTEN TO UR MOM

                                    Thanks needed this a lot☺

                                    Celia Baker

                                      1one is my favourite


                                        School starts so soon in America. In Canada it starts in September

                                        ITZ. SPRINKLE

                                          Y’all created a wonderful family I would love it so much if I could meet y’all!

                                          Amani Clarke

                                            There's so many reasons I shouldn't be watching this like 1 school doesn't start until September and 2 I'm fully black with 4c hair yet I just love this channel and the McKnights so ofc I still watched the whole thing

                                            Lindsay Whipple

                                              I just realized that this was filmed like a year ago when kamri reinvented the twins instgrams! Because it looks like brooklyn is dressed the same, and kamri looks so little!♡ They are all so gorgeous!!♡♡

                                              Kate Wilkinson

                                                Tip from a curly girl, definitely play around with plopping a few times BEFORE a special occasion (like the first day of school)! There is a slight learning curve to get them to turn out well! I’ve found that they always turn out best for me if my roots are still slightly damp when I take it out. If it’s totally dry, I end up with a matted mess because my hair is just too curly for that.(I made this mistake on a snow day where I slept in much later than usual with a plop in and it was a disaster) The amount of product that you use is also a bit of trial and error based on your texture! My hair is really fine so too much cream products and my hair is weighed down and won’t curl, too much gel based product and it’s crunchy and breaking it up causes frizz.

                                                Vivian Lundskow

                                                  Can you do back to school hairstyles for short hair?

                                                  Katie Rose

                                                    OKAY i love u guys and everything but ot it JULY i am NOT ready for these “back to school” videos sorry see u in august

                                                    Tina Nguyen Vlogs

                                                      Awww Kamri’s long hair

                                                      Ayla Lindsey

                                                        I'm so excited to go back to school!!!

                                                        Edit: can you do a first day of school morning routine on everyone's first day of school?

                                                        Chloe Falkenstein

                                                          It is so hard to decide! I love all! Love u guys


                                                            Any short hair back to school , I been putting my hair in a half up ponytail into a ponytail for my short hair

                                                            Mia Clément

                                                              Hey Mindy,
                                                              I'd love to see you doing some messy bun/top knot hairstyles on your own hair – or for one of the girls to show their favorite method 😉

                                                              Shianne Smith

                                                                Can you do three back to school hairstyles for short hair? Kamri, Rylan, and Bailey could be the hair models!!

                                                                Jane Marsh

                                                                  I can't believe that school is almost starting. I love all of these hairstyles! I can't wait to try them on myself! CGH is my go to channel for when I want to learn a new hairstyle.

                                                                  Gabriella Ashworth

                                                                    Love the Hairstyles,will try them!

                                                                    Karla Chavez

                                                                      I hate school

                                                                      Emmalyn Harbaugh

                                                                        My fav was the first one… I hated the last…

                                                                        Josh and Caleigh

                                                                          Love these! Thanks for sharing, Mindy! Love you! -Caleigh

                                                                          Ximena Romero

                                                                            Brooklyn looked(s)like Kamri now

                                                                            Amelia Zidek

                                                                              I love y’all so much! Always and forever ♾ I don’t know what I would do without y’all beside me!❤️👸🏼💕 I loved this video!😍💪🏻


                                                                                That awkward moment when they ran out of hairstyles so they have to use old ones…

                                                                                Kelsey Michele

                                                                                  Hi Mindy I have trouble doing my hair because it’s so silky and perfectly straight. Do you have any suggestions to make it hold curl or put it into a braid?

                                                                                  Danielle H

                                                                                    I’m absolutely trying the heartless curls tonight on myself!

                                                                                    Alice Dube

                                                                                      It says this video was posted today but they all look and sound so young? Was this reposted or am I crazy??

                                                                                      peter gathegu

                                                                                        OMG I have not watch all of your videos but 8th looks amazing

                                                                                        enas amin

                                                                                          Omggg this cute first girl with that beautiful eyes is Brooklyn

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