3 Easy Boho PROM Hairstyles | Half Up Hairstyles Compilation 2019

Main 3 Easy Boho PROM Hairstyles | Half Up Hairstyles Compilation 2019

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    Cute Girls Hairstyles

      3 Easy Boho PROM Hairstyles | Half Up Hairstyles Compilation 2019

      Today we are going to be showing you guys different #PROM hairstyles! These are all #halfup #hairstyles that we have filmed previously on my channel, but …

      Cute Girls Hairstyles

        Which of these 3 half up PROM hairstyles did you like the most?? Comment below! 💋's -Mindy

        Suvarna Patil

          So cute

          Anna Mower

            Do your favorite updos too.

            Seeta Chauhan

              Awesome yaar

              Seeta Chauhan

                Awesome yaar

                Just sparkle

                  This is a crazy throwback for me because I was subscribed all the way since 2012 so i remember all of these when they first came out

                  Gabby Chappell

                    Omg y’all have such pretty hair.

                    I think the half up braid was my favorite because it’s so simple and cute.

                    Love ❤️ you guys!!

                    Let’s try to get CGH to 6 million!!!


                      YASS IM EARLY
                      WHERE IS THE EARLY SQUAD AT

                      AcroTiff2021 Summer

                        Please make a video on how you curl your daughters hair!!! They are so gorgeous!!!

                        Melesa K

                          Oh my gosh, I just realized I’ve been watching you guys for four years! Feel like I’ve grown up alongside your kids, time flies! Love you guys❤️

                          Merrita Stantish

                            Wait is the last one Bailey?!how is she having this much hair……

                            jordyn hirsch

                              These Hairstyles are super cute and such good inspiration for PROM!! I love every single one of your videos! you are so talented!

                              Emelyn Zapatero

                                It’s been so long since I’ve seen Brooklyn and Bailey’s hairstyles!

                                Masa Haj Najeeb

                                  Omg! Who recognized bailey with long hair?

                                  Masa Haj Najeeb

                                    I am in LOVE with ur videos bl♥️

                                    Kiran Ghule

                                      U have such cute daughter s😘😘😍😍ur are perfet mother

                                      sara varsanov

                                        I loved all 3 hairstyles

                                        Hadley Hannon

                                          So cute I’ll remember this

                                          Rylee Vlogs

                                            I love pop out braid one the second

                                            Xu Hướng Tóc Đẹp Hà

                                              Đẹp quá 👍🏻😙

                                              Michelle Li

                                                This is giving me flashbacks moments

                                                Gricelda Cardenas

                                                  I miss the old hair tutorials 😭

                                                  Michelle Sahlstrom

                                                    I love how you say how long it took!

                                                    Julianna Weeks

                                                      This video was just what I was looking for!! I’ll probably go for the last style for my formal.


                                                        Can you do one with short hair ?

                                                        Emily Akgirl629 B

                                                          Ohhh I remembered those days. Bailey looked so cute with her long hair I even like her short hair. Neither way I like it both.
                                                          Great videos as always
                                                          Love ya guys 🤟🏽💜🙏🏽😘😉


                                                            I don’t have prom in my country but I did Brooklyn’s hairstyle on my friends wedding when I had shorter hair:)

                                                            Ivy K

                                                              Everyone looks so young hahaha

                                                              Phoebe Irawan

                                                                Oh my goodness, thank you for this!! My prom is today and I still hadn't decided on a hairstyle :))

                                                                Kayla Games

                                                                  When did you film this

                                                                  Mimi Me

                                                                    Wow! These are so inspiring! I want to style hair when I grow up!

                                                                    UNA FAMILIA EN NUEVA YORK

                                                                      WHO ELSE REMEBERS SEEING THEM SO TINY

                                                                      Victoria Feathers

                                                                        you should do short hairstyles for prom!!


                                                                          No more proms for me, but my cousin is getting married in July, so I'm loving all this inspiration!

                                                                          Shane And Sophia

                                                                            Love your videos Mindy

                                                                            Nele Gillisjans

                                                                              I have already used so many hairstyles you filmed, but never for prom (it’s not a thing where I live). But that doesn’t stop me to use them on special occassions! I always get compliments about my hair, and my only secret are your videos ❤️


                                                                                Yay the girls are back!!

                                                                                my dream my life

                                                                                  I will definitely try it👍 . Love from India 🇮🇳

                                                                                  Emily Carter

                                                                                    Love these hairstyles!!! Y'all are amazing❤


                                                                                      can i fly you out to do my hair for prom lol

                                                                                      Emma Fraser

                                                                                        we have already seen all of these hairstyles in different videos

                                                                                        Nela Cervenakova

                                                                                          I love it!!!!

                                                                                          Ella Carroll

                                                                                            Well not sure about you Americans but British prom isn’t until July haha and I only get it once hahaha x

                                                                                            YZ KIm Bass

                                                                                              OMG. Loved seen old video.

                                                                                              liesel kuehl

                                                                                                I wish I was old enough to go to prom so I could use these beautiful hairstyles

                                                                                                Morgan Ely

                                                                                                  I started watching ur channel years ago! And I have never looked back! Love you guys!

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