$400 CUPSHE SWIMSUIT HAUL & TRY ON!!! SUMMER BIKINI HAUL 2019 *I wasn't expecting this*

Main $400 CUPSHE SWIMSUIT HAUL & TRY ON!!! SUMMER BIKINI HAUL 2019 *I wasn't expecting this*

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    Pretty Pastel Please
      $400 CUPSHE SWIMSUIT HAUL & TRY ON!!! SUMMER BIKINI HAUL 2019 *I wasn't expecting this*

      Cupshe Bikini Try on Haul / Cupshe Swimsuit Haul / Cupshe Review / Cupshe One Piece Swimsuit Haul / Cupshe Try on Haul / Cupshe Haul / Cupshe Bikini …

      Caitekat 101

        I have this problem too. I am really little now, tall like you and skinny but when it comes to having to do lift work at school (I'm a full time dancer in Australia) I always feel I'm going to be heavy and hurt them even even I'm almost still anorexic

        Dream Retrograde

          I’d absolutely love if you did a video about your weight loss journey! I absolutely adore your figure but I’m struggling to lose

          Rachel Carpenter

            I know you were uncomfortable but you do look amazing in all of them you go girl!

            Peach Leche

              Man some of the names of these online stores though…
              SheIn ? Cupshe? Zaful? Romwe? Lol


                Alex, I think you look AMAZING in all the pieces. I totally understand how you're feeling (I weigh WAY over 100 kg). I am SO impressed with your weightloss. 😁👍

                Ever Viayra

                  That yellow one peice looks so cute on you, but I get the high v thing


                    I love how the Pretty Pastel Please community/subscribers are so wholesome, supportive, and appreciative of her in every way!
                    She is sweet, humble, and beautiful inside and out, so she definitely deserves it ♡

                    I love coming to this channel because of all the pure positivity that happens here. Genuine people who aren't here to attack or are cancel-hungry (though, it's too hard/impossible to find anything negative about Alex). It's refreshing.


                      You're beautiful, you're brave and you're relatable. I love it. Love Archie too. Very nice swimsuits. Toucan one is my fave.

                      CeeC ee



                          That blue color on the second suit looks really good on you. Love the style of the swim suit with the birds on it on you. Also like the red and white striped one.

                          Joss Ray

                            Can you do a video on how you lost weight? If you’re comfortable of course

                            Sashimi 27

                              Have you done a weight loss video? I bet lots of us would like to hear your story 💜

                              Roz Harris

                                I hate deep Vs too. Like 'Hey, check out my clavicle!' Great! 😐 Also I never wear bikinis either. I just want a regular shaped one piece without horrifically high cut leg holes that I can comfortably swim laps in.

                                kate gait

                                  I swear, there’s something about bathing suit tops that make them IMPOSSIBLE to put on yourself. No matter what kind of clips they have, they’re either extremely hard to do up or impossible to take off.


                                    Alex your so beautiful like, no joke your body goals your like a model!


                                      The pink and grey suit is my favorite! Love it!

                                      Great video Alex, I like Archie's enthusiasm

                                      Eileen Ayude

                                        Where did you get your cute rainbow shirt with the ballet shoes

                                        Megan C

                                          The second blue one piece is adorable


                                            It's great that you're challenging your comfort zone and still trying on bikinis despite feeling insecure!!! It's a nice change to see a youtuber actually addressing the fact they feel insecure and why at the start of a bikini video than just…jumping straight in to the try on. Are you ever going to make a weight loss journey video or is that something you're not interested in/feel morally conflicted by bc weight isn't a determinant of self-worth?? <3

                                            Sami Woodruff

                                              Honestly you are so beautiful. This video made me feel really happy and be less nervous for summer. (I have cellulite on thighs and a tummy) you look awesome! This video made my day.

                                              Raewyn Bonne

                                                I freakin love the second blue one piece! I want it and I want an island holiday

                                                Margarita Clark

                                                  Archie keeps sneezing poor baby

                                                  Girl emperor warrior 3

                                                    I know your from Australia you need to do a Kmart haul


                                                      You look amazing in all these swimsuits, honestly. I had to google what a shower was though lol.

                                                      Oops There Goes My Social Life

                                                        The first swimsuit would be really cute as a dress tbh

                                                        Also as the kind of guy who wears jeans and hoodies in the summer because he hates what he sees so much, knowing that you've lost the same amount of weight I'm trying to loose is insanely inspiring

                                                        Carmz Michelle

                                                          STOP SAYING PANTS!!! they are swimsuit bottoms not pants omggggg

                                                          Natalie Perez

                                                            id like to know how you lost all the weight, if you have a video already, please direct me to it 🙂 love you btw

                                                            checkmy flow

                                                              I see this recently, is this a new bikini company? And I wish you tell if it was a hard or soft padding, cause I prefer hard padding hahahah but great video like always ❤️

                                                              Nitty Gritty


                                                                Courtney Marvets

                                                                  Totally agree on the whole losing weight thing. I went from 200 lbs to 115lbs. To this day, I still look down and feel like I look exactly the same. Body dysmorphia at its finest. Only way I see the weight loss is in pictures


                                                                    Wow you used to weigh 100 kilos? That's about where I started too. I'm not sure I'll ever be as thin as you, but it's still very inspirational 😊 You choose really cute bikinis and bathing suits!

                                                                    Sandra Chapman

                                                                      Alex, you have a nice body. Nothing to be ashamed of. 😊 I do understand though as I am overweight and I don't like my tummy.


                                                                        You’re getting better and better with your makeup. Specifically the eyeshadow


                                                                          The fact that Archie knows the phrase "what are you doing to your bra" 👌

                                                                          Jay ジェイ

                                                                            As someone who has always struggled with their weight, I really admire you for being this confident on camera. Even after I get to my goal weight, I don’t know if I’ll be able to wear bikinis or revealing clothes in public

                                                                            Foxtails 9

                                                                              omg that blue halter neck one 😍

                                                                              Joyce Orlando

                                                                                You are amazing, I didn’t know you had lost all the weight! I’m in the middle of weight loss, and it weird trying on things and feeling comfortable in any clothes.

                                                                                aoba booty

                                                                                  you have an amazing body keep doing what you're doing love


                                                                                    Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone for us, I really appreciate that!

                                                                                    Jack Byrnes

                                                                                      the yellow daisy looks so good tho


                                                                                        Honestly, I’d never be comfortable either wearing swimsuits where the sides go up so high into that v shape on the bottom, but they looked amazing on you😍

                                                                                        Destaney Green

                                                                                          You are soooo beautiful!

                                                                                          Sunnybunn 62

                                                                                            I want a bird now


                                                                                              lots of the ones you picked are super cute~ i might look for something for my summer holiday there now~

                                                                                              but i must dissapoint you, …you know those daisies right? i think they are daffodils…

                                                                                              Fátima Glez

                                                                                                You're a TOTAL BABE, what tummy? what thighs? GURL PLEASE you better start believing what are facts and that is: You're STU-NNI-NGGGG

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