4'11 Bride Wants a Wedding Dress That Will Make Her Feel Tall! | Say Yes To The Dress Canada

Main 4'11 Bride Wants a Wedding Dress That Will Make Her Feel Tall! | Say Yes To The Dress Canada

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      4'11 Bride Wants a Wedding Dress That Will Make Her Feel Tall! | Say Yes To The Dress Canada

      Rosie is a petite bride who is looking for an elegant Mori Lee gown that will make her look tall and slender. Catch Say Yes to the Dress on TLC – Sky 140, Virgin …


        I'm 5'1 and it was really difficult to find the right wedding dress. My husband is 6'4-6'6 and I wanted to be a bit taller for our wedding lol

        StrawberryNinja Nibbles

          4’11? She ain’t ever feeling tall lol

          Also… are her antidepressants not working or what?

          Kai Vickers

            Rosie: We don’t fight.
            Me: Wait until you have kids.

            Hanna Womack

              My sister in law is 4'7" my brother is 6'6" her dress was wider then she is tall and she wanted bigger lol


                Heels….. works every time…Thats what suggest to my GF

                Default To The Max

                  She cannot even walk in the final dress!

                  Jin Hit

                    if you want to look taller dont plan to wear a ball gown duh 😏

                    fizzy pops

                      'Shut the front door!'

                      Ranielle Louise Valenzuela

                        YouTube: 4'11
                        Me: ***triggered***


                          All the crystals make the dress look cheap

                          Thya Smith

                            That blonde chicks eyes have no warmth to them. She just stares at you with off putting eyes. Not comfortable at all.

                            Carlos Benítez

                              Girl you need better friends , first dress they acted like it was beautiful , the mermaid nah, they just go with the flow , the #4 is ugly too , why would they say that was good ? It made her belly pop out … not good , girl you need better friends .

                              pree tee

                                Mori Lee😍😍😍

                                lyric pain

                                  Aahhhh omg im getting married in July and haven't even started to go dress shopping

                                  Ingrid Nineteen

                                    Love the dress she went with, really fit her personality 😊

                                    Fatima Nawfa

                                      Im 5'4 but I'm 14 so i still have time to grow.

                                      khushboo sirova

                                        I hate when they brainwash brides to liking a dress

                                        Kendy Hernandez

                                          And I complain about being too tall 😭

                                          Shreya Ghosh

                                            Lol i feel this one. I used to be tall as a kid, but then my second growth spurt didn't come and now all my once-short friends and lil sibs are taller than me and it's annoying!

                                            Erika Cortes

                                              We're the same height 😂

                                              Joanne Rios

                                                Omg, she is so short! I am 4'11 and that is her hieght!!😓

                                                Niamiah Taylor

                                                  supermodel thought: slim and tall

                                                  Kitty The Cosplayer

                                                    A dress isn't gonna make you taller. Heels maybe but not a bedazzled dress

                                                    Some onetn

                                                      Same problem..

                                                      Whitney Rose

                                                        🎵"I wanna be taaaaaall"🎶


                                                          I usually like the dresses the brides end up picking but I don’t like this one.

                                                          Belles Brunette

                                                            What is so special about being tall. I’m 5 ft 11 and I see no difference.


                                                              She looks great in the dress she picked. I feel kind of weird about all the mermaid dresses women pick. I mean, how can you walk in them? It seems as though you need to walk with your knees close together or something! But I've been married 22 years and I don't have to worry about trying on mermaid dresses! Kudos to all those women who look fantastic in them!

                                                              Pateel simonian

                                                                im from Scarborough, Canada !!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                esme yiu

                                                                  I'm 4"9, I'm 10..😓 Being tall is nice, but I dont like it alot 😣 Be happy being short,there isn't alot of nice things about being tall😖

                                                                  Daisy Perez

                                                                    5’6 gang 😭 love your height no matter if you’re tall or short sometimes I wish I was short but naaa

                                                                    ᴀʟɪᴄɪᴀ ʜᴇʀʀᴇʀᴀ

                                                                      shorty short short …

                                                                      S Lantos

                                                                        I'm with everyone who thinks, she could have done much better.

                                                                        Elena G

                                                                          Oh. gosh, like really… None of the dresses do any good to her. She needs some beading or lace pattern that runs in vertical direction to make her "taller" and "slimmer". There's tons of dresses better than any of those.

                                                                          Vered Cookie

                                                                            she still seems unsure

                                                                            Zoe Girl

                                                                              We’re the same height! Haha


                                                                                Theres a trick to wearing ball gowns if you're short. You just tone down the angle/flare out of the petticoat until it looks proportional to your body. Voila!

                                                                                Achuchu Bam

                                                                                  Would be perfect if it has zipper. the back specifically the tie lace looks so tacky, i hate that style.

                                                                                  Maryam Radwan

                                                                                    There is no passion when talking about her fiance, wierd

                                                                                    Zarenna Angel

                                                                                      I just don't get spending over $100k on a dress you only wear once. You never see any brides asking for a Boheimian style dress.

                                                                                      Kendall Walsh

                                                                                        I'm 4 foot 11

                                                                                        Kadie Mac

                                                                                          I kept waiting for Deena and Snooki to run out and hug this li'l meatball lol

                                                                                          Kastle Boo

                                                                                            lmbooooo im 4’11 !!!!!

                                                                                            ASMRAlchy 123

                                                                                              Honestly its so refreshing to see a large group of friends and family all focused on the bride and her happiness instead of themselves and what they want

                                                                                              Dee Lg

                                                                                                Try the dresses from the top not the other way !!

                                                                                                Gregory SCHESKE

                                                                                                  Remember, brides wear white, as homage to HM Queen Victoria who married HRH Prince Albert of Saxe-Cobourg-Gotha in 1840. Queen Victoria was 4'11"!

                                                                                                  Lou Lou

                                                                                                    I'm 4ft 9 getting married this year to my 6ft 1 fiancé.. My height makes me dread the wedding photos!!

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