5 EASY Nail Art Designs Using HOUSEHOLD ITEMS!

Main 5 EASY Nail Art Designs Using HOUSEHOLD ITEMS!

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      5 EASY Nail Art Designs Using HOUSEHOLD ITEMS!

      Hey guys! In today’s video, Becca is going to be showing you 5 cute and super easy nail art designs that you can conveniently do at home just by using random …

      Licia Cakez

        How about some on trend nail designs but simple ways to achieve them??

        Regina Hanson

          Pretty, and simple designs.♡

          leticia machado feliciano



              That paw print is adorable 😍🐾


                This is so helpful!

                Humera Khan


                  Anna Rose

                    Could you do nail designs based off of Stranger Things?

                    Anna Rose

                      Could you do a tutorial on how to paint your toe nails (if they are very shory)?

                      Anna Rose

                        Could you do Gravity Falls themed nails, 10 different styles based off of the characters; items or the aesthetic of the show!!

                        Amelia Thomas

                          I really like these designs!


                            I like the paw print best 💜

                            Kaye Carter Mature Woman Daily Dose

                              So cute…💕💕💕


                                Great job

                                Sylvia Smith

                                  I like all of them, thanks for sharing.

                                  Jakob Pajsar

                                    Hey lena

                                    hillbilly nails and makeup


                                      Jennifer Kopenga

                                        I loved them all!! The paw print was adorable 🐾 that would look super cute I bet with a smaller print in black on bare nails 🤗 you did an amazing job 👏🏻👏🏻

                                        Laura Schmidt

                                          Hello im from Germany

                                          Michichi Studios

                                            Dang,third time early and still don’t know what to say.


                                              I like how her nail art isn't perfect but still looks amazing. It makes me feel more comfortable trying the designs.

                                              Farhan Mohammed

                                                omg I just wanna say for this nail art .WOW!!!!!!!!




                                                    Here before 400 views

                                                    Oil Up Buttercup with Abby

                                                      I almost never like all the designs but this one I like all of them. Lava is my fave followed by the framed dots.

                                                      Nails Ivette


                                                        Att Muhammad

                                                          I am early i am ftom Pakistan can u do a bts nail art and do a nail polish collection plz btw i love the middle finger design

                                                          Reshma Katkar

                                                            Very nice and useful vedio

                                                            josephine suji

                                                              Wow .. can't wait to try

                                                              super craft 100

                                                                I love ur work!😁


                                                                  to everyone who is reading this, i hope you have an amazing day today! You deserve it! Happy Saturday from a small YouTuber! 💜🌸🦄

                                                                  Moonlight Grande

                                                                    wow soooo cute!!💚✨

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