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      5 Ponytail Hack Gadgets? | Fab or Fail

      Are you ready for another #FabOrFail product review?? Today I will be testing 4 different #Ponytail #Hack tools that each claim to take your ponytail game to the …

      Cute Girls Hairstyles

        Would you try any of these ponytail hack gadgets?? Comment below! ✅Shop ALL Hairitage Products at Walmart HERE: https://shopstyle.it/l/bcn9T 💋's -Mindy


          Leighann tried a few of these a couple weeks ago & had a bit of success.

          Sshilpa shilpa

            Wats d name of the comb u r using??

            Becca Ashton

              The small white one is supposed to be inserted the same way you did the last one. I used to do this with bobby-pins, just stick one in the center of the pony elastic just as you did the last hair accessory!


                can you try on french twist bun maker and show us?

                Liberty Franzell

                  I think the teacher clips that Brooklyn is talking about are called banana clips. Love y’all 💕


                    I always double up the hair tie for my ponytails and people say the volume I get is nuts! But if I don’t double up it falls out anyway so I have to use 2 hair ties 😂

                    Layla tameric

                      I know what Brooklyn is talking about!

                      Emily Martinez

                        Haha, yes! I know those teachers. 😂

                        Moaz Khurram

                          Love you cute girl hair style

                          Ron Scarborough

                            Love you all

                            Amal Raj

                              Can you guys please do a video on french braids pigtails. :b

                              Alexia Tawil

                                5:53 It's literally Bailey

                                Emery Oudshoorn

                                  I know what Brooklyn’s talking about 😂😂

                                  Elisabeth Harbourt

                                    And now I have seen a ponytail belly button. Omg!

                                    Sarah onwater

                                      Could you make work ready hairstyles after a bike ride with a helmet?

                                      Advita Raj

                                        Double elastic did give Brooklyn's hair a lift but with ponyfull her hair was being pulled less. Like with extra elastic her scalp feels really tight

                                        Jaime Carroll

                                          Brooklyn is talking about banana clips lol.

                                          amalia sj

                                            i gave up on trying to even put my hair in a pony tail and got a pixie cut, lol

                                            Emma Bennett

                                              i might say the medium hair clip a double fab for me because I have big hair straight hair and thick

                                              Kelsey – Lilly- White

                                                I’ve done that hairstyle that Brooklyn was talking about and it works mush better than that tool 😂😂

                                                Kelsey – Lilly- White

                                                  I’ve done that hairstyle that Brooklyn was talking about and it works mush better than that tool 😂😂

                                                  Breanna Y

                                                    Do you have any tips on having a lot of dandruff?

                                                    Ida S

                                                      Maybe the first tool works if you do 2 ponytails?! Like 1 centerpart (leaving the crown open) then pull over that thing and the take the rest of the hair to put it around in the second and final ponytail ?! 🤔 but idk

                                                      Fancsi Tánczos

                                                        Hey! Could you do a tutorial for Donna's and Sophie's wedding hairstyle from Mamma Mia?😅
                                                        Hope you're okay!❤

                                                        xrysanthi fant

                                                          Did Brooklyn cut her hair? Just wondering

                                                          Jehanzeb Akbar


                                                            Annika Perez

                                                              lol I do know what brooklyn's talking about… it's that thing where they twist their hair into some thing. then theypoke that thing into it and it stays in place 😂

                                                              Ann-Marie Fyfe

                                                                No they would for sure not work on my hair is very thick and long I would use Mindy's method💖

                                                                Lauren Smith

                                                                  Can we just talk about Brooklyn’s skin in this video?! Wow😍😍 girl is glowing!

                                                                  Sandra Villagomez

                                                                    Double rubber band for sure!!

                                                                    Kenneth Sutton

                                                                      Those were called banana clips. They started in the 80s.

                                                                      Roudha Almazrooei

                                                                        Can you do homeschool morning routine

                                                                        Ara K

                                                                          The Velcro on that last one is probably to prevent the hair from splitting apart to reveal the pony tail enhancer device. Maybe you could see if there is a YouTube video showing how to use the others?!

                                                                          Life With Anna Sofia

                                                                            I love the ponyfull! The velcro is to make sure you dont see it, the hair sticks to it on purpose. When taking it out, you need to gently take the little har off the velcro. You also need to have the elastic on one less loop than you normally would normally do it! its awesome!

                                                                            Artsy Craftsy

                                                                              Awhhh, poor brooklyn, her hairrr, it must've hurt ALOT

                                                                              Addie Wood

                                                                                Thumbs up for mindy being really rough with Brooklyn hair

                                                                                Kathleen Gonzalez

                                                                                  IS SHE TALKING ABOUT BANANA clips or the clamp thing?

                                                                                  Rachael D.

                                                                                    Be careful not to make your ponytail too tight or it will stress your edges/baby hairs and they will be more likely to fall out and/or recede your hairline. I went through a stage where I only wore a braided ponytail for years when I was in elementary and middle school and it would be so tight (not to mention I was frying my naturally curly 3c hair) my edges have been on a road to recovery ever since..and I'm in college now haha

                                                                                    Cooliemitty 07

                                                                                      Who thinks that Brooklyn is the most fit for doing hairstyles?

                                                                                      Alexa Rose

                                                                                        Mindys hair has been looking so healthy and pretty ever since hairitage can out!!!😍

                                                                                        jonathan chan

                                                                                          Brooklyn: OW! (X10000)😢
                                                                                          Me: RIP Brooklyn's hair…🙁
                                                                                          Bailey: Glad I have shorter hair!😆😆😆

                                                                                          Natalie’s Channel

                                                                                            Yes, Brooklyn is talking about a hair claw clip.

                                                                                            Jane Barnhouse

                                                                                              Mindy is the most fun mom

                                                                                              Hope Baxter

                                                                                                Brooklyn is talking about a spider clip!!

                                                                                                Mckenzie Anne

                                                                                                  Brooklyn totally looks like Lisal from the sound of music

                                                                                                  Maryam Elizondo

                                                                                                    I feel like this exact video was ripped off of LeighannSays 😅🥴

                                                                                                    Rayne Orris

                                                                                                      Yes I know what Brooklyn is taking about with the teacher hairstyle 😂

                                                                                                      emilee Janelle

                                                                                                        seems like such work just for a simple hairstyle


                                                                                                          Any chance your mascara will ever ship to Canada?

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