5 Signs That Prove Lady Gaga Is In Love With Bradley Cooper

Main 5 Signs That Prove Lady Gaga Is In Love With Bradley Cooper

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      5 Signs That Prove Lady Gaga Is In Love With Bradley Cooper

      Lady Gaga Called Off Engagement And It Might Be Bradley Cooper’s Fault. Subscribe to our channel: …

      Bs.Applaus 3

        The true question is? Is he in love with her

        Raven Claw

          They’re like Kate and Leo. Stop.

          Lulu Senorita

            I think it is one sided love.. Gaga totally in love with him.. but Bradley I'm not sure what is his feelings for her🤔

            tiz tiz

              Yes, he tapped that..

              Francine Arcieri

                Not about Kardashians i like them yet omg too funny.comments not about them no for once right

                Bryan Chan

                  I noticed that she is a bit overly touchy in the interviews

                  Aria Giselle

                    I wish they could get married already maybe when Bradley is single again they will give it a go 😭🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽


                      I mean he did saw her naked

                      Courtney Lynch

                        They are BOTH taken. Y’all focusing on just Bradley when she is ENGAGED 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️


                          Damnn! He's not aging well.


                            Er you forgot about the post about the tattoo that she mentioned BC are the initials of her music producer too…not Bradley Cooper

                            Nancy Hinchliff

                              I don't think he is in love with her.b

                              Nancy Hinchliff

                                I think Lady Gaga is definitely in love with Bradley Cooper. It's pretty hard to hide those feelings.

                                Edwin Sam

                                  isn't he married?

                                  Dream 182

                                    I think that he is in love with her to, he appeared in her concert and chemistry was insane

                                    Catherine Walters

                                      I have the same relationship with my best friend… I know better.. People want the fantasy to come to life… They have similar traits and would learn from one another but those 2 tigers will but heads in other areas… Brad is a calmer force and Gaga does I think if he's a good daddy. Stay with momma for a few more years they have a girl and they're in live-in a quiet way.. Stable and secure

                                      Lana H

                                        A tragedy .. My heart be aches for Stephani. I hope she gets over Bradley and remains intact.

                                        Shahad Alfa

                                          Well…. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                          Smart Sweet

                                            Not trying to be mean but Lady Gaga looks like a rat 🐀 .

                                            Zhara Rusell

                                              That's ridiculous!!

                                              Sandra Šiaudvytytė


                                                JOHNNY BRASCO

                                                  He looks like shit these days.

                                                  Ms Precious

                                                    Stephanie is a very personable passionate person, she is emotionally connected with most. He is in a relationship with a child however I’m certain the break up had to do w Brad…, the chemistry is unbearable! 🤔

                                                    Eleonora Mingari

                                                      She doesn't seems Bradley's type honestly.

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