5 Ways To Get BABY BOOMER Nails!

Main 5 Ways To Get BABY BOOMER Nails!

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      5 Ways To Get BABY BOOMER Nails!

      SHOP OUR FAVE NAIL PRODUCTS & TOOLS: In today’s nail art tutorial, we’re going to be showing you 5 different …

      SheSo Sweet

        My nail shop just call them ombre my nails are like this now with a little bling bling

        Gharelu Beauty Tips

          Wow nice


            So beautiful!


              Boomer nails? There's no monster zero ultra painted on these, please.


                1st and 2nd by far the best .


                  I knew this name


                    When I was in high school and getting acrylic nails done (circa 1992-1994) we called this an American manicure as opposed to the baby boomer nails.

                    Elise Vu

                      Oh my gOd it’s James Charles’ nails

                      Lina Lorena

                        Can this kind of nails be done with dip powder?

                        Matthew Eardley

                          Beautiful! April is amazing.

                          STYLE BY VISHU


                            Just see the second word….have a nice Day from small youtubers….any support


                              Anyone know what the sponge pen is called, if there’s another name or specific brand? Looks like it could be helpful in all kinds of nail art. 💅🏻

                              jacqueline caldwell

                                All are really good, the airbrush looks the easiest, I will try the sponge brush which I have but never used.

                                RedHott Nailz

                                  They r all cute, but I think the gells would be easiest

                                  Michelle Hernandez Robles

                                    Yes it’s a French fade, but it’s also known as baby boomer. Jesus just Google it.


                                      Love the airbrush method! Of course lol I'm looking to do more airbrush nail art so definitely looking into these gel polishes!


                                        The airbrush technique gave them a really clean finish!

                                        Braydon B

                                          why are they called baby boomer nails?

                                          PinkFlyingCow ✩ Nail Art Tutorials

                                            LOVE baby boomer nails! 😍

                                            Livey Montellano

                                              I've always wondered why they were called this. But nevertheless, these will never go out of style! Beautiful 🖤😍🖤😍

                                              Sakshi Patade

                                                Wow.nice nails.💞

                                                tifa lorenzo

                                                  i love it 😍😚


                                                    Why is it called baby boomer??

                                                    Steph browning

                                                      I like the acrylic way I guess I'm too used to doing that style now although I wud like to try air brushing at some point I also like these done with poly gel type products too. X

                                                      Bit of bk ground for those not knowing this is known as the baby boomer because bk when the men came bk from the war a year later there was a lot of babys born (baby boom) and this nail design was the most popular at the time.

                                                      Lola Boy

                                                        Gorgeous nails. Awful name 😂


                                                          This is a French fade…

                                                          lisa lol

                                                            I'm bad at gradients

                                                            Shafaq Lodhi

                                                              My question!
                                                              Why she put different on thumb's nail??

                                                              GR M

                                                                This looks so aesthetically pleasing… Love you Sandy💕

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