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      Today I’m doing a High Low Makeup look with half Drugstore Makeup and half from Luxury brands. xo’s ~ Tati HALO Before & After PHOTOS HERE …

      Lauren Layne

        Oh man, I forgot about Boobra! We miss you Boobra.

        Sien Lenders

          Did i just see body and brain booster vitamins?!?!?!

          Devyn Reece



              I love you for saying pop. You are the best Tati 🙂

              Catharina Ell

                Omg! These nail salon stories always sound so horrible! Here in Poland we have really good nail technicians,they use these like 'milling machines' to take off gel, I even do it myself at home, as well as gel manicure. Btw-You look absolutely gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️

                zina azarova

                  Im from Chicago and we say POP also. Dont you dare say soda- you'll get some stares 😒


                    Love it so much

                    Angelaa Hays

                      This is an interesting way to do this type of a video! I thought it was going to be half of your face luxury and half of your face drugstore… pretty innovative, Tati! Funky and fresh.

                      Goda Bukantaitė

                        please try the physicians formula butter highlighter! i would love to hear your opinion

                        Anna-Sofie Kvalsund

                          Make simply nailogical paint them!💿💅


                            For the anti-chip recommendation, I think your top coat is fine but maybe try a bonding/sticking base coat along with it! I use the ORLY Bonding base coat and that REALLY helps the polish adhere to your nail with minimal chipping!

                            Natalya Shurmeleva

                              Writing this just so people know: they ARE NOT supposed to soak your nails in acetone, this is Victorian practice, unhealthy to an uncomfortable degree. Opt for efile, and if your salon only does the acetone soak – RUN. Seriously, as fast as you can.

                              Goda Bukantaitė

                                i love that you review catrice , because I live in Lithuania (Europe), and we only have brands like catrice, essence, maybelline, Loreal,NYX. And I was wondering if i should buy catrice products.

                                dava n

                                  i do my gel polish at home with my uv light and i use opi gel color nail polish and it doesn’t hurt at all

                                  Annette Yucha

                                    Love this look..really love the eyelashes..great lift!! And definitely gonna look for that blush!! ❤

                                    Sophia Milos

                                      Maybelline City Bronzer🥰

                                      TN Haole

                                        Love you soooo much!!!! looks great on you.

                                        Captain Basketcase86

                                          You can get gel polish to do nails at home. The led lights are easy to use and you don't need to file your nails to the bone either it's not necessary

                                          Jennifer H.K.

                                            I really love the Catrice bronzers and from P2.


                                              You should let Cristine help you do your nails like you did for makeup

                                              heather Calhoun

                                                I say pop.

                                                heidi foss


                                                  Gina H.

                                                    Please list the products you use! So much easier for your viewers.

                                                    Captain Basketcase86

                                                      I call them soft drink… I'm in Australia though… also i feel you with that nail stuff. I got my nails done a while ago and it lasted for a month i swear they super glued the sns down. It hurt alot… but they are gone now. My nails are so brittle and sore now

                                                      Audrey Harris

                                                        What is this makeup routine?

                                                        Akanksha Jha

                                                          Pls do a jewellery video. Your style is muted and amazing. How do you pair them with your clothes?

                                                          Monica Christine

                                                            Sally Hansen Quick Dry in Clearly Quick has been my go to top coat for years!

                                                            Audrey Harris

                                                              Pop, ohio

                                                              Elizabeth Vazquez

                                                                You should do a video of your current skincare routine

                                                                Abby Rodriguez

                                                                  “Out the Door” clear too coat is the absolute best!

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