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      60 MINUTE VS. 6 MINUTE Makeup Challenge! | NikkieTutorials

      What happens when you have 60 MINUTES to do your makeup vs. when you only have 6? Today I’m taking on this CRAZY makeup challenge! How do you …




          Nikkie, I've never truly known how to not haasten my make up in the morning. XD


            I do my make up in 5 minutes cause I only use eyeshadow pencil, eyeliner pencil, mascara and something for the lips 😂


              I use :
              Concealer (under the eyes and on the nose only)
              Mascara on eyebrow
              Go about my day…. Still took me a total of 10 minutes

              Melissa Fox

                I love this so much, please do more like this. Can you do the real life makeup tutorial. This is a request please may you do a night routine.
                The likes is how many people think Nikkie should do it.
                Love you so much xxxxxxxxxx

                Emely De La Rosa

                  "A lot of things can happen in six minutes but a makeup look it's not one of it" a moodddd💜

                  Hannah Jean

                    I always do my brows when I don't have much time. I also usually use highlight, mascara, concealer, and bronzer (I also put a little bronzer in my crease to make it pop a little and also to save time not having to switch products, just brushes) I usually try to make it look like I'm not wearing makeup, that way people think I'm a natural beauty. Lol 😅

                    Susana Ornelas

                      Nikki you have such beautiful hair. How do you get it to look so smooth and shiny?

                      Alisha Zipf

                        I wall a real time make up!!

                        Jen nifer

                          I loooooove the 6min side 😍🙈 I'm more into natural make up, but I love watching your full face tutorials 😁

                          Nohemi Cabrera

                            So, im brown, and it was funny bcs in 6 minute side, you look very european and pink, and 60 minutes, you look like a western girl, jaja, but i prefer 6 minutes side cs u look so soft and young.


                              Yesss nikki!!!!!!!! Do a real time tutorial girl! Brows included!!! 😍🙏


                                for me it's powder foundation, tinted brow gel, eyeliner, and mascara. maybe some bronzer if i have an extra minute or two

                                Heather Creel

                                  I like the 6 minute side better. U look more natural yet glam.


                                    For me under 6 mins:
                                    I apply a light eye shadow, I tightline with a light brown. Mascara – my eyelashes are long so I don't necessarily need lashes, I still like em tho 😊
                                    A little bit of concealer with lip balm

                                    Azia Ramirez

                                      Your 6 minute makeup looks like my one hour attempt 😑😑


                                        One of my tips for doing your makeup quickly is to focus on eyes and lips, especially if you have good skin like Nikkie’s, because that’s what people will focus on the most! Putting the lip liner on the fast side would’ve made the look even more bomb, in my opinion. Love the video, Nikkie 🥰

                                        shazi kaif

                                          Wow what a save

                                          TIMOTHY FELIX

                                            i love your reaction when in rush, it’s hilarious! please do more challenges Nikkie! and i think for 6 mins, you really did a great job! for my opinion, you have to do brows and eyelashes, and that complete i think almost your whole makeup.. and the rest just do a quick conceal and lips, and then you’re done :)) great job!

                                            cow cat

                                              i like 6 minutes one

                                              Mel Ann

                                                Dooo the unedited makeup video brows and alllll

                                                A’Rionna Marshall

                                                  Yet, I still prefer the 6 minute side. I definitely still respect and love the full beat, but I enjoy natural faces and nice skin.

                                                  Sara Gildo

                                                    I usually do a pretty base with some highlight and a good lipstick, then I worry about like a bronzy eyeshadow with maybe eyelashes or no eyeshadow. I just go turbo on my face right before I have to leave for work

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