67$ LIPSTICK? WTF! Hermes Lipsticks Review… THE TRUTH!

Main 67$ LIPSTICK? WTF! Hermes Lipsticks Review… THE TRUTH!

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      67$ LIPSTICK? WTF! Hermes Lipsticks Review... THE TRUTH!

      Hermes is known for their incredibly expensive Birkin bags… Cardi B, Jeffree Star, The Kardashians… they’re OBSESSED! But after I received their brand new …

      Dylan Van Bree

        lelijke varken

        Justine Millet

          Loved this ASMR moment 🤣

          Lateefa. H

            You know most of the prices for lipsticks in my country same that so I don’t think this is too much even the regular brands the same


              The tube design is not Hermes…….

              Marcia Mourouzidou

                God she is glowing her eyeshadow is great

                Sarai Cobos

                  At least Pat McGrath has a different formula, expensive but not like this one, Hermes no bby

                  Follow My Lead Coningsby

                    In the UK Hermes is a delivery company so I was like ???????? hahaha

                    Vanessa Erlingher


                      berry Simon

                        I LOVE THE PINK ONE AND I'D LOVE TO HAVE ONE BUT IM AFRAID…. I CAN'T AFFORD IT *cries in poorness

                        Angela Mira

                          Sana all

                          Pelin Işık

                            I really dont understand why you have to eat hamburger while wearing lipstick. Not a good idea anyways.


                              Wtf how her lips look like she has lipstick on when she has nothing on 😳 stunning

                              Angela Hardi

                                Nikki’s lips alone can be a lipstick shade im in love😍

                                Tanisha Islam

                                  I'm feeling so many Lana Condor vibes today 10:13 💖😂❤

                                  Jules S.

                                    The best lipstick I tried is from Lisa Eldrige.. 30 Dollar, but worth every penny 😍😍😍

                                    Eri Z

                                      Only orange one cool

                                      r h e a ミ

                                        Nikkie should do ASMR makeup routine!

                                        r h e a ミ

                                          i want nikkie's lip colour in a lipstick form

                                          Ouiam Tsouli

                                            I love ur natural lip color u don't need lipstick… Love u


                                              I love that you're always honest with us !! You're a queen <3 have a good day Nikkie 🙂

                                              jasnoorrr kaur

                                                Nikki you are so good ! I mean if i have to choose a makeupguru who is so honest and beautiful,i’d always choose you 🥺🥰 god bless you♥️
                                                Dutch word: mode 🙈


                                                  Hermes customers aren’t the type of people that wear a full beat. They don’t do matte liquid lipsticks, they want something that looks more natural on their faces.

                                                  Majda Fayj

                                                    This beauty people needs to stop 🛑 ! There is more important things than making makeup and talking about it !!


                                                      Honey…she came for Hermès. They might take her out💅🏾


                                                        French names check


                                                          When i read "Hermes" i thought of the delivery service..from what i dont know if other countrys have them.

                                                          Marianne Steenkamp

                                                            I love love love the orange eye make up with the white !!!!!!! 💣💣💣💣💣💣💣

                                                            chanelle young

                                                              omg you look so much like Deppy ryan when she plays paddy bladell in insatiable , you acc so gorg!

                                                              Felicitas Comfai

                                                                At first I thought she meant Hermes as like… the package delivery service;;; ohhh

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