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      90's Clear Encapsulated Glitter Nails!

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      Syeda Bukhari

        These glitter nails are amazing 💅👍 I love nail art .I do nail art all the time. I have artificial nails and soo many nail polishes I like to be a nail artist.😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

        Ntxhais Hmoob

          Can you include the link for the fake nail tip that you used? Thanks


            LOOOOOVEEE THIS!🌞☁️🦋💕💅🏻

            Loreli G

              What clear nail tips do you use?

              Tiffany Lee



                  i'm scared that hand looks too real


                    So gorgeous!😍

                    neta da bcharts q vcs n conseguiram queimar

                      thats adorable 🦋💕

                      Ubah Badan

                        Cute nails ❤❤❤, real looking fake hand lol

                        Heidi M

                          So what did she use to adhere the tips

                          Meaghan Lamm

                            It’s a little freaky how real that hand looks lol. But these remind me of the little jelly shoes I had when I was a kid!

                            T B

                              Cute 😊

                              Adriana V

                                That hand is weird!!! Lol

                                m Bear

                                  Those nails are cute but that hand is a bit weird


                                    Love these! I love that you called them Ballerina instead of Coffin. Coffin sounds morbid and ugly. Ballerina sounds pretty and feminine! I wish we could just get rid of calling them Coffin completely lol


                                      so cute which buildgel did you use its so clear

                                      Jennifer N

                                        So cute!! I might try this with regular polish.

                                        Guin Wolfe

                                          I have this on my ring fingers and it’s so cute

                                          Laurie Myers

                                            Oh my God I’m so doing this for spring

                                            Karen Agra

                                              couldnt find the builder gel in your amazon faves! whats the brand of the builder gel? 🙂

                                              Amazing J

                                                I thought it was a real hand in the beginning.


                                                  Beautiful nails. So brings me back to the 90s!

                                                  LaShawna Blanton

                                                    So pretty!

                                                    Angelina Osborne

                                                      I wish you would leave links for the products you use. I can never find them on my own!

                                                      Sarah De Vos

                                                        that fake hand is just creepy haha I never even realized it was fake until she pointed it out

                                                        *- Røse -*

                                                          This design is so cute , love it ♥️💘💖💅

                                                          Fy Fg



                                                              Love the nails 😍


                                                                So cute The 90’s flash back 🦋✨Supper Awesome

                                                                Elie Zon

                                                                  My childhood resumed in nails 😍



                                                                    My Nails by Johna

                                                                      they are beautiful


                                                                        Where can I buy the iridescent butterflies? Love them 🦋

                                                                        Lama Alghumiz

                                                                          Hey I love your videos soooooo much can you pleaseee give me a shoutout 😊😊😊😘


                                                                            I love these 😍✨ so cute!

                                                                            Cynthia Johnson

                                                                              Oh man, I thought that was a real hand … 😬 Yeah, those nails turned out beautiful !!! 💗☺️💅


                                                                                Very cute

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