A Celebrity Spray Tan Artist Covered Our Tan Lines

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      Women Try Covering Tan Lines By A Celebrity Spray Tan Artist

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      Nina Savic

        Dude, those are just tan lines…he's acting so dramatic.

        Nurina Najwa Hamdi

          He sounds like squidward

          Dalton Mekis

            Alright ppl of YouTube, what’s the white girl’s @ bc she is super cute

            AJ Ianazone

              I still saw it


                Okay this video was great until the end where they showed the "after" for .5 seconds with a wobbly camera shot at a mirror. Get a professional to film the "after" next time please.


                  Does anyone else notice that uh..Michele looks like Jay or Jinhwan from Ikon?

                  Nova Galang

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                    Jannat Inqiyad

                      Did he forget that Michelle Obama is black…. 😭🤦🏾‍♀️

                      Matthew Mattocks

                        Why do people even want a tan at all?

                        Ap Rh

                          And makes thousands just to dab..


                            Bruno got a real job!

                            My Life as Michelle

                              Omg my name is Michelle and my best friends name is Olivia😂😂


                                …but the tan lines are still there…

                                glitter queen

                                  me: hmm this vid looks interesting (clicks video
                                  Few mins later why tf and I watching how to tan and im black

                                  Patrick Walker

                                    😩 omg he is just too over the top of me 😒

                                    Kelsey Eliz

                                      *you cant even see the tan lines on my back
                                      *is wearing a high backed shirt covering the tan lines

                                      Kellie Louisy

                                        Is as/is running out of ideas or something … cause nahh this ain't it

                                        Stephanie Gold

                                          Did this nibba really say he wants to give Michelle Obama tan?

                                          lan am

                                            I see no change OMEGALUL

                                            VOLËNA Love

                                              I would love to tan Michelle Obama why she literally has a natural tan

                                              Kaytlynne D.

                                                Since when do people care about tan lines? I grew up near the beach so tan lines are an every day thing

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