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      A SHOCKING Makeup Quiz With My BOYFRIEND!!

      For April Fool’s I wanted to upload a video with a BANG! Today my boyfriend quizzes me on modern pop culture while wearing an electric shock device around …


        THIS IS ONE HELL OF A VIDEO!!!!! ⚡️ how many questions did YOU get right?? 👀

        candice lynn

          That long eyeliner draws the eye in a way that makes you resemble Kate Hudson


            13:11 so cute!! (* 3 *) <3

            Jocelyn Ramos

              Do a tutorial completely in dutch❤️❤️❤️❤️

              BELLA’s P Channel

                When she applying the shadows he didn’t even do it omg obviously she’s gonna do a good a good look and challenge

                Nicola Maynard

                  This was a great video. You have a good sense of humour and a great relationship with Dylan. Loved it.

                  Demi Koning

                    5:00: "Dylan, niet doen!"


                      Help what brow product did Nikkie use? I want it 😋

                      Galaxy girl

                        I loved the eye look 😍😍

                        Maria Jeanette

                          am i the only one that actually thinks that the ''ruined'' liner looks kinda good?? Like I would wear that

                          mari haze

                            Love the learning at the end

                            R Howe

                              "I can't do this anymore" what a mood.

                              jean thompson

                                crack up

                                Stien Andries

                                  I do not learn Dutch because of you but English because of you 😅😅💓
                                  Ik leer geen Nederlands door jou maar Engels door jou

                                  Naomi OOTD

                                    I still don’t get the avocado question ??


                                      I’m confused is this a new boyfriend? Or the same one from before. I thought they had split up when all the other youbtubers were breaking up. 🤷🏼‍♀️

                                      Akío Aslan

                                        This makes me feel nervous

                                        Esmae RothfusZ

                                          Bedankt 😀 I was adopted by Dutch parents! I’ve been to delft/The Hague, Groningen, boskop, Rotterdam and Amsterdam while visiting! Love you videos !

                                          Enrico Silvestri

                                            this is so iconic

                                            Jarin Orin

                                              Can you do a video of boyfriend does my voice over

                                              Tasneem Mountaj

                                                That is the most sadistic thing I’ve seen on a makeup channel.

                                                love of love

                                                  I love your videos love u nikkie who agree like

                                                  Ellie Currey

                                                    LOVED this


                                                      I loooove that accidental eyeliner smash. May be the new trend set here. It really escalated the look, no jokes. Looks super creative and artistry 😍 Double wings is the new way to go!

                                                      Christina Psylla

                                                        Sooooo funny !!!! <3

                                                        Lunaballa Janet

                                                          Lol i thought Harry Potter was her boyfriend


                                                            I just got the best idea for some good payback! Time to do his make-up! (If he wants to be on camera of course)


                                                              Wasnt cool that he shocked you when you got an answer right. Fun video.

                                                              Rahila Salim Khatri

                                                                This look was soo elektricitating… ✨🔥🤩😂🤦🏻‍♀❤🤷🏻‍♀🙈

                                                                evo de vlo

                                                                  Amazing video 😘😘

                                                                  Ralf T.

                                                                    Where did you buy that lipstick its amazing!!!!

                                                                    Vera Spiridonova

                                                                      Dit is een moeilijk grappige video hahahahah, thanks voor dit


                                                                        Finally a vid which james charles can’t do cuz no bf 🙁 jk no shade


                                                                          „motherflippin‘ Flipflops“ 😅

                                                                          Bob Dylan

                                                                            I'm getting classy flintstones vibes from her outfit


                                                                              Hey guys ! Like aesthetic music? 💜 go watch my recent video ! ☁️

                                                                              Talesha Wood

                                                                                I love your Mike up♥️💜♥️💜👍🏼

                                                                                Mehreen Ilyas

                                                                                  This is so painful to watch…

                                                                                  Sara Perez MUA

                                                                                    noooo this hurts to watch lol

                                                                                    My center Madelief

                                                                                      mother flipping flip flops

                                                                                      Ayesha Noor

                                                                                        sparksfly, its like electricity , i might die

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