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      A Week In My Life With Endometriosis

      This is what it’s like to live with endometriosis. Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about beauty, fashion, …

      Shiori Stapleton

        I just wanna pitch in an idea for weed type, there was another lady who goes through chronic pain on buzzfeed. She does Charlotte's web where it's a type of hemp and doesn't get as high. Maybe try that out if you havent? I'm not too sure just an idea

        Emily Jolliffe

          While I have fibromyalgia rather than endometriosis and I haven’t been able to work for several years. Everything you said is so very familiar. Thank you for speaking your story. You are a beautiful, intelligent and brave chronic warrior!!!

          Nat Stu

            I don't mean this flippantly, but is endo something that will go away after a hysterectomy?


              I thought this video gonna explain with the vagina image like its thumbnail

              Mrs Autry

                she always does the same video content. endometriosis is more common than she thinks, it is commonly partnered with poly cystic ovaries. i have both, you just gotta get on with life. why doesnt she talk about something else. hyper focusing on the condition makes it worse. it irritates me because most of us have to just get on with it while she makes video after video about something so many people endure on a daily basis!

                lolo’s spilt tea

                  i feel bad for her. but also showing you smoking and showing your weed, might get you demonetized.

                  yoadsiri ramirez

                    She is so strong ✨ thank you for teaching us 🌸

                    britney carrera


                      Rebecca Jackson

                        I have it!
                        For me… I HAVE to stay away from fruit!
                        If I don’t… my periods leave me on the floor!!!!!
                        If I Stay away from fruit all month… I’m all good and don’t feel a thing. Strange hey! X

                        Shannon Stoy

                          I have chronic migraines and back pain, today was really bad. Chronic pain is hard to explain when you have okay day. It's so hard to have to lay in bed all day just to not feel pain.

                          Skylar S

                            So I take it when her and Kelsey did that series on chronic pain.. that the treatments didnt work??

                            Nicole Love

                              being on your period 24 hours a day wow

                              jayjay’s sPrItE

                                My mother has endometriosis and I sent her this video and she started tearing up.im glad to see all the women out there telling there stories. Strong 💪

                                Fighting Rooster

                                  I can't even handle period cramps…..😭

                                  Brooke Brannan

                                    i have chronic pain in my neck and head due to a car accident from when i was younger and my friends and teachers don’t understand what it’s like to wake up and not being able to get out of your bed because of how much pain you’re in


                                      I know that is rude but buzzfeed please, stop making videos about a topic a thousand times.nothing against the person behind the whole stuff.but im sure i saw about 3 videos about endometriosis :/


                                        my mom had endometriosis and I can’t even begin to imagine how much pain she had to bear 20 years ago when the most helpful option for the pain was getting lots of surgeries, to get rid of the pain and to be able to bear children. she is one of the strongest women I know, and I’m sure all of you ladies going through the same thing are warriors. I hope y’all can get the help that you deserve to overcome this obstacle, or just to make the situation better. stay strong my sisters! 💪🏼💕

                                        sick unicorn

                                          I can't even began to think what it feels like to be in pain for the rest of your life everyday


                                            My fear is getting Endometriosis and my IUD some of the time works when I’m on my period and it’s been 6 months.


                                              This makes me happy knowing I’m not the only one with such severe chronic pain from endometriosis

                                              Leandoer 127

                                                I tried weed to get rid of my cramps and i threw up lol

                                                Lee Lu

                                                  I hope that we can get better treatments for Endo and related diseases for those who suffer with them.

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