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      ABH Cosmetics X ALYSSA EDWARDS Palette.. the TRUTH! | NikkieTutorials

      The makeup community was SHOOK when Anastasia Beverly Hills announced that they’re collaborating with Alyssa Edwards!! Today I’m taking the colorful …



        Glynis Marthinussen

          Can you perhaps do normal make up look … like a Smokey eye or just an evening look. Just need some good tips for going out. Not being harsh but I cannot go out lookin like a clown 🤡 in the evenings. Really would like some good tips of Smokey eye. I feel like you always doing bright or like outrageous over the top colours.


            ALYSSA’S SECRET 🤫💜

            Caterina Cesaroni

              Nikkie you need to do somenthing Aladdin inspired!!! ❤️🙏


                “People love Alyssa”

                Me: uhm, no, not really 😓

                Ells Pender

                  Love that nikkie 🔥

                  luvermyg ً

                    vanjie and bob the drag queen are my literal hero’s stfu

                    Loner Boi

                      I LOVE THIS

                      B Wild

                        I’m waiting for my palette I’m so excited In my opinion this palette has a lot of potential it’s gorgeous 👌🏼💯👍🏻👋🏻🙋🏻

                        Marie Gripestam

                          Whyyy the nude lips! 🤮all the time…🙈

                          Pieps 99

                            JAAAA! Please try more collab products from German influencers😍❤ Greetings from Germany😇

                            Miss Maleah

                              It looks like you painted a Hawaiian sunset on your eyes 😍😍😍😍😘❤️ I LOVE THIS

                              Ирина Чернова


                                Fatemeh Noroozi

                                  Nikki please do another eye look that you usually not do

                                  A Baguette

                                    Alyssa literally won the entire show, regardless if she’s won won, she’s a winner in our hearts

                                    Julija Nešković

                                      Im bored of the rainbow stuffffffff eyes and the nude lips i saw this look 300000000000000000 times

                                      Eva Mária Moleková

                                        I saw that brand in our DM store and didnt know its an influencer brand!! So cool

                                        Julia B

                                          Why didn‘t she call the palette „alyssa’s secret“


                                            This is exactly the same eye as you did just two videos ago 🙄

                                            Nicholas Britton

                                              haha youtube rewind yeah… best avoid that subject.

                                              Konrad Denise

                                                Srsly no one in Germany that is older than 13 likes dagi bee

                                                Beauty by Anne-Chris

                                                  Keep making the joke, Optimus Prime is fun!


                                                    Oh gott Dagi Bee😂😂


                                                      Oh gott Dagi Bee😂😂

                                                      purple_rubbish 1

                                                        Review the Trixie Cosmetics makeup line PLZZZZZZZZ

                                                        Queen Chloe

                                                          BAM I LOVE COLOUR THEORY

                                                          Paula Segui Carcel

                                                            okay but you need to be a judge on drag race!!! at least on drag race uk maybe

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