ABH Foundations…They ALMOST HAD ME In the 1st Round NGL

Main ABH Foundations…They ALMOST HAD ME In the 1st Round NGL

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    Jackie Aina

      ABH Foundations...They ALMOST HAD ME In the 1st Round NGL

      Hey guysssss sooooo Anastasia Beverly Hills gave the girls a new foundation and translucent powder collection! Is it worth the hype?! Find out on today’s review …

      Jackie Aina

        iono what happen yall, lmao SORRY

        Mosi Robinson

          Just love me some Jackie!!

          Misses Deedee

            Lmaooooo @ golden orange. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

            angelica No

              "ThAtS tHe BeSt MaTcH yOu EvEr HaD!"
              I had to re-watch that like 10 times. LMAO

              Yaz Valentin

                I have noticed a lot of people complaining about all these launches. And they aren’t women of color. I feel like shits just getting started

                queen mestizah

                  Okay now I see the importance of that notification bell because I’ve been going back to your channel, anticipating your video and here I am a day later!!!

                  Dharmie Moses

                    The review I have been waiting for💃💃

                    Alyssa Kearns

                      That little song at 3:26 gets in my head and now I sing out "It's snack time, it's snack tiiime!" to my students as we transition to snack. I work with 2 year olds so they don't judge!

                      Shaddey N Mc Calla

                        I’m always laughing during Jackie’s tutorials/reviews 🙌🏾🙌🏾 I’d love a tutorial on picking the perfect foundation tone off the internet (I can’t go to the stores because I don’t live in the U.S or any other country where they sell this in stores)

                        Alena Snowden

                          The way you edit your videos is literally genius. Makes everything 20x funnier 😂 I’m always dying when I’m watching you

                          Nadine Wise

                            Omg you are hilarious. Love the video. Tfs 😍

                            Racquel Flowers

                              For us dark skin girls that red powder might work well as a bronzer that’s actually warm toned (not cool toned) for a change. I’d love to see it work as a blush/bronzer.

                              Charlotte Sarah Ross

                                Jackie is the queen of shade and undertone matching, if only she were available at every beauty counter to shade match me

                                Drama Audzai

                                  Where is the link?

                                  isabella garcia

                                    Baby girl, I’m just waitin on a lash tutorial or am I the only one who can’t even put on a lash properly to save my life

                                    nomfundo mkhize

                                      I love Jackie Aina’s energy she’s such an excitement I never miss a video

                                      The Nikki Diaries

                                        THIS SHADOW THOUGH 😍😍😍😍

                                        Imogen Oakes

                                          Obvs makeup is amazing as ever and such a detailed review, but also that top/blouse/dress is incredible, you look divine.

                                          Dione Barnes

                                            Your camera tho!!!!!! Superb quality!

                                            Griim Kitt3n

                                              I love the hair Jackie. 😍😍😍 It looks so good. I had to like just off the strength. Of the hair alone.


                                                Jackie: this look is looking very…
                                                Me: Christmassy!
                                                Jackie: reptilian
                                                Me: …. oh.

                                                Malibu Way

                                                  I love the review so honest ! ❤️

                                                  Bradford Harris

                                                    Your base is too light for your natural skin tone. Clown face.

                                                    Abul Kashem Sonu

                                                      This is crazy! Received $553 today alone resulting from (search in Google without spaces) this website here; MyEasyOnlineJobs


                                                        I feel like I can't do half of this shit but this is so entertaining! Like the Editing Is A1 hunnnnyy!!! When she called out for Conner I just died!

                                                        Stef Solano

                                                          I’m so confused. Did you put foundation OVER powder?


                                                            All I see is REEEDDD 😫

                                                            Roland Black

                                                              I love how even though she collabed with ABH, she's still honest with the review of their products
                                                              We love an unbiased QUEEN 😍😍

                                                              Nona Morton

                                                                Yes I love all the complexion products! I just hate I cant buy them all.

                                                                Salem Bitch Trials

                                                                  Now this is a mfin outfit!! 💚💛


                                                                    your skin lookin so pretttyyyyy

                                                                    Olivia Kjellberg Persson

                                                                      You know you’re skin is oily and weird when your foundation gets oily and greasy within two hours even if you powdered before 😭😭

                                                                      aw riii

                                                                        do you have the link for the award you were nominated for? i don’t see it in the description box

                                                                        kenyatta walker

                                                                          Please come back on Twitter we miss you auntie !!

                                                                          Judah12 Tribes

                                                                            Seriously one of the funniest vids…


                                                                              i thought the undertones of the abh foundation were a little weird too. I'm a neutral undertone but i'm 110C

                                                                              Cyn Jimenez

                                                                                so glad you’re on trending! enjoying your palette btw color scheme in on point 💓

                                                                                Ebony Nicole

                                                                                  Jackie!!! You did that🍍🍍

                                                                                  Domonique S

                                                                                    This eye look is amazing!

                                                                                    Tatiana Hernandez

                                                                                      Why do you put powder before foundation??

                                                                                      RA’DÓR DOLCÈ

                                                                                        HAIR !!! SKIN !!! SMILE !!! SKILL !!! PERSONALITY!!! THE MAKEUP WORLD LOVE YOU MORE THEN YOU KNOW ❤️❤️❤️❤️

                                                                                        Nyema Powell

                                                                                          The autotune got me in tears rn LMAOOO

                                                                                          Ruchama Tinor

                                                                                            2:28 I CANT LAUGH IM SICK 😭😭😭🤧 but baby


                                                                                              She suddenly my fav. Okay.


                                                                                                gorgeous look jackie.

                                                                                                Jess Dewhurst

                                                                                                  Jackie’s editing has really stepped up lately and I’m absolutely here for it


                                                                                                    This hair is everything on you

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