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    Wayne Goss

      For the price I was hoping for something good. Something amazing. What I got was awful. Wayne Goss Cosmetics & Brushes …

      sally malone

        Thank you for the Public Service Announcement 😘 Your my original makeup icon😁

        Jennifer Rogerson

          Thank you, I thought so. I have been waiting for this video. This person is usually the same picture you use for YouTube.


            When are you bringing your amazing and out of this world brushes back to beautylish?! I would LOVE to get back ups lol.

            Karyn Grinstead

              I struggle storing dual ended brushes.

              Kristina Novev

                Thank you for sharing Wayne!


                  seems like elf brushes would be better

                  Danielle D

                    Kevyn Aucoin made his name into a worthy brand because of his talent! And now his brand is tarnishing his name. So very sad!


                      That's why you have to exist!! Your brushes are AMAZING. You're doing what Kevin would do. I haven't tried Surrat but i see it's also similar to that Kevin and Inoui style.

                      Angela Chezick

                        I noticed that once they got rid of all of the original formulas and his ideas everything went downhill. The products became very inconsistent with quality and the price point went up.


                          Marc jacobs brushes are the nicest softest ones I’ve ever bought out of all the huge number of ones I have


                            I messaged you about this months ago after I got these messages and stupidly sent them my details on telegram 🤷‍♀️ reading the comments people send you would help


                              That's so disappointing as the old concealer duo is a staple for me. Hopefully it doesn't wear out anytime soon. :/


                                Hi Wayne, I have your 19 and 20 brush from beautylish some time ago and they are my favorite brushes. I wish i could find more of them.


                                  Dang, dong think I've heard the word dreadful so many times in one video. I love and use the sculpting powder. Now YOUR brushes Sir are on another universal plane of time and space. Since your launch, they have been my Holy Grail brushes.

                                  Mariza Rivera

                                    Thanks for sharing this. I love buying good brushes. Are yours sold in the USA? Would like to know your price range on foundation brushes. Thanks again!!

                                    Taj R.

                                      That made my heart hurt when I heard you say Kevyn Aucoin. What a real shame.

                                      Lynn Murzynski

                                        How can I order your brushes in a set?

                                        Cath Kirkers

                                          Well they really must be bad brushes because I have several Wayne Goss brushes and I'm not in love with them 😕 they are OK imo but I wouldn't buy again. I think good brushes are hard to find. I have Sonia G too and again just fine not amazing.

                                          lynda prather

                                            So sad. We are seeing more and more Kevyn Aucoin items in our “off price” stores such as TJ Maxx and Marshals in the US. Last two or three I’ve bought are already in the garbage.

                                            Ojitos Chiquititos


                                              Angela Wilson

                                                Love Wayne xxx

                                                Toni GNLE

                                                  May as well get Wet-n-Wild at the Dollar Tree 😢


                                                    I've seen them a lot and always report.

                                                    VM Murphy

                                                      So they are Dollar Tree quality

                                                      Valentine Inglis

                                                        I’m really sad for the KA brand. Loved the original products by Keviyn. Seems like a quick money grab has taken over the brand.

                                                        Lisa Correia

                                                          They look no better than elf brushes. So sad and disappointed for the brand.


                                                            Thank you for your honesty!

                                                            B H

                                                              Reported TWICE! I know it pains you to present a review like this 😢. I also know this brand leaves you speechless, lost for words and needless to say it makes me giddy to hear you say this 🤣!

                                                              Katja Lenaerts

                                                                Any idea when your brushes will be restocked?

                                                                Moriganna Brown

                                                                  I wouldn't even use these for my art or paintings. 🥴🤯🤡

                                                                  Ashleigh Zee

                                                                    Those brushes look just like one of the sets you can get on AliExpress for $10-$15, only they slapped a premium brand on them.

                                                                    Cathy Gordon

                                                                      I've been using a couple of powder contour and contour/highlighter compacts I picked up at TJMaxx and Marshall's for less than $10. each. I like the powder formulas, they're quite firm and there's little fallout. And the contour shades are truly cool and light enough for my fair complexion. This type of relatively unknown product is a perfect supporting player, but I wouldn't use the cream foundation balms or liquid products I've seen from the brand, mostly because I can't read the ingredients lists on the packages. The print is so tiny. And I don't need more makeup brushes, I have plenty from great brands like Sigma and Zoeva. So I guess my insistence on having legible ingredients lists on my makeup items keeps my collection down to a manageable level.


                                                                        PLEASE make a series of reviewing high end brushes

                                                                        Alena Kosolapova

                                                                          Looks like aliexpress brushes

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