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      Acrylic SNOB Maximizes Dipping Powder

      Acrylic Sculpting artist Suzie demonstrates how to best use Dipping Powders to build a beautiful set of Red Glitter Nails. Would you like to train with Suzie?

      Koko Lucas

        Can we put nail art using regular polish on top of dip nails?

        Wanda McKinney

          I love your nails just the way they are. Can you show you do your nail care routine please? And how do you slow down the chipping, and cracking of natual nails? Mine always crack. split and all that when I try to have nails.


            She has a new step 3 brush!!! The one from the other video was stressing 😂

            Exploding Nova

              PS: I often use an LED light with regular polish & it does make a tremendous difference! Now, I've noticed that it doesn't really work with some polishes, but I can have others fully cured in about a minute or less. I'm not sure what the differences are there, but it can absolutely work with some regular polishes.
              Also, I haven't tried it with UV light and I've only used red LED.

              Exploding Nova

                Note: You usually want to "cure" it with the activator somewhere in between if you're doing this many layers (because she did clear, color, color, color, clear) or the activator won't soak through all the layers. Kiara Sky has great how to videos for powders 💜

                Vanessa Sanborn

                  I used to get acrylic dip nails. And when it came time to remove them. One of the nail techs would pick the acrylic off with tools. That made me stop getting them. I was so used to them soaking them off with acetone. And I told the tech you’re have to use acetone after you buff the shine off. He shrugged his shoulders and continued to yank/pull/chop the acrylic off. I never went to them again for acrylics or even a basic mani pedi. I do everything thing at home now.

                  mia sorg

                    Can you do a full video of products you recommend for those of us who can’t purchase professional products?!

                    Uni Khan

                      14:02 she put a dirty brush in the base 🤨 after telling us to clean it . Probably forgot to wipe it


                        to be honest, I don't care about dipping powders, I'm just here to listen Suzie's soothing voice

                        Allison Hodge

                          Suzie, I have used dipping powder, and I used it until I felt like I was getting “acrylic” nails, because I too am an acrylic snob… 😂😂 and, I just do not enjoy using it- I basically used up a full kit and did not repurchase… (the dipping powders system) because I feel like you can’t keep germs out of the pot, as well as you can’t do fills so you end up doing way more to damage the nail beds everytime you have to remove and file off the last set! As well as the “super glue” (basically) that is the adhesion burns my eyes, and probably a few other reasons I can’t remember, lol. I truly adore you, cameraman, and your channel, and I just have to say- MAD RESPECT for doing a video like this to teach others how to DIY with something your heart and soul can’t get behind! Love from Minnesota😘

                          Lorna Banes

                            How much if i buy the set

                            Laura Si

                              Hi Suzie, I have gel nails and every time the plastic tip underneath the gel is cracking. It’s only the tip that’s cracking not the gel. I tried not to cut the tip after applying it, so I only used a file to shorten it. But it’s still cracking. Do you have any tips or a clue why this is happening? ❤️

                              shelly lynn

                                Suzie I love u but I was wondering I do all my prep and all correctly and I have very oily nail beds to the point i could only do glue on my nails (glue is the only way I have any nails stay on) and that's it if i want them to last do u have any suggestions on products or something so i can try real acrylic nails and not press on or dip i want more nail extensions options love u thanks should I invest in a good ph prep or just give up like I want to and I'm on a budget so so that's y I do them myself cause y pay for something u can pull off in a few days please help me please

                                Jenny Cull

                                  the dipping system is the dumbest and most time consuming process ever

                                  Gayle Tops

                                    Hey Suzie. I love your channel. ❤ I'm 13 years old and I LOVE doing my nails by myself, Iv been painting and wearing fake nails probably since I was like 6 😂 Do you need to use the same brand of monomer to the acrylic powder? Xx

                                    Lynne Erasmus

                                      Awesome, thank you for breaking dipping down. I have a question, how do you keep your nails so healthy when changing for videos, after using polygel my nails separated from the nail bed, pls share how you do it. Lynne

                                      Kylie Potter

                                        I would also like to know how you paint your opposite hand? I always seem to mess it up which can be annoying. Thanks Suzie! Also PLEASE read my commit on festive nails for the holidays! Thank you!

                                        Radhika Thakkar

                                          Can you send me nail I will be thank of you please I am telling please I am not telling please to any other

                                          Kylie Potter

                                            Hi Suzie! Could you PLEASE do a festive set of nails please? Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas? I would love to see those. Thanks Suzie, love your channel. : )

                                            Robin Sanders

                                              I started doing nail dipping simply for the strength. Now I'm doing full acrylic nails, for strength and beauty. I work in the custom framing department of my local Hobby Lobby and get compliments on my nails often…thank you Suzie!

                                              Painted Polished n Pretty

                                                Hi Suzie! I absolutely love your videos, you’ve helped me so much!
                                                My question for you is: will thin nails always have an issue with product adhering until they grow out and get thicker again? Or is there something I can do to help them now? I am a notorious nail biter, and made the mistake of biting off 2 sets in a row, so my nails thinned and peeled, and now I can’t file them too much in the prep, so they do have issues with lifting more than they used to. Any advice to help fix this or am I out of luck until the grow back healthy? Thanks! 😊❤️

                                                lel I’m dead

                                                  when your friend is a hand model

                                                  Adamaris Ibarra

                                                    Am I the only 12 year old watching
                                                    If you are 12 or younger like This comment

                                                    Kris Dow

                                                      I tried dip color a couple of times but it dries my nails out horribly. Is it inherent to the chemicals or are different brands different? I don’t have the same issues with gel.

                                                      Kristina Nyholm

                                                        I use tips and dip powder. I just glue the tips on and do everything else thr exact same. They last until I remove them, no problem.

                                                        Leanne Chinnery

                                                          Beautiful job again Suzi 😜Dipping systems are good for people like me who react to gels or have lifting issues. It is exactly the same glue as super glue if you read the ingredients on both. This is safe when dry but you should wear a mask when applying or filing it at all costs. It’s a great product for short weak nails. It should be soaked off as it’s very hard to file right down. 💅🏻👍

                                                          Kathy Salvatore

                                                            I absolutely Love your videos an I keep forgetting to ask where u got your dusting brush with Gold handle ??


                                                              I have some Joya Mia products in my salon, and I love them, but for dip acrylic you can’t beat [YN] SLICK POUR! They have the traditional resin method, OR you can use their conversion base and top gel instead, which makes it so much easier in my opinion. Plus their colors are designed to be used as colored acrylic for regular sculpted sets. They don’t sell to unlicensed people, if you find a professional who uses [YN], it’s well worth it.

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