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      Actors Quit Hollywood Career For Normal Jobs

      What Life After Hollywood Looks Like For These Famous Stars Subscribe to our channel: …

      Deedric Kee

        You have to love it, and want that lifestyle fully. People want there privacy and time to clear their minds. Good video "Talko 👏

        Temitayo Bisiriyu

          Im kinda the reversed equation of these people… Normal child + Mega fame (which i don't have) Sums up pretty much me

          Ana Banana

            it's good they left and honestly they have the right to do so.
            you can't rely on a lot of things in life, Hollywood is one of them. we all have goals and dreams. do you booboo.


              If they a** was broke, they wouldn't

              Crazy Carneys Family vlogs UK

                Strange how most of us commenting are hoping our channels take off so we can be famous. Mary-Kate and Ashley look so different from each other now 😱

                Rose Glow

                  Mary-Kate and Ashley didn't "quit" their career. They got a star on the Hollywood walk of fame and are having an own fashionlabel. They are billionairs.

                  Christopher James Willington

                    One of the Olsen twins still looks at scripts and still considers acting depending on the role

                    Hair Care Specialist

                      Dale un like si te gusta este video

                      James Cowan

                        Sophie, I encourage you to chase your dreams. I would just warn you that as a retired police officer, law enforcement wears down your mental health also. You see a lot, things that people simply weren't meant to see, you know a lot and sadly the far majority of what you deal with is negative. But maybe things will be different for you. I just feel like it aged me twice as fast.

                        The Quizzes

                          sometimes life as actor is not so easy.

                          Me Cooper

                            Modern photos of the Olson twins together makes me super uncomfortable.

                            It's like a perfect example of what happens if you don't look after yourself.

                            Health & Household

                              OMG I'm early to another amazing video!?


                                Shout out to the underrated Olsen sister Elizabeth

                                Hair Care Specialist

                                  I watched this video with the battery running low 1like that.


                                    Is it me or Mary Kate really looks so much older than Ashley?? Like 10 years apart.

                                    Sandy Burkett

                                      I think Hollywood is so sick it destroys the lives of these young stars who just want to act. But, the dirty old men are everywhere. It's either, you do me or you'll never get another acting job. These people smash their dreams. If Hollywood could talk….😠

                                      Sadok Younes


                                        Jayda’s Queendom

                                          The olsens look like i giant mosquito just suck all the life outta them..

                                          Ellen Tyler

                                            Hi i love this show

                                            Kirk Berry Jr

                                              When I get into acting I AIN'T never living 😑

                                              David ganz

                                                Maybe Sophie is quitting because she's working for a very low character guy I never saw game of thrones and nor do I want to. I like Star Wars better than Star trek better and most of all Stargate better that's real science fiction not some guy who claims to be a New York Jets fan at big one and then writes letters and circulates petitions against the organization that's not a Jet fan that's a fake Jet fan so maybe he's a complete and total you know what and she could not take it anymore I just don't blame her she seems nice so if you got another acting job maybe things would change for the better instead of working for low character people I wrote that guy a letter because I'm a real jet fan you won't see me doing that they happen to have a terrific on a shipping always have since I've been a fan. But for a guy like fatso I don't even know his name and nor do I care he's inconsequential he zero he's negative I have no use for the likes of him and let him debate me anytime anywhere I will make him cry with just my words and be glad to do it I can't stand phonies now you heard my truth

                                                Infinite Times And DemonicMidnightYT

                                                  These people are Nice
                                                  Because not everybody has fame
                                                  So people are born in fame

                                                  afro curly girl

                                                    I'm not one of Kim's biggest fans…hell I'm not a fan at all but I can still give her props for wanting to get an education.👏👏

                                                    Britanny B

                                                      Ever notice how the Olsen twins bite the inside of their cheeks to make their faces look super skinny? It drives me crazy!

                                                      Prothama Sengupta

                                                        Do whatever you wanna do , because life got one time so fully enjoy it ❤️

                                                        Donut Days123

                                                          Love ya I'm EARLY finally I'm never early!

                                                          Jarren Lumpkin


                                                            Teresa Sanchez

                                                              Spot light requires no privacy, & If God created multi gifts then u should explore n use talented gift for postive use.

                                                              manly567 playz

                                                                1 like = less iq for going to normal jobs

                                                                Corey Gash

                                                                  U remember that vid about. Elle s way hotter than their partners great way not to be rude

                                                                  Cary Villarruel

                                                                    No they’re fine where they are today. More important they’re happier and that’s what really. Counts not selfish fans.

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