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    Wayne Goss
      #ad MY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: #WayneGossXCultBeauty

      SIGN UP TO THE WAITLIST HERE Cult Beauty : My …

      Summer Love

        Ugh!! I wish I wasn't so poor lol!! Wayne is so adorable on this video

        Arctic Angel

          Wow! What a fantastic group of products!

          Laura Bal

            Congrats Wayne!!!!!!!

            Sincerely Brittany

              Congrats Wayne!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉 I’m picking this up! 😘❤️
              IG: sincerelybrittany01

              warm & fluffy socks

                Congrats on your box! Glad to see your so happy! 🙂

                Yvette 83

                  100% am buying this! Fabulous contents! Can’t wait. Thanks Wayne 😘

                  sandy bray

                    I LOVE YOUR PASSION!!! Best part of all your videos. ❤️ congratulations on your box 🎉🍾🎊 looking forward to trying these products out. X


                      Can't wait!! Congrats on the box Wayne, I'm sure it's amazing.

                      Anita Smallegange

                        Congrats on the box!

                        Bronwyn B

                          Congratulations on this box …Finally a box that would be worth it at any price….♥️🇦🇺♥️🇦🇺

                          Katy W

                            Agreed brushes would be great in the next box!!



                              Genevieve Reed

                                Congratulations Mr. Goss. I come feel your excitement through the screen. Good for you.

                                Baci The Italian Greyhound

                                  Congratulations on your colab!! I will say having one of your brushes in there would be the bomb!!

                                  Kasandra Williams

                                    I don’t need the box, but seeing that I am Spring cleaning my makeup and skincare, I most certainly will buy it. I’m super excited ☺️

                                    Meenal Namdeo


                                      Lan White

                                        Congratulations Wayne!


                                          Congrats!! Looks like an amazing box. Unfortunately, I already own most of these products…hope you do another 😕 Wish there were a few of your brushes included…

                                          Stacey Bycroft

                                            Just take my money..

                                            Kendra Adkins

                                              Cant wait

                                              Karma Alegre

                                                Wayne Goss, I love you! Thank you so much for everything you do. Your dedication and sound advice has reached me, here in Lake Worth, Florida. 🙂

                                                Jill Henderson

                                                  Congratulations Wayne! The box looks amazing! 🎉💕❤️🎈

                                                  Roxie Eyeleers

                                                    Congratulations Wayne!

                                                    Sandi Ludwig

                                                      Congratulations, Wayne 🍾I immediately clicked on the link for Cult Beauty. But I did not recognize you in the photo they used. Though, he looks happy and cute.

                                                      Ally Marie

                                                        I was hoping for your brushes BUT I'm fascinated by skin care and would love to try some of the products you enjoy. This is awesome. Congratulations on the launch!

                                                        Jean Christy

                                                          I joined the waitlist this afternoon after I saw your post on instagram! II’m very excited!

                                                          Jana Taylor


                                                            Cheyanna McGregor

                                                              Will this be available for those in the US?

                                                              Susan Burnette

                                                                So excited for you !!!


                                                                  Where’s mine?!?! Send it now!!! *not even a minute in! I just love you Wayne!!!🥰

                                                                  Brenda Amaya

                                                                    Your brushes 🙈🥳Congratulations

                                                                    Debbie Savins

                                                                      This is the best beauty box I’ve ever seen from any company! I’ve no doubt it’s going to sell out quicker than Lady Gaga tickets. 💚💚💚💚💚

                                                                      Medusa Aua

                                                                        Congratulations Wayne 🎉🍷🎉🥂🎉🤗

                                                                        Cruelty Free Luxe & Fab Beauty

                                                                          I absolutely love it. If there was ever a dream collab! Fantastic value/the selection totally says Wayne! It would be wonderful to do a Beautylish×Wayne Goss collab as well with the beauty treasures available there that you adore(outside of your fabulous brushes of course) I love that you included a Natasha 5 palette! One of the only Natasha palettes I don't own!

                                                                          gabriela sosa

                                                                            Hi sexy, beautiful box. You are fantastic, for me your box is just a dream, no money … no box 😢😢😢😢 xxx 💖😘💖😘 Thank you for this opportunity that you give to all of us girls 💕💕💕


                                                                              Congrats how excited and I am so happy for you.

                                                                              Stephanie Wilcox

                                                                                On the waitlist! If there was one youtuber to absolutely trust and support, it's Wayne! ❤

                                                                                valerie Hubbert

                                                                                  Will this be available in the US?

                                                                                  Alice Mehtemetian

                                                                                    wayne as much as i love you and your artistry i can not believe that there is not a single one of your brushes in the box. this is the first ever thumbs down i’ve given you as i simply can not comprehend how a wayne goss box has no brushes in it!!!!!

                                                                                    Maddie B

                                                                                      Congratulations!!! I've already signed up 🙂

                                                                                      Inna Zilberberg

                                                                                        Congratulations sir! It’s an amazing box well packed and picked


                                                                                          I wish there was no Alpha-H 😢 too much alcohol in this thing. Not good for skin.

                                                                                          Lorena Rivera

                                                                                            Would the skin care be beneficial for sensitive/rosacea prone skin??

                                                                                            Krunchy kari

                                                                                              🥰 best recommendations all in one box by the Mister 😍

                                                                                              Libra Chic

                                                                                                Yay I am on the waiting list!

                                                                                                Anastasia O

                                                                                                  Wonderful news Wayne ! So happy for you. I’ll try to buy one of those if they ship to France. Take care and Congratulations 😊. X

                                                                                                  Crazy4 Doxies

                                                                                                    Congratulations Wayne. Only 2 products I don’t already own…the Natasha palette and the exfoliation (since I am a hard core Sunday Riley Good Genes person). Will this be a recurring thing with different products? I hope so, since if you pick the items, I’m buying it! Like our own personal shopper. ❤️❤️

                                                                                                    Becky Gaskill


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