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      INSTAGRAM: This video is kindly sponsored by Missguided, Use my discount code ROXI30 for 30% (exc sale items) …

      Ioana Gabriela

        I mean, even if she didn't review honestly those piece of clothing, she give us a chance to see some products (free). I mean she s rich, but every video to be with clothing… even if she send back half of it its expensive. So… if she doesnt do always those videos sponsored,im in. Its expensive to be a youtuber so …. go ahead. I will always support roxi 🙂

        Caitlin White

          Loving the natural brown hair! 👌🏼💖

          Paige Frz

            This video is so not honest. 👎🏼

            Lily Mcgilloway

              She looks so good in everything 😍😫

              C Hall

                Made me cringe when she said ‘a million bucks’

                Angelo Lara

                  Please tell me where you get that black top with a hole in the top chest area sooooooo my vibe

                  Amerisha Sangma

                    What is the size of your waist?

                    Jamie Marie

                      Where did you get your black top from?

                      geetaa Namrithaa

                        COLLAB W MIA MAPLES
                        (not trying to be annoying lol)

                        faithmusic 97

                          Scared that we will see your bra but openly wear a lingerie jumpsuit.. yes. Anywho! Love your happiness! You're awesome

                          Afia Zahin

                            Hot pink looks amazing on you

                            Miral Bhanushali

                              Roxy = Spring…loved to see u in so many colors.


                                You need to start filming different kinds of videos girl! A trying on and a haul here and there are fun, but all the time?

                                hit list savage

                                  Okay get this right.. It's not acceptable for girls to wear bra's out in public but when it comes to bodysuits you can wear them out in public? It legit looks like your wearing laundry

                                  Maham Ka

                                    Makeup tutorial on this look please!!!!

                                    Max Suarez

                                      Please tell me thit that is Not filler in your cheeks….. lips was fine because I felt you on how you felt about them, but your cheeks?….. na girl, your beautiful the way your are. And if those are just your natural cheeks well then forgive me, but for some reason in this video that's all I can see, I'm not even really paying attention to what's going on in the video… I'm just staring at your cheeks… 🤔 I'm sorry 😔

                                      Elisa D’Carpio

                                        Where is the black shirt you wore in the intro from?? So cute!!

                                        deluded riba

                                          Brown hair suits her sm 😙

                                          Dora Peterson

                                            I love when you do clothing try on Hauls!!!!

                                            Nikki Coco

                                              need those suits

                                              Melissa McCadden

                                                Omg her thumbnail! She looks fully brunette and she looks stunning! Can't wait for her blonde to grow out fully! Xx


                                                  okay that yellow dress looks SO GOOD ON HER!!!!!!!


                                                    The lime green is killer on you! The coral pink and lilac suits were beautiful too but very young and too instagram little girl vibes. The lime green suit gave proper insta baddie boss babe vibes

                                                    Sisely Ortiz

                                                      THE PINK DRESS LOOKED THE BEST ON YOU

                                                      Sisely Ortiz

                                                        WHERE IS THE TOP YOU ARE WEARING FROM OMG

                                                        Emily Perez

                                                          I love that bando top with the white flared bottoms🤩although I noticed the white bottoms were quite see-through 😬don’t know if u caught that

                                                          Snowie 777

                                                            One of the best hauls
                                                            So out of your comfort zone
                                                            But all the pieces were beautiful on u

                                                            Sarah Duffy

                                                              Where is that beautiful black too you’re wearing from? 😍😍

                                                              Ali Lamb

                                                                This was so good omg loved this so much

                                                                Amber Leonard

                                                                  I know you'll probably never read this. But my family is currently under foreclosure on our house. The owner, trent, was injured and was forced out of the military due to that (honorable discharge) and we are now about to be forced out of our home. I'm not one to beg or even ask for help but please consider helping. I'm not asking for cash or for a check, just you contacting the company directly. I'm sorry. I'm desperate at this point and I couldn't stand to see a veteran and his family homeless


                                                                    I can see ur pokadot panties through ur white pants 😲!

                                                                    Shurite Banda

                                                                      You look amazing in everything that you try on effortlessly.

                                                                      TheLittleThings MatterMost

                                                                        Can you do videos of being a celebrity for a week again

                                                                        Aubrey Sherry

                                                                          Love your dark hair, girl!!

                                                                          Jzaira Lam

                                                                            At the start of the video, I thought your top was edited lol!

                                                                            Naa Chronicles

                                                                              You look extra pretty in this video today maybe it’s bc you’re engaged & happy idk ❤️😘

                                                                              Nepz Babe

                                                                                I love this clothes! 😍

                                                                                P Thorpe

                                                                                  Where did you get the shirt you’re wearing??

                                                                                  Kori Garbison

                                                                                    You look good in everything!! You are lucky you look beautiful in neon, i can't pull it off!!!
                                                                                    I would buy: white pants and pink crop top, black lace body suite and black dress pants!!!

                                                                                    Rebekah Choe

                                                                                      does anyone know where she got her top from in the beginning

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