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      Adrienne vs. Israel: Cooking Challenge

      Welcome… to SLICED! The cooking challenge where two totally bomb cooks face off for the ultimate prize: Ray’s approval! _ SUBSCRIBE: …

      Dia Maria

        Ray is everything tho❤

        Nadeige Elie

          Lol!!! This was everything! So funny. Do another one. Needed this pick me up after news my grandmother passed. You guys made me smile and laugh in a very wholesome way. God bless you both. Keep being blessings to us all.❤️💕

          Kriselda HighlyFavored

            Good point israel. 😜✌️ If he wanted steak then he should have given steak not chicken 😜

            Annie Harfoushian

              Are you guys still vegan?

              Nokuthula Dlamini

                You two are amazing hey

                Girl with the empty heart space

                  Adrienne thanking Jesus is everythannnnng🙌🏼

                  Kayla Cadenas

                    This is so funny!!! 😭👏🏽


                      This was so cute and fun to watch being that I love the actual show chopped


                        Adrienne your face looks like a tomato. Sorry you need to get rid of that extra makeup that you put on your face.

                        Sammy Holloway

                          Rematch please! Too cute!

                          Neema Meena

                            the chest bump got me lmfao…u two r fun to watch….

                            Stephanie Ellah

                              This was very entertaining and different ! loooovee😊❤️

                              Brittany Urso

                                Love this!!

                                Neme o

                                  please guys more of this videos,great job Israel just wanted to help his wife,that's magical ❤❤👍🏾

                                  Miss K Wilson

                                    This is so funny. I'm 10 minutes in and Israel does not know what he is doing 😂😂 bless him😂😂 when he opens the fridge then while adienne talking he disappeared looking for something next to her on the floor 😂😂😂

                                    Carmen Lo

                                      Oh dang poor Israel he thought he had it. Although, the way he made it fancy baking was cool. Adrienne u did great n presentation was everything!! It was so cute both of u in the kitchen!! Love Love Love RAYYYY he has such a beautiful smile🙂❤️💋👍🏾

                                      Adja Fatou

                                        She didn't say love love love even once I'm not happy 😩

                                        Nchayou Alice

                                          Soooooooo interesting Ade ❤️❤️❤️😂😂

                                          sassyasme 123

                                            THIS WAS HILARIOUS!! Relationship goals!!

                                            Khalil Kelley

                                              Is didn’t us bread crumbs……

                                              sisamtemba siyabulela magingxa

                                                Also Is should’ve gotten points for being so helpful

                                                sisamtemba siyabulela magingxa

                                                  What??? Israel should’ve won😭 I love you A but his looked goood😭🔥

                                                  maria ellis sitorus

                                                    Adrienne, I'm from Indonesia and I have been following you on Youtube, Instagram, The Real, I love your personality, make up, hair, sweet relationship with Is, and now you make me love Ray too.. I loveeeeeeeeeeeee this too..Thank you Ray for being life!!!!! God bless you soo soo much Adrienne 🙂

                                                    Maliateleofa J.O. Young

                                                      Omg!! Soooo hilarious.. loved it! Had a crappy day but watching you guys made me laugh so much! Lord bless you guys!!

                                                      Jessica Trasvina

                                                        Israel should do your makeup next💕


                                                          I love this more please "sliced" !!! They both looked great !!.

                                                          MissKaye Leigh

                                                            Adrienne and Israel, I need y'all to start watching the Food Network more often okay? lololololololololololol!!!! The Pioneer Woman, Barefoot Contessa, Valerie's Home Cooking, Trisha's Southern Kitchen and CHOPPEDDDDDD lololololololololol!!! Ray you're freakin hilarious!!

                                                            MissKaye Leigh

                                                              I'm laughing so hard, have mercyyyyyyyyyy!!!! lololololololololololololol!!! Adrienne, you and the hubby are funny as hell!!! Y'all wouldn't make it on CHOPPED! The judges would look at y'all like: WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY TRYING TO DO? SERIOUSLY? DISQUALIFIED…I love Ray..lololololol!!!

                                                              Jennifer Solis

                                                                More cooking challenge videos like this please lol 😂😂😂 love them

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