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      AFFORDABLE Flawless Makeup Transformation | NikkieTutorials

      SOFT GLAM is taking over the beauty industry, but is it as soft as it looks? Today I’m showing you how to create this flawless makeup look with AFFORDABLE …



        Alejandra Mira

          Dutch word of the day: woonkamer

          Tonia Xifara

            "Today's video will be about using only afordable makeup"

            does her makeup while using a fenty highlighter as a mirror

            Kim Dauwe

              Dutch word of the day: woonkamer

              Ik een serie kijken, soms naar de wc en daarna weer verder kijken in de woonkamer hahahah. Soms nog een workout in de woonkamer en dan is de dag al weer bijna voorbij.

              Jill Mullinax

                Dutchword of the day – Woonkamer
                I’ve sit here all day and waited to go to the Woonkamer.


                  Hi beautiful! Word of the day is….woonkamer.

                  Alison N

                    “Dutch word of the day: Woonkamer”
                    Woonkamer is now one of the two places I can go to~


                      Dutch word of the day-

                      During this horrific time, I’d like to ask everyone to stay home, even if that’s in the bedroom, in the ‘Woonkamer’ or in your kitchen… stay safe and keep watching ❤️

                      IG: sophiemurray02

                      Portugaz_D Ann

                        I’m finally going on vacation ! The landscape in my private woonkamer is mesmerizing 🤣

                        Nohemi Garcia

                          “Dutch word of the day: Woonkamer” I stay in the woonkamer all day watching Netflix and then watch NikkieTutorials.

                          Heather Hendricks

                            Hiiiiiiiiii @henforthewin Dutch word: woonkamer hahahahaha

                            Min Ceri

                              Dutch word of the day: Woonkamer

                              My Woonkamer is a mess, because my mom feels the need to reorganize EVERYTHING in this damn apartment😂

                              IG: trve.ounce

                              Juliana Gordon

                                “Dutch word of the day: woonkamer” !!!! I just spent money I don’t have on juvias foundation 😅 but I can’t wait it get it in and wear it to my “essential” job at the dollar store. Thanks for this awesome look I can’t wait to experiment on my days off 😉

                                Raeena Shams

                                  I am lazing around in my Woonkamer with full beat and pjs !!
                                  Love you Nikkie❤️❤️❤️❤️
                                  Ig @raeena__shams

                                  Dawn Stulp

                                    Living room (woon kamer)
                                    Hey nikkie, ik ben Nederlands en ik vind je echt geweldig. Ik ben nog niet echt met make-up bezig maar ik vind het echt heel leuk om naar je video's te kijken. Ik vind het erg lief dat je €250 euro weg gaat geven. Ik wou dit gewoon even zeggen en dit is niet om de €250 euro te winnen, want ik heb het zelf niet nodig, maar andere mensen nu wel. Ik vind het heel lief dat je dit aan mensen geeft die het nodig hebben. ❤️

                                    Kenadi Raines

                                      All I do all day is sleep and watch tv in the woonkamer

                                      Mainya Xiong

                                        Dutch word of the day: woonkamer
                                        I spend 50% of my day in the woonkamer 😅
                                        Instagram: mainyaxiong ❤️

                                        Sha Kamaruddin

                                          Dutch word of the day: woonkamer

                                          I’ve been spending this entire quarantine at my woonkamer with my family!
                                          Ig: mrianaa__

                                          Hope will wins❤️❤️

                                          Katerina Moua

                                            Dutch word of the day: woonkamer

                                            If I'm not working during the quarantine, I'm in the woonkamer watching NikkieTutorials!!

                                            Lise Færch

                                              I be chillin in my woonkamer all day long during this pandemic! ig: @lisefch

                                              Jennifer Shmenifer

                                                I'm watching you at 3am from my woomkamer – can't sleep, can't leave the house… But you look gorgeous as usual!😚

                                                Marie Vanhulle

                                                  "Dutch word of the day: Woonkamer", love the look, IG: maire_vanhulle groetjes vanuit België

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