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    Nail Career Education
      I Designed My Nails like an Animal Print Rug😀

      You can do this design with Suzie as she designs gorgeous Tiger Stripe inspired Animal Print Nail Art using Gel Polish. Suzie’s New Clean Acrylic Starter Kit, …

      Grace Connolly

        7:19 Did I hear TACO?? YAY!

        Sognia Speranza

          Can you do this design with ink polish

          Ilmksm 2

            Suzie, have you lost weight? You look so different in this video (not in a bad way as I always think you are gorgeous) but different somehow. Love your videos. This design looked super cute on you. Can you do a black nail with white tip? I am in love with them and would like to know what the best products/brands to achieve that is. Please. Thank you.

            Seth Stratton


              Bobbi B.

                The striping detail is incredible. I’m only that precise in my dreams!


                  Can you please review the AZ GOGO white e file with the new updated bits on Amazon please!! I just got this but I’ve never tried the more expensive e files I would love to know if it is just as good. It also looks a lot like more expensive ones.

                  Mars Bar

                    Wow you drew those tiger stripes on. What patience you have! These are fantastic

                    Christina Brodrick

                      Absolutely beautiful ☺️❤️

                      EMA AME

                        Shes such a pro

                        Mickaela Baker

                          i love these chill, TV ready youtube episodes. does anyone know anymore like that?

                          Sheryl MJ

                            You like it Suzie but I loooove it. I don't know why but I have always been in love with animal prints even though they scare the heck out of me, give me goose bumps and crawls my blood, lol

                            Trudy Ann



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                                  Awesome! I myself do hand-painting and adore watching others draw 😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤

                                  Laurie Carpender

                                    I bought a light and polish at Sally’s and every time I use it my fingers itch and around my nail I start to get an infection. Even when I go to a salon and get them done the light makes my fingers itch. Am I just not going to able to do no chips

                                    Victoria Lopez Lambert

                                      I'm getting ready to do a new set on myself, so I'm going to have to try this, but with different colors, thank you Susie!! Beautiful look, I love tigers!!

                                      R. O. S. E

                                        Damm suzie the fact that u did them free hand made them even better

                                        Sarah’s Nail Secrets

                                          Hey you cool cats and kittens – missed opportunity 😂

                                          Juzt Jassi

                                            Wow these are perfection! I must try this on my channel. I love trying new nail art xox

                                            monique thomas

                                              Thats is so pretty. Well done

                                              Katie Nowak

                                                Is it weird that I watch your videos at night? Your voice is so soothing it makes me fall asleep. Also you’re so talented!

                                                Konami Ai

                                                  I love watching Suzie's videos right before bed, because they're relaxing and fun to watch. Her voice and demeanor as well as her art comes across in a very "Bob Ross" sort of way. (Someone I have also enjoyed listening to in order to relax before bed!) Thanks for everything Suzie! These nails are gorgeous and one day I'd like to try them myself! (With Lisa Frank colouring!)


                                                    I’m not normally a fan of orange, but these are fantastic! I love them! You’re incredibly talented! Your videos always teach me something new .

                                                    Rashi Marwah


                                                      Melissa Depew

                                                        Those are cool. Never seen a tiger print quite like that but very pretty none the less! ❤❤❤

                                                        Jas Bae

                                                          Ahh she said she going to break out the matte i love matte nail polish🙈🙈🕵🕵im ready

                                                          eli officialmua

                                                            A zebra accent nail would have been awesome 😎


                                                              Suzie Exotic

                                                              Shelley Robinson

                                                                Love this, great to have a gel polish nail art video too

                                                                effie jones

                                                                  So cute!! ❤️❤️

                                                                  Geir Vågeng

                                                                    Ha ha ha I was so sure that you had watched Tiger king from looking at your thumbnail 😂😂😂😂 then IT turns out to be a rug😂😂😂

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