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      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) I wanted to sit down and answer some of your questions from twitter! I hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for watching! xoxo! What I’m …


        And by burning questions I mean totally regular average questions… lmao! Hope you enjoy! Let me know if I should do these once a month’ xoxo


          more q&a's and more of your dogs<33333 i had a yorkie and he recently got attacked by strays and killed 🙁 i miss him so much

          Kimberly McMurray

            Thank you for proving that I'm not the only person who breaks out into singing Aaron Carter at random times


              yes please start vlogging again! i used to watch your days of our lights (?) vlog channel back in the day and i miss it!

              November Peony

                omg can you make sure your perfumes are cruelty free and vegan!! It's so hard to find good ones that fall into that category 🙁 xo

                Irene Von Borstel

                  For everyone wondering Invisalign is only a few hundred dollars more than smile direct or other services like that and honestly those few hundred are so much more worth it to get it done by a professional!! Plus smile direct isn’t guaranteed

                  Diana Villa

                    I have the CBD vape pen and I looove them! + I sleep like a baby 🙌🏼


                      honestly i love all your videos i could listen to you talk about random stuff for hours, also bc you just have such a close connection to your followers and treat us as your friends so of course you still don't have to tell us everything but it never feels like you're shutting us out

                      Rhea Shetty

                        PLEASE VLOG WE WANT IT!!!!!!!

                        Katie Aaron

                          Team Logan too!!! And Unpopular opinion… Team Michael (Jane the Virgin) also!!!!

                          Nadya Zulkifli

                            YASSS ALL TOO WELL


                              YESSS I will wait YEARS to purchase a perfume made by you

                              Ивета Стоянова

                                I am so happy for you! All you do is so inspiring! I wish for you to be happy and healthy at all times, because you are such a good soul and you deserve it <3

                                Dore Ha

                                  Idk this may be a terrible idea, but I’d love to see a series where Kathleen goes out and tries new things. I know she has anxiety, but maybe she could push herself to experience intimidating things by justifying it as something for a video.

                                  Jenn DeBoer

                                    YESSSSS LIGHTS LAQUER!!!

                                    LB christensen

                                      thanks for the q&a love these video. plus it would be nice to see you in vlogs. love ya girl.

                                      D. Z.

                                        I just LOVE your energy. I’ve been watching you for so long and your energy hasn’t changed one bit

                                        Christina Tang

                                          Those shoes are everything!

                                          Vanesa Eats Plants

                                            Kathleen, I have never judged you or have disagreed with you enough to comment…. Until now! Omg team Logan?! Oh no! How about "team anyone else but Logan."

                                            Kd Mensah

                                              Love this

                                              Lauren Carmen

                                                Your videos always make me laugh so much! You just radiate happiness and it’s contagious! ☺️🥰


                                                  Love you Kathleen. I can always relate and feel we alike. Hit like so fast when Gilmore Girls was mentioned. Girl preach.

                                                  Aubre Clarett

                                                    I love Q&A they are so entertaining

                                                    Eileen baha

                                                      Maybe try skin colored tattoo cover up?

                                                      ademille makeup

                                                        Please, please, PLEASE make the phone cases in iPhone 8 size!! I WANT ONE SO BADD but it doesn’t fit my phone!!!

                                                        Becca Hochanadel

                                                          Why are you getting your tattoos removed and what did they say?

                                                          Elena Ama

                                                            Idk what’s going on in this video, but your energy in it is what I needed in my day. 🥰

                                                            Prutha K.

                                                              You look visibly more comfortable with yourself and your brand now. It's refreshing to see you like this❤️

                                                              Aleksandra Okoń

                                                                Omg All Too Well is my favourite Taylor song too!!! ❤️
                                                                I'd love to see more Q&A videos in the future 🙂 and vlogs as well, you don't need to do anything crazy, just going to the drugstore and shopping would be great !


                                                                  I like it

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