Answering MORE Questions That Make Us Uncomfortable While Trying Your Fav Starbucks Drinks!

Main Answering MORE Questions That Make Us Uncomfortable While Trying Your Fav Starbucks Drinks!

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    Alex Centomo
      Answering MORE Questions That Make Us Uncomfortable While Trying Your Fav Starbucks Drinks!

      We answered MORE questions that make us uncomfortable and tried some of your fav Starbucks drinks! Follow me on instagram: …


        Omg I love their relationship so much 😭 these have been my favourite videos of yours so far!


          Kyla – I am a bisexual woman who is engaged to a man. I appreciate you being so open and chill about your sexuality! x


            I’ve been watching your videos for so long and I totally see the difference with Kyla she’s so much more confident ❤️ loving it

            Alora Nicole

              Alex ur so cute be my friend

              Natalie Baus

                You guys are so cute! You remind me of the sisters from Wish Upon a Star 🌟

                A Prisilia

                  Omg you two remained me of my sister and I😩


                    Loooove these videos!!!! Please, more😘😘 I got emotional when Kyla spoke 😭 Can't wait for another video! LOVE YOU😘

                    Juliette Wang

                      aw I loved these two videos <3
                      you guys were so real and i feel like everyone kind of has sister problems growing up

                      Ânnÿ-Maria Penna

                        I need to know what lipstick is kyla wearing

                        Katelyn williams

                          If you do this again get the matcha lemonade with raspberry!! It’s AMAZING

                          Name Lastname

                            OMG I find that I have A LOT of similarities with Kyla and its crazy!..and we live in a totally different world and culture!

                            Angela Reyes

                              Love how real yall are as sisters! Please do more videos with eachother 🙂


                                you guys are beautiful but now i’m really craving starbucks

                                ps i’m a small youtuber. lets support eachother!

                                Emilia Migliaccio

                                  When I saw this video was almost 30 minutes long it made me soooo happy y'all are amazing for being so personal on the internet love you both<3

                                  Kiana Astaraki

                                    Your videos with Kyla make me want to build a stronger relationship with my sister, you both seem so close and so supportive of each other💕

                                    Jo L

                                      I loveee these kinds of videos! It's so refreshing to see how honest & vulnerable you guys are! I totally relate with Kyla- I'm the younger sister and all I wanted was for my older sister to like me when I was younger!!


                                        i love how much you love and care for each other! i'm an only child but i always wanted a sister so i feel part of the family while watching these q&a's 😂

                                        also, i related sooo much to kyla when she was talking about being sensitive and emotional and feeling like you have to appear emotionless on the outside. sending her a massive virtual hug and all the good vibes ❤️

                                        Capria Y

                                          I love these chats with Kyla! I see a lot of similarities with our characters and hearing her stories feels so relatable. These chats makes it feel like we’re best friends and I love it lol

                                          Brianne Stadnichuk

                                            You have to try the Strawberry Açai Refresher made with coconut milk!!🍓🥥 also where did you get your 1990 necklace?

                                            Maria Castro

                                              from where are you glasses??, love the vid♥️

                                              Charleen Danielle

                                                Love love love these videos of you together. Feels like we're having a casual conversation. I really look up to you. You're like older sisters to me.

                                                Sophia B

                                                  Please talk about your wedding fight! I think me and my sister could really “benefit“ from it.


                                                    "I love when people say yall" hahaha yall is so normal here in Texas I forgot its not in other places

                                                    Beatriz Albuquerque

                                                      Omg I just realized that I relate to Kyla so much! I got through the same personality evolution and feel the same way about my sexuality. Loved this video a lot <3

                                                      I Astar

                                                        Honestly You should do a podcast together

                                                        Leona Rize

                                                          love more real, mature, honest conversations like these! i could honestly sit here and listen to you guys talk for hours.
                                                          also i'm always too shy to branch out with my starbucks drinks but wow all of these look and sound good and have inspired me to try something new lol

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