Answering Questions That Make Us Uncomfortable! (mom & dad please don't watch)

Main Answering Questions That Make Us Uncomfortable! (mom & dad please don't watch)

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    Alex Centomo
      Answering Questions That Make Us Uncomfortable! (mom & dad please don't watch)

      We answered questions that make us uncomfortable. Virginity, Sexuality, etc! Follow me on instagram: Follow Kyla on …

      Suzanne van Rijnsoever

        You two are so beautiful 😍❤️

        Adriana McGee

          i love these types of videos from you

          Kristine You

            u need to watch it

            Kristine You

              omg u do look like them

              Jackie R

                Idk why but you(Alex) also look like Indiana Evans

                Regards from Hell

                  Yo do not look like any celebs you’ve mentioned at all

                  Emily Martinez

                    i loved seeing a more personal side of both of you, I laughed a lot!

                    Morgan Freeland

                      I love your videos together but seriously I would completely watch like a 40 minute long story time hahah weekly. Oh suggestion… Can you have Kyla on your podcast again but do all childhood and story times from like teenage to young twenties haha they seem super entertaining!!

                      Deborah Gomez

                        Omg! You need to watch 10 Things I Hate About You. It’ll definitely give you those 90s vibes. 😊

                        Emely S

                          Where are both of your sweaters from? 😍💗

                          dani 17

                            OMG, a sister video. My favorite. You two are so adorable and fun.

                            Montserrath Celis

                              I loved this video!! I love when you’re personal because it makes the video fun 😂

                              Rosslyn Joy

                                this video got me dying of laughter so badly omg i love it😭😭😭😭😂😂😂

                                Ryanne Boysen

                                  I love kyla on your channel! she needs to upload more! I want all you tubers to be more open like this. You've always been one of my favorites!!


                                    LOVE THIS VIDEO

                                    Celine Dahleh

                                      Where are your earrings from?😍

                                      Allison Moore

                                        You both are so gorgeous!


                                          Love, love, love these videos!!!! Make more PLEASE.
                                          P.s.- love you guys

                                          Anialixy Carballo

                                            This was so much fun to watch. You should make more chill videos like this!! <3


                                              Kyla post more on your channel! 💗

                                              Helena Simone

                                                Ahhhhh mykonos, definitely have some interesting memories from that place haha!!

                                                Julie Jigsaw

                                                  Convos like this on the podcast!!!!!

                                                  Shannon Calvert

                                                    Love you guyys💗


                                                      These drunken stories are killing me 😭 omg Kyla just leaving the club, being from the outside of Montreal myself, it's far to get downtown and would freak out if someone from my group just disappeared!! I blacked out to the point where I couldn't read my texts, like I was concious but I saw black and don't even know how I made it back home on St-jean-baptiste, and I lived 30 mins from where I was partying

                                                      Kirsten Reeves

                                                        Where is Kyla’s sweatshirt from?! I love ♥️♥️♥️

                                                        gabbie segond

                                                          Love Kyla’s sex story in Mykonos hahaha it sounds like something from a movie and had no idea she was bi-curious, love how comfortable she was telling everyone these things and Alex how did you learn to love your broad shoulders? Because I have the same insecurity but idk how to overcome it?


                                                            this was amazing love these chill videos and hearing all the bad decisions hahahaha

                                                            Vily Rose

                                                              HUMMMM ALEX! JENNIFER ANISTON?!?!?! ANYONE ELSE SEE IT?? (I mean especially with her new hair and bangs hehe)

                                                              gabbie segond

                                                                I cannot believe you haven’t seen 10 Things I Hate About You! It’s my favourite movie of all time and I think you’d love it

                                                                Ana Mendoza

                                                                  I LOVED this video!! You guys should do another one!!


                                                                    I'm so glad Kyla talked about the importance of safe sex!!

                                                                    shira bensimon

                                                                      i love you guys this video is amazing

                                                                      Ada Kretkowska

                                                                        Love that drunk stories

                                                                        Marcella Meta

                                                                          Omg ssameee .. people lied about us fucking like no hunty you wish lol

                                                                          gillian martinez

                                                                            I loved this so much, it made me feel like we’re all sisters 🥺

                                                                            Carmen C

                                                                              we did heard Kyla's stomach lol

                                                                              Evive Smoothie

                                                                                Ok you are SOOOO cute together! Wow. Xox

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