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      ANYTHING You Can Carry I'LL PAY FOR Challenge!

      FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM HERE: Hey guys! For today’s video I wanted to do a fun challenge to switch it up on my channel, …

      Adventure of Bea

        I think if Roxi do the challenge with her girl friends they will literally go to the make up store or dress store and she will spend much more money 😂😂

        Bia Deak

          How come noone is acknowledging that this challenge started from Mr. Beast? She should give credit to Mr. Beast

          Najahudin Syahrulizan

            Challenge from MrBeast🙁

            Karin Jensen

              Oh that tv shop tho🙄.. What a service the lady gave😳.. rude af.

              Lovely video👌🏽🕊😀

              Kay Kennedy

                Do more of these

                Bryce Pillman

                  Finally a Mr Beast RIP off that isn't Morgz

                  jennifer Stephens

                    This is GREAT! I laughed my butt off!

                    Slick Jim

                      Just in case the comments are filtered

                      Mistur b34st

                      It’s J

                        If I were them I should've gone to the apple store and get 3 laptops, iPhone X, iPhone Xs max ,airpod etc.😂😂😂

                        nilima shrestha

                          I would go to jewellery shop 🤣🤣

                          Carmen Carlton

                            It seems every week you are making another great video

                            c a

                              This was hilarious matt stacking them was fun


                                22:55 its just a horse… yeaaa ( with wings? its a pegasus ..? maybe :p )


                                  Mr Beast who?😂❤️ (all love)

                                  Dennielle Pollock

                                    Lol you hubbie kills me soooo funny

                                    ali ali

                                      You shuold but a timer !


                                        If I were them I would get all the gift cards for all my favourite stores lol

                                        Renee Catagnus

                                          To reiterate, I was homeless. I was LOST. Through no fault of my own. Roxxy has made me smile.a TRUE SWEETHEART. LOVE YOU.


                                            Damn where was I when you were doing this challenge 😭😂💜

                                            Renee Catagnus

                                              I was homeless, I am not now. If you would text me or email me, i would be soo happy! I am 58 years old,& feel like you are my daughter.You are soo sweet! You make me laugh! Stay sweet!!💖💄💅💅

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