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      Apply Tips with Hybrid Gel

      Suzie demonstrates how to apply Tips using Hybrid Gel in this thorough Step by Step Tutorial. View Suzie’s New Free Online Magazine!

      Camilla Steiro Johansen

        They are beautiful Suzie😍 I just love your videos. So much help when i'm learning. Tysm for shearing❤️

        Yari Vlazquez

          Do you make press on nails?

          Shannon Cadogan

            Susie please test out Naio nails products, we would love to see your opinion!

            Abigail De Jesus

              You should come out with a hybrid kit for beginners


                Hi Suzie, I was looking through your videos, & I want to start practicing doing my own nails. I recently went to your website & see that the kits are gone😕. I know you are the only person that has everything I need in the kit, & I was wondering when are you going to restock or make any more kits? Love your videos & your skills are immaculate 💘


                  QUEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!! Your polygel/hybridgel videos are my references for when I do my nails <3

                  Molly O’Hara

                    Video idea: try hybrid/poly gel kits from wish, eBay, amazon etc.. Non-nail techs do not understand the risks of these products and I think it would be good to see if they’re any good for their ridiculously affordable price.

                    lesley logan

                      where to get the tips like that the place you got yours we cant get them for there

                      The Naked Nail

                        I am a nail tech enthusiast.
                        I considered getting my license (in the States) and decided against spending (another) $10k – $12k, also since I'm looking at 60, I didn't want to start building another client base.
                        My question is:
                        Is there any way I can buy these and other pro products without a license or certification?

                        Makayla Fay

                          Noticed you’ve been staying away from your favorite, almond nails and going to more squarish nails!

                          Adella Castro

                            Susie like to know we’re did you get your pump bottle for your alcohol the nail look so beautiful tfs


                              Yaas! Suzy, Tammy and Kirsty are the only nail techs I watch. Awesome to see Suzy using Tammy Nails products. Love the color, the sculpting and that deep C-curve. Did the tip already come with a c-curve or did you pinch it? I know Tammy pinches by only using her fingers. When I went to nail tech school we learned how to glue tips on, but we only used forms because the teachers said that if you know how to sculpt nails using a form, you can sculpt anything. I’m that person that love to shape the nail, than the actual sculpting process. Hybrids are amazing. Kirsty of NaioNails uses both forms and tips, but she has this technique of pinching the tip after she has glued it on. She must be using a different type of tip, because I’ve tried it on several and they just break…what I love about Tammy is that her technique is based on that you shouldn’t have to file to much, hence no use of e-file. “sculpt like you don’t have a file”.

                              Erika Angelo

                                Is the bonding gel the same thing as a base coat gel?

                                Maria Tyler

                                  Is the polish you have on gel or regular polish?

                                  Lisa Nowery

                                    This was awesome to watch. I've been licensed over 20 yrs and LOVE doing my own but my family can't tolerate the monomer smell. This I think can get me back into doing what I love and have amazing looking nails! ❤❤

                                    Leisa 1974

                                      I love Tammy Taylors nails. So perfect


                                        What a beautiful set. I need to practice a lot more to get my nails to look half as nice. @Suzie What do you think about the Apres Gel X soft gel extensions? It seems like a neat idea.

                                        Marissa P

                                          Could you do a DIsney themed nails for for trip to Disney soon?


                                            Could you do a video about the first steps you think a beginner should start with? Like there’s so much ways to do nails and it seems a bit overwhelming. What are the basics a beginner should know?

                                            Marissa P

                                              U R THE BEST SUZIE!!!

                                              Mary Freeman

                                                Thank you so much for answering my question;-)

                                                Marissa P

                                                  I can always count on you to show me how thngs work and if they are something I think I should buy! THANK YOU SUZIE!!!!!!!!💅🏼💅🏼👍💅🏼👍💅🏼👍💅🏼👍

                                                  Theresa Troudt

                                                    What brand of tips are those and where are they available to purchase?

                                                    lori dodge

                                                      Suzie I have to know what color is that on your other hand? I love it! Beautiful nails on both hands.

                                                      The Lady Lotus

                                                        These are so pretty! I have 4 children and when I'm in a rush and need to repair a nail or do a quick fill on myself. Hybrids come through for the win Everytime! Tips help aa well! I never used tips until recently because I wanted to get my form techniques down pat before trying them and I found some from glitterplanet and beyou that have beautiful c curves and have been using them a lot more lately.
                                                        Tysm for sharing Suzie and cameraman. You guy's make my day when you two post!

                                                        E Severa

                                                          This sucks, schools have converted nail technology with cosmo…. so unfair…SO WATCHING YOU IS MY ONLY HOPE TO DO MY OWN NAILS. Nail salons are 40min away from me. For when I need refills 💔💔💔💔

                                                          Bev Bennett

                                                            I like that brush. can you still get tips with wells for the glue?

                                                            Lori Bain

                                                              Suzie, is there a difference between nail glue and super/crazy glue?

                                                              Bryan Jaco Gallarde

                                                                Another amazing video! <3 it


                                                                  Watching Suzie while fixing my broken nails. Got any tips for stronger nails?

                                                                  Lisa Nicholas

                                                                    Hi Suzie I love watching you 🌼.
                                                                    I wondered if you could advise what is the best ‘as non toxic as poss’ product to use for extensions. I can’t use acrylic fluid anymore because of the toxic chemicals in it. I’m so disappointed because I love doing long nails on myself, I feel so polished with long nails.
                                                                    Any advise will be much appreciated 🙏🏻

                                                                    Lisa Reeves

                                                                      Found that I became allergic to a Acrylic after years of wearing nails. I decided to try the hybrid gel. It is amazing. No reaction. And it is pretty easy to apply. Also, it is surprisingly strong. Thank you Susie for all your videos. I have learned a ton from you. Keep em coming.

                                                                      Grace Fabro

                                                                        Wow! I admire all you do. Your Amazing! I hope one day I will be pro like you. I haven't tried anything yet coz' I don't tools for acrylic, poly gel but only fake nails and glue nails. I was disappionting coz' it won't last even just 2 days 😭😢. I will try this one but I have to order 1st so that I can start as soon as possible 😊.I'm So excited to have long nails. Wish me luck.☺ Thanks for the tips. Take care and God bless

                                                                        Tonie Solomon

                                                                          Beautiful nails suzie i love tammy taylor products im subscribed to her channel and this product is amaaazinngg

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