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    Wayne Goss

      SHOP WAYNE GOSS MAKEUP BRUSHES HERE: Subscribe to my second channel Social …

      Mmankolo Mokgotho

        Do you wet your beauty blender?

        Purple Honey

          This was so helpful!

          Puff Ball

            Wayne really out here filming a tutorial in the club

            Missy 7575

              don't you just loooove the way he keeps grabbing his hair?😄 I love him!

              Cheryl MacLean

                Thank you!!! I appreciate practical tutorials that everyone can use, regardless of the brands we use. I am grateful to not watch another video on ‘new releases!’ Enough of those videos already, more of these kinds are what everyone needs! Thanks for great content as usual! 💕

                Mom Four Boys !!!

                  Your videos always bring a smile to my face! Needed this quick to reminder!

                  April Robinson

                    I can watch Wayne Goss for hours he’s like Bob Ross except he paints faces 😋

                    Ashley C

                      Beside your amazing beauty tips
                      Your voice is so soothing 🙂

                      katrina peterson

                        You don't have fancy
                        nails 😉

                        Daniel McIntyre

                          I come here when I want to enrich my brain

                          Caroline Denise Joyner

                            Wayne I hope you can help me with this problem: I experience a problem around my outer eyes: this area I have access oils that is breaking down my make up. I use primer, concealer, and i I set it. I still have this breakdown. Do you have any suggestions. Thanks

                            Naomi 78

                              Wayne, you good Sir are single handedly changing my life! I have always loved make up. I've always been shit at it, my skin is difficult to deal with and so I only wear it on special occassions like Weddings (and they are few and very far between) but, when I do wear it I love the way I feel more confident and more attractive with my make up done. I've been watching your videos for a while now and only this week have started to apply my make up every day using your tutorials and your tips. My make up has never been as good as it is now! It's far from perfect but the skills I am learning from you is upping my game and I'm seeing improvements every day! I'm feeling much more confident in myself and my make up application. You are a huge inspiration to me! You are real and there is no bs. I feel like I've wasted years not doing my make up because I lacked the confidence! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! You are helping more people than you realise and I know I'm not the only one who loves who you are!

                              HRH TheQueen

                                I always learn so much from you, thank you Wayne💕

                                Mary Lee Gaffin

                                  Fantastic tips and so timely for an event I want to look great for next week 🙂 I'm a recent convert to applying foundation with fingers – all because of you!

                                  Makeup Hues And Views

                                    Thank you for another helpful video!

                                    Teresa Howell Robinson

                                      I noticed you even put the foundation on your eye area, I used to do that, but everything else I’ve seen says no. So do you do that all the time? I use Co sealer under the eyes, but use eye primer on lids, is all of that necessary? When I set all of it, it looks really dry and I don’t like it.


                                        Just a tinkle of color!! 😂😂 I am not a fan of massive amount of concealer. I feel that concealer is helpful to disguise blemishes , dark spots and red areas. I prefer to use light amounts before applying foundation. I extremely lightly set with powder in a few areas to make other powder blend instead of grab to my foundation. I love Pixie by Petra milk mist before setting spray to hydrate my matte double wear.

                                        Yliana RV

                                          You are so sexy. Love your videos. 😘

                                          Angel Cabaron

                                            This video is the reason why a lot of people love Wayne.

                                            Nikki B

                                              If only foundation applied smoothly on my poor, combo/dry skin. 🙁

                                              Aurore Njifakoue

                                                I would like to see the after and before …

                                                Barbara Cook

                                                  This is how I like to wear my makeup. Not so much that I'm competing with RuPaul but to look as natural as possible with some help. I really enjoy ur demonstrations. Thanx!


                                                    At 31 yrs old Wayne taught me how to put on makeup….. And now I enjoy it because it isn't a struggle anymore.
                                                    He's worth more to me than any other Beau-Tuber IMO. 💕

                                                    Sabrina Titman

                                                      You’re techniques have helped me a lot with professional application. What’s hard is that people come in wanting instagram makeup lol that takes so much more time and money! Drives me crazy

                                                      iclal eroglu

                                                        "Hey everyone, okay so.."
                                                        Never changed 🙂

                                                        C Clarke

                                                          I love your concise and extremely helpful videos Wayne. Please don’t change. So many others simply prattle on with silly chatter and it makes me crazy! A video that should only take a few minutes ends up to be nearly thirty minutes or more. You are the opposite and I love that💕

                                                          Geovana Freitas

                                                            Thank you so much, Wayne !I love the way you talk to us!

                                                            Baby Baaby

                                                              You’re just amazing Wayne Love every single thing you say, do and yr look

                                                              Theresa WadeHouston

                                                                God I just love you! Awesomeness! When I saw it was almost 12 minutes I had to watch it. Was like "Wayne must be announcing he is getting on a plane!"😂❤❤❤❤

                                                                Sara Salinas

                                                                  Not related but it's so refreshing to still find someone with integrity in the YouTube beauty community. I actually even see you and Matthias as the true representation of the beauty community. The social media influencers are psuedo beauty capitalist drama community. Thank you for not leaving.

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