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      APRIL FAVORITES | 2020

      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here’s a video where I share all of my fav beauty products from the month of April with you guys! I hope you enjoy! Thanks for …

      Maja Beauty

        Yes sister Kathleen, keeping up with the monthly faves 🤍🦋🙌🏽

        Riley Schorr

          I had those bumps on my arm but after I got my whole upper arm tattooed they’re gone so that’s nice. I didn’t get tattooed because of them but that was a nice little bonus

          Crystal Foster-Hunt


            Rienca Renata

              Yang suka semua video² Kathleen berarti sama denganku. Senang banget denger suaranya & reviewnya. Aku juga belajar banyak untukbbisa buat video yg bagus seperti ini di channelku. Teman² yang sependapat aku tunggu feed back nya. Thanks

              roxanna moraru

                You are my fav youtuber💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

                Adriana Sanchez

                  you can't have sparkling water if you have IBS…just FYI.

                  Vale Mansi

                    Curls looks so much better on you than straight hair

                    Rachel Collins

                      Thanks alot Kathleen…now I am singing LaBamba…and at least its better than that Tiger King meme…but it will be there for days….thanks buddy…😜

                      Gina Rodriguez

                        Are you going to a video on the new color pop she’s got solstice ?


                          I'm so in love with that hoodie to bad they don't have it in my size 😭

                          Kat Morrison

                            The little bumps could be linked to gluten… maybe see if u notice the difference if u eat less bread, pasta etc? I mean, if u want to live that life. I need me some gluten… 😂

                            Michelle Binford

                              Girlllll you need to try out the Purito Comfy water sunblock!! It’s a physical sunscreen and it’s so good. It’s super hydrating and feels like you’re putting water on your face and it’s only like $14 on Amazon!!!

                              Camille Ollo

                                What blush brush do you use to get some product off the eyeshadow palette?? Would love to know!

                                Elle E

                                  I'm obsessed with spf. One of my faves is the "clinique pep start daily uv protector broad spectrum spf 50."
                                  Works great under makeup, is not drying, and doesn't pill.

                                  Saba Moges

                                    With the black castor oil I suggest focusing it on your ends as well bc it will prevent further damage!💗

                                    Kayt Erickson

                                      You should try Beet the Sun by Krave beauty. An AMAZING sunscreen made by a small creator and cruelty free

                                      Bree MB

                                        Would love an updated wing stamp video now that you feel like you’re used to it and love it! 🙏🏻❤️

                                        Janelle Mata

                                          I need that mug. 😍😍

                                          Meg Truett

                                            And that scrub totally works!!



                                              Sunny M

                                                Try the hourglass veil setting spray !

                                                Meg Truett

                                                  Duuuuude. City Block has been around forever! Even when I worked at Clinique 15 years ago. Love seeing a classic in this instead of just new stuff.

                                                  Happy Hippie Vibes

                                                    Soooo…..ummm when are you going to cut your hair? #Quarantine

                                                    Jessica Resendiz

                                                      before i started my curly hair journey i had terrible breakage !!! my hair NEVER grew bc of all the damage. it took a couple months for it to go away but i have no breakage in my bangs! castor oil is a blessing to curly hair

                                                      deyla mireles

                                                        Test bumble and bumble for your curly hair video! I love their Surf Spray (No silicone, but idk if the rest of the ingredients are ok) and I remember I also loved their surf infusion spray. I bought the hair mousse you recommended from Not your mothers, its sososo lovely!! love youuuuuu

                                                        Amanda Grace

                                                          Jack Black oil free face sunscreen is THE BEST!!! No flashback and great hydrating primer for makeup

                                                          Devon Lewin

                                                            Holy crap I have KP and I've NEVER seen anyone else with it before. Is only on my arms and legs. Guess I need to shop Sephora.

                                                            Amari Celenia

                                                              I like cetaphil spf moisturizer for face ☺️ works for my dry sensitive eczema skin

                                                              Amari Celenia

                                                                CAN WE TAKE A MOMENT FOR YOUR WINGS!!!!!!😍😍😍😍 yessssss we see the progress!!

                                                                Jamie Gallagher

                                                                  Kathleen! Try rice water to help grow your hair. It makes it stronger and curlier too. It really works and it's easy to make

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