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      Asian American Women Share Struggles With Beauty Standards

      For most women, the pressure to be “beautiful” is difficult, but Asian American women face a unique challenge. Subscribe to As/Is: About …

      Thai Duy Tran

        Californians like to compare, because they say 'like' a lot!!!


          Oh therrreee we go Buzzfeed, throwing the 'coloniser' from hundreds of years ago into the mix versus titling this video "Contemporary Asians being nasty to each other and self-hating". That's really what it is, but good on you for getting that girl of Taiwanese extraction to admit that she's judged on her body less in her native Western country and not Taiwan. Some cultures really are better than others!

          Diane Wong

            Ladies, please remember beauty is an opinion and not a fact. We are all beautiful , be confident . I am an Asian with double eyelids( naturally) and prominent features but when I visited Turkey a few years ago, the men were disappointed to see an Asian girl look like that, they even find me strange-looking because I have seemingly desirable features ( by Asians) yet I have black eyes and hair

            Abiroba Shadab

              3:40 it's really not like that. I mean, if you are skinny like a skeleton them of course anyone would body shame you. Since Indian women tend to be more voluptuous, extremly skinny girls are not considered that attractive. This girl was explaining stuff as if we are still living in 15th century.

              La La

                Thank you for speaking up. I am filipino and black. It is so difficult to be able to embrace your asian culture in a society that doesnt recognize you. I struggled so hard trying to decide if I can fit into the asian standards or the black American standards. I was too dark for one and too light for the other. It was very difficult growing up and this video is honestly so true

                Ttv. sshurikenss

                  Well Indians are part of the Middle East.

                  Natiya Sou

                    Where my Southeast sisters at?

                    Allison Ehigiator

                      This is a great video! I think you should make a series of videos of woman from different minority races sharing struggles with beauty standards, (Latin American, African American, etc.


                        I think the problem with Asian beauty standards is that they tend to look in beauty through a Western perspective. We want to look like white people because they are considered more beautiful than being black, Latino or Asian. We want whiter skin, pointy nose, wide eyes, etc. We pressure ourselves to outstanding our Asian looks but not our Asian identity. And I think it's important to know that how we look as Asians redefine what makes us look unique and embrace ourselves as a culture. Culture is beauty

                        Lauren J

                          As a black female, I would not want to live in Asia, the amount of beauty standards there, and the belief that only pale skin is beautiful would be too much for me to handle. I like diversity


                            Americans or rather USA people???? the less americans are USA people!! you're just sons of England , you re english not americans, americans are in the central and south part of the continent

                            Bunny T

                              Now image what's it like for black women a lot.

                              Valeria Dedeiko

                                I think the problem is into your ( people with darker skin) own head. It were you who decided that dark skin is not beautiful. If you are ashamed of your own look how you can persuade others in opposite.

                                Nee D

                                  They are all so beautiful, sorry they had to go through that.


                                    While we are at it, does anyone know of good face whitening creams lol

                                    Angelica Anderson

                                      As is Now show Hispanic women struggles with beauty standards πŸ™‚

                                      Emily Macfie

                                        wow related so harddddd… literally when i was 12 i remember looking at dresses in a shop and one auntie told me to put it away because they didn't carry my size.

                                        Tech Core

                                          "beauty standards" is a fake struggle IMO

                                          Take the red pill

                                            Fat acceptance is cultural marxism intended to destroy society.


                                              i am soooo thankful i didnt have to deal with this type of stuff growing up. i cant imagine how most of these girls feels growing up:( like i was insecure growing up but i cant even imagine having our loved ones telling us to constantly change how we look especially at such a young age

                                              Isabelle Ong

                                                JASMINE LOOKS LIKE REMI

                                                Anika Maynard

                                                  I hate that the standards for beauty are all based on eurocentric features, πŸ˜”

                                                  Kendo -sama

                                                    Asians…we should be happy to look the way we do….our features aren’t too big small…it’s medium….we can look young….we look cute πŸ™‚

                                                    jacquline Samad

                                                      i know exactly what the brown girl is talking about being dark skinned and skinny. myself being southasian bangladeshi to be specific, also hold the same beauty standards and i think those standards spreads throughout every southasian communities out there but being skinny is looked at as a desirable trait in east asian communities as compared to southasian culture. but being dark skinned and a femaleis the most hardest thing to break out in every culture across the globe except not so much in the african culture not african american culture so people in the comment section dont get confused and mix up the two cultures as holding exactly same beauty standards because african american cultures have picked up a lot of western beauty standards that i think african cultures have not really put into consideration like lighter skin being better originally but i know thats changing now because of social media and i know a lot of african artists celebrities in their country are starting tobleach their skins to get that euricentric appearance for their own personal satisfaction and not always because of their internal hate being black or their race. sometimes people like to experiment and want certain physical features outside of their own race because its not common and it makes a person feel curious and want to play around and i think the general female mindset loves to play around with physical appearance and clothing.

                                                      Life in multiple colours

                                                        I'm from China, but grew up in Austria and I'm always shocked about the beauty standards there. A friend of mine would be considered here as curvy and basically normal, but in China she is too fat. When I was in China this year she said to me that she is on a diet bc she is too fat. I was like you've got to be kidding me. In my eyes she looks normal and I would love to have some of her curves. One day in pizza hut I saw a girl with so much make up on it was insane. The funny thing is that her foundation is too light that it doesn't match with her natural skin. I was thinking like: girl, why do you have to cover your face up so much. And her chin looks like she went through plastic surgery πŸ™ˆ


                                                          "as you grow older you gaines confidence and Embraced who we are" πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

                                                          Fine S

                                                            Literally cried! Need a hug…related.

                                                            jm lee

                                                              It's true. I'm an East Asian male and I don't date my own race.

                                                              Skank Hunt42

                                                                These chicks have nothing the matter with their facial features. Should probably hit the gym for a month or two though.

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