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      ASSUMPTIONS TAG: My Marriage - YouTube Sponsorships - More!

      Today I’m spilling some tea on myself … Enjoy! xo’s ~ Tati HALO Before & After PHOTOS HERE » » » …


        Hey guys! Thank you for the fantastic comments, so happy you're loving this video. I Need to Address the "Closed Captions" issue … it's just come to my attention that the Auto Closed Captions are not functioning on my videos. I've reached out to YouTube HQ and they're looking into it and hope to have a resolution shortly. xo's ~ Tati

        Kate M

          I feel the recharging and needing space so much🙏. A low battery can get you only so far and I don't feel like myself if I don't have time for me. I'm calmer, feeling refreshed and in a way I feel like I can love those around me better and also show it better bc now I have energy to do so 😄👍💜💜

          lucinda king

            I hope for you that dream you had was predicting the future baby you and James will have. You are such a lovely couple. Have faith, and I love watching all your videos!

            Kati Clark

              This was my favorite video you’ve ever done! Thanks for sharing!

              Laura Davies

                We love you Tati!!

                Annie Blue

                  you are one of the most inspiring woman there are! i love yozmu so much tati and your story, your words and your outlook on life resonate with me so much. i will pray for you to get pregnant soon❤️❤️✨✨you truly are one of a kind!

                  Akssa k

                    Hy tati iam a pakistani youtuber and iam really impressed the way you are doing YouTube, i love you i want to be a youtuber like you like a honest person not a just money making machine love you are so gorgeous

                    shveta sharma

                      I’m sorry I’m commenting so Much. But my god why are people so mean!

                      shveta sharma

                        I can not believe someone left that comment about the clock ticking.

                        Ruby Leslie

                          Not sure why people get so upset about You-tubers making money. While big you-tubers are fortunate to get to follow their passions , Youtube is still a job. Most of expect to earn money from our jobs no matter what they are.


                            However you get there, you will absolutely become a mum 💜

                            Cecilie Fast

                              you dont need wealth to have a good life.

                              DieBoss Eyyy

                                assumption: you boss your husband around and he follows your commands like a dog
                                Tati: gets offendet because she dont need no man
                                But wasnt the point more that she is bossy or James cant stand for himself and not that shed need help?

                                Alessia Ferrara

                                  I love you tati, your contents are amazing. You Made me cry 🌹

                                  Chelsea Frew

                                    You verting upset about not getting pregnant broke me 😥

                                    shveta sharma

                                      You and James sound so much like me and my husband. We’ve just been married a year. Hope it never changes!

                                      marzia ahmadi

                                        I love ur voice

                                        F U

                                          My cousin got pregnant after 14 years and had twins !!! Then two years after that had another baby boy. It’ll come in your time

                                          Akankshya Barua

                                            The person who made the clock ticking thing is soooo stupid. Don't we all know that Tati's baby is going to have the most beautiful skin and perf healthyy


                                              So we gotta keep using halo forever so we dont get breakouts ?


                                                You are an amazing, successful woman, and you will be an amazing and successful mother when the time comes. All my prayers go to you and James.

                                                Shannon Brett

                                                  People can be so cruel that comment about the clock is ticking is absolutely unnecessary I've known people that are in their 60s and they still have children not necessarily biologically but it doesn't even matter whether you adopt or have your own child at the end of the day they are your child and there is no time limit to when you should have children as long as you are fit and able to look after the child and give it the life that they deserve that is what is most important. Good luck to you tati and to James and I hope you get the child you both deserve 🤗❤

                                                  Keeleypowell6 66

                                                    I believe that you will have babies and they will be the most blessed and beautiful children on earth xx

                                                    Jenelyn Mabaquiao

                                                      OMG! I can definitely relate about James driving really fast lol. I hate it when my boyfriend drives fast and does it on purpose because he knows I don’t like it. 😂😍❤️

                                                      Jo Smith

                                                        I understand why you don't want to make a deal to sell Halo through other companies, but honestly it could be great, especially sephora cause it is also based all around Europe. I'd like to buy it and try, but it just to expensive with shipping.

                                                        Angelica Nyqvist

                                                          Good things happen to good people, your and James time will come <3


                                                            What’s your most fave beauty product?

                                                            Anastasiya Kolomiets

                                                              I had a dream several days ago about you being pregnant, so I believe you'll have a baby ♥️


                                                                I would looove to see a video of a behind the scenes of halo….would be sooo coool ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡


                                                                  Hey guurl! Have you tried artificial insemination? I'm 100% sure you guys will figure it out, stay positive! I pray you'll have a little Tati soon! Love you!!!

                                                                  Just Me Ce 13

                                                                    Praying for God to send you & James a sweet baby 👶💛 love you girl !!💜

                                                                    Rowie Heath

                                                                      I love how honest you are and I REALLY can’t wait to get my hands on some Halo 💖💖💖


                                                                        People that made Tati cry need a slap on the wrist omg, 😮 😯

                                                                        Tamar dm

                                                                          I know you said you “no” to sephora, but I would love it if I could buy halo in store (in Australia!)

                                                                          Miss Inky

                                                                            Tati, I had poly cystic ovarian syndrome, I was diagnosed at 23 but I’m sure I went in diagnosed for many years before that as I had very heavy irregular periods with excruciating pain, this condition then morphed into endometrial hyperplasia, my OBGYN said I could fall pregnant with the help of IVF and she had 1 other person with my diagnosis that had successfully fallen pregnant twice with IVF. unfortunately my marriage fell apart and thankfully my ex husband moved on to become the father he always wanted to be with a cute daughter. I moved on to find my soulmate and best friend, he never wanted children which took the pressure off me to have children as my condition worsened and when I had to have a hysterectomy at the age of 37 he was so supportive, we happily have 6 furkids and he supports my love for them and and my hobby of competition dog shows. You will be a Mum and a damn good one at that, exhale the negative and breathe in the love, don’t stress it will happen, I have seen many a couple go through IVF in my job in pathology only to give up and suddenly fall pregnant naturally 8 months later, miracles happen every day 💖

                                                                            Moni Mal

                                                                              Tati please! I can't look how much you're hurting, please read the plant paradox! I had problem kinda like this (in my case it was infertility / polycystic ovary syndrome) and it helped! I know it also helped alot od other ppl with different health issues. Please, it's not worth your struggle, and it doesn't hurt to read a book, and it CAN help! I'm sending lots od love and I'm not saying I'm an expert, but it changed my life so so much, and it's hurtful to see your tears when something really can help! 💖

                                                                              Lou Oxley

                                                                                I don't normally comment on videos but I was disgusted that someone would make the comment "the clock is ticking" when you have been so open and honest about your desire to have children. It was obvious when you read that question that it's not the first time someone has said this, which to me, makes it even worse. No one needs that kind of pressure and the stress can make falling pregnant even more difficult.

                                                                                I hope your dreams come true, you will be a fantastic Momma and your kids will be so lucky 😊 x

                                                                                Kenzie Tolouian

                                                                                  You are a role model. You worked so hard for where you are and it makes me tear up because o want to be as successful as you when I grow up. You are an amazing human being and all the loss and hard work doesn’t drag your positive energy down! Some YouTubers you can tell they probably act different when the camera is off but for you- you are so genuine! It makes me smile that there are still good people in this world making it a better place. I hope I can be just like you. You are my role model.

                                                                                  Ohana Films

                                                                                    I can tell you 100% they really got married because we filmed it. What a crazy conspiracy theory! Hilarious 🙂


                                                                                      I really wish I could get some Halo, but even just one bottle would be like paying for three!! The cost to import it to my country would be sooo expensive xC


                                                                                        I'm sending you good vibes and hope you get your wish and get pregnant! Kids are the best!

                                                                                        Arkam Alnima

                                                                                          You never RECOVER!!! so true

                                                                                          Lalremruati James

                                                                                            i do dream about my babies too,but its not happening why….

                                                                                            Jennifer Love

                                                                                              I sent my best friend that same video of Oprah talking about Gayle!

                                                                                              Mara Sullivan

                                                                                                Watched all the ads😘

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