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    Carli Bybel

      Use my code BYBEL20 FOR 20% OFF: Hi my loves!


        I’m sooooo HAPPY (in Lorenzo’s voice🥹) that you’re this active lately and will never get sick of u haha! 🥰❤❤

        Sheree Marie

          Do you still do your normal self tanning routine whilst also using this once a week?
          I’ve started using this under my armpits recently but avoiding everything else due to being a self tan wearer.

          Queen H

            Kenzzi probably only works on super fine hair. I've been using it for almost 2 years, my hair is very think (Hispanic thick) & I have seen no difference at all. Waste of money for me.

            Ceci Grey

              Beautiful as always ! I was curious if you would be willing to share the products you would use / buy ..or do a video on if you lost all your make up 😢updated 2023 addition if you had to have a 10 product go to or something lol ..what would your top products be ? Or just have to have to build a make up bag lol im over explaining sorry .. just wondering because my niece just started wearing makeup I want to make her an Easter basket with a makeup bag stocked especially with your approval she would be so excited thanks ! ❤


                I used the lumea IPL for the first time last week. Easy to use BUT did not know about tattoos. I unfortunately burnt part of my tattoo on my leg and it hurt and stung for a few days afterwards and has taken top layer of skin off but I’m already seeing less hair growth just from the first treatment


                  Hope more videos to come this summer 🌞 #2023 Journey


                    Unfortunately this didn’t work for me.

                    Natalie Molina

                      Im so excited for your specific review. I’ve been sitting on this product for over a year. Trying to decide if I want to purchase it or not. My only question is, do you HAVE to shave the hair before you start zapping away?


                        thank you sweet Carli


                          Omg I definitely requested this. Thanks girl!!! ❤❤❤❤


                            Guys, literally the same device and they slapped their logo on it. Sick of IPL sponsorships.

                            Leanne Bretanha

                              This is so cool! You inspired me to buy this 🙂 Can you use this if you self tan? Also, do you use your kenzzi right after shaving? xox

                              Monica Lee

                                Yes bought because someone on YouTube said worked and they had olive skin tone.. but didn’t do what I hoped for and used for a year… all it did was a couple small spots with no hair, some others just grow bag slower, but literally 85% of my body unchanged (also I got burned by it too) from I would say don’t suggest buying it… love Carli and watch her for years but feel like don’t suggest anyone buying it 💕


                                  We could never be tired of you! Great job on the consistency

                                  Sonya Bangalore

                                    Does it work on coarse black hair for asian brown skin?

                                    Agata Nowa

                                      No, it doesn’t work. I see the same people using it over and over which is the proof that they have to repeatedly remove their hair so it doesn’t work.


                                        Is this safe to use while pregnant?

                                        Ivette Cordero

                                          I got mine like 4 years ago and it works! It did start having some technical issues after a few months and I was able to get a new one under the warranty. I've had this one for 3 years and I have had no issues and have used it on my underarms and bikini area, love it!


                                            I have this product and have used it for months. It does slow down the hair from growing back faster but it doesn’t permanently stop the hair from growing back 😢


                                              I bought this years ago based off another sponsored post, i am olive toned but not super tan and my hair is very black. It did not work for me after using it consistently for 14 weeks on level 5…


                                                Carli is spoiliiing uuuss, uugh we LOVE IT!

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