Attempting my SALON beauty treatments AT HOME! ~ Hair, Nails, Brows, Lashes & Laser ~ Freddy My Love

Main Attempting my SALON beauty treatments AT HOME! ~ Hair, Nails, Brows, Lashes & Laser ~ Freddy My Love

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    Freddy My Love
      Attempting my SALON beauty treatments AT HOME! ~ Hair, Nails, Brows, Lashes & Laser ~ Freddy My Love

      I’m really missing my salon trips so today I try all my usual salon beauty treaments by myself at home, including brow waxing and tinting, cutting my own hair, …

      Abeer Lodhi

        sis you did not have to do your brows they already look amazing

        Alexia S

          Freddy can you pls do another review of the at home laser hair removal after a few weeks/months? Loved this different kind of video BTW!

          isell mejia

            I'm interested in buying the Philips machine, but could you please tell me how often we have to use it? How many times per week? 🙂 thanks a lot!

            Amelia O

              Freddy I’m recommend Indigo nail polish !! They have a massive range and are amazing quality. I also would recommend staying away from Shellack because they’re prone to causing allergic reactions

              Rexhina Ruci

                Freddy is the kind of sister, all girls without a sister like me, need 😍
                I am addicted to her videos ♥️

                girish melkote

                  Hey Freddy 👋 pls do a night routine pls waiting for that video

                  Mimi Huang

                    This video was soo entertaining! You're so daring!!

                    Shasta Stephens

                      I loved this video so much! Would love more of this style from you. Please keep us updated on the at-home laser hair removal! 🙂 xx

                      Katherine Rogerson

                        Would not recommend the sensationail gel nail products, in my experience, they start to lift off the nail in as few as a few DAYS. Otherwise, you're looking so cute Freddy! Stay healthy!

                        น้องดาด้า สุริเมือง

                          💓💓💓🙏😷😷😷😷😘😍😍😊😊Freddy My Love💐💐💐😍👒😍🙏


                            Girl, welcome to my world: everything is homemade! It’s so good to be the “professional” of yourself 🙂

                            Skye Adams

                              "If only I could practice the same self control on my Easter eggs"

                              I felt like you were calling me out because I already ate two of my eggs by this point in the video lol. Been snacking on them all week


                                gel nail polish also comes off if you soak a cotton pad, place it on your nails and wrap with tin foil for 15.

                                Amber Klaire

                                  Every girly girl is dying without spas, manicures, waxes and cryotherapy.

                                  I miss voluntarily freezing myself for health reasons 😪

                                  Laiza Samara

                                    Why do you only use pink weirdo

                                    helen allen

                                      think you did a fantastic job all round xx

                                      Amelie Astor

                                        I'm just over here feeling smug cos I've been cutting my own whole hair for years (I have a pixie cut). But don't ask me about the back or like ever walk behind me, ok?

                                        Lauren Walker

                                          This is great!!!


                                            Tried to trim my hair, looks like the cat did it with her eyes closed…

                                            solarlola 9

                                              Get essie’s the best gel polish and it lasts a really long time

                                              solarlola 9

                                                Lol that’s why it’s good to know how to do your own beauty treatments in case of the apocalypse

                                                lixx lizards

                                                  As someone who tints their eyelashes forget the pads use vaseline, and use an eyeliner brush to get the base of lashes, put more on the tips and get the blue black color for nice dark lashes

                                                  Lattes, Letters & Life

                                                    Loved this Video!! I basically have no beauty treatments done one me, I used to but living in a small town doesn‘t give you many options. I always wanted CND colors but the one salon we have never used this brand… so one day, I bought the CND kit and have been doing my nails for years myself (toes too). I have my natural hair color (deep brown) and I keep my hair long with some layers and I can trim those myself easily. My brows I have always done myself (tint & plug). Teeth Whitening was never available in my hometown, so I always used Crest White Strips, now I use Spotlight ones. Had a Lash Lift once that gave me a horrible alergic reaction so I haven‘t had one done ever again. My lashes are long anyways so a lash curler and mascara do the trick. The at home IPL I started but after 8 months without any changes, I have stoped again. It‘s lockdown week 800 from the feeling of it but I could keep my upkeep on my body and beauty going strong.

                                                    Katie Whitford

                                                      I loved the different style of this video! Especially the intro!! Felt more relaxed and not staged which was comforting xx


                                                        Could u do a how much i spend in a week. id love to see that

                                                        Angelica Lainis

                                                          Your intros Freddy are always 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

                                                          Any other small YT channels want to support each other? I just uploaded a new video to my channel xx

                                                          Bushra Farah

                                                            Has anyone asked themselves who is Freddy??

                                                            Lena Tye

                                                              Love this vid and love your top! xx

                                                              Maria Enoizi

                                                                love the backround music <3


                                                                  I do my gel nails at home every two weeks, it's my therapy and saves me thousands because I don't have to go back to the nail salon. It's very therapeutic for me and I enjoy the control of colors and design. Eight coats is not normal haha, I just don't think that's a great brand. I recommend the brand gelish, and getting a base coat and topcoat that aren't the same thing because they should have different formulas.

                                                                  Eloise Neathey

                                                                    Ask if your salon does soprano ice laser hair removal, doesn’t hurt at all x

                                                                    Victoria Partridge

                                                                      Loved this video, thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone to help show us how to keep us feeling more like ourselves 💕 You did a great job! Can you also show us your routine for keeping your tan looking so flawless too?

                                                                      Also was it the lighting or are you wearing invisilign? Xoxo

                                                                      Jessy Price_

                                                                        This video was literally so good. It was really entertaining!!!

                                                                        Imogen Pittman

                                                                          Girl, do not wax your eyebrows when there isn't that much hair there. You're meant to wax on areas that have quite a bit of hair. i.e. above the eyebrow. for the underneath and around use tweezers it's much more specific and doesn't pull all your skin in those areas ( which is sensitive because it's near your eyes)

                                                                          Harley Kennedy

                                                                            can you do an updated laser treatment video in a few weeks? also you're so lucky. when I removed my lash extensions my lashes were so bad. they were so short and almost non existent ):

                                                                            Angeli Mei

                                                                              Thank you for this video! Love from California Freddy💕 you inspire me to be more girly even if people judge me. Could you please do a review of the at home laser hair remover🙏🏻

                                                                              Nechama Scher

                                                                                Hate your fringe?? Seriously i cut a fringe just because i loved it on you, even brought a pic of you to the hair dresser!!

                                                                                Mari B

                                                                                  This is such a useful video! I learned a few things I didnt know and also been wonderinh about the philips hair remover. Please update us on it, its an expensive device but worth it if it works!

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