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    Wayne Goss

      I saw the amazing Patrick Ta do this little blush hack trick and it was so pretty that I instantly loved it! Wayne Goss Cosmetics …

      audrey so

        thank you wayne for these tips😀😀😀

        Ursula Patzl

          Hi dear Wayne! I am cool toned with much redness on the cheeks and dark spots everywhere. Unfortunately full coverage Foundation is not going well on my wrinkles so blush always looks uneasy on me. Is there a solution?
          Thanks for your brilliant advices.

          Lisa Smith

            There can never be too much blush!❌️⭕️

            Dina Rassoul

              Hello Wayne
              Is the beauty blender dew or wet before blending?


                I'm light to medium skin tone, and I always buy darker blushes because they last longer, I use a little bit of blush, and I'm not wasting my money on a blush that doesn't show up on my skin, and I have to keep putting more and more on.

                Sage Beauty

                  I wonder if it would work with more budget products? I love LYS cream blushes so much. I’m going to try this next makeup day. Thanks as always Wayne


                    “Goes really well with my pink ear”😂😂😂 Love you SO much Wayne!❤


                      I hope this is "allowed" over 40 😁

                      Cara M

                        ❤ Dear Lord, I Love this man! Thank you for bringing him into my life 🥰, I don’t wear makeup everyday but when I do I treat my makeup box like my art box ( to be honest my makeup is stored in a large, compartmentalised artist box – that’s how important it is to me! ) Not saying I have the face of a Mona Lisa but a girl can try 😘 ❤

                        Jess Arc

                          @patrickta should be so flattered by this video!

                          Candy DeVille

                            Your videos always make me smile!!

                            Katherine Seymour

                              You have a lovely, kind demeanour and your videos have been informative and fun trying your techniques. I’m not as talented but I try 😊

                              Dollhouse Girl

                                Thanks for the tip, Cutie.


                                  OMG. hahha. The after is my face after having anything high histamine. I don't know who Patrick Ta* is but surely he must know Asian Flush – (the conditions some West and East Asians – Aka Jews, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese) get after having red wine ('because it's high histamine). So Wayne you've just recreated Asian Flush with makeup!!

                                  *Ok Looked up Ta, Happy to see he doesn't produce any products in China and he knows what a woman is.. definitely someone to support!! (sad that's the line these days but there you are).


                                    Hallo, thank you. I love that look.

                                    Caitie Smith

                                      Oh my gosh the video I never knew I needed! I am such a blush babe and I can't wait to try out a new technique! Lovely!


                                        Dang scammer’s are everywhere nowadays! Ok Wayne, the question is: When do we see your cream & powder dues? 😘 🤗🙏💜❤️

                                        Agnes Mina

                                          I can't do blush, I effectively use bronzer as blush or it's too much for me 😭

                                          lisa wentz

                                            Can’t wait to try this. I’ve been doing the opposite!

                                            Agnes Mina

                                              This explains why the PT blush has both a cream and a powder in it 🤔 What I don't like about PT products (aside from the price point, of course) are the shade names. I'm sure they make sense from the perspective of his brand and catch phrases and nothing bad is meant by them, but to me they just just scream superficiality and looks-based highschool popularity 🥺

                                              Kimsue Johnson

                                                I’m gonna try this. Also, I always bring the residue of blush up under the outer 1/2 of my under eyes and it helps disguise my very prominent under eye hallows.

                                                Agnes Mina

                                                  I report these scammers almost every single time I see them, though lately I've been not bothering as much…


                                                    This is so timely. I was in sephora yesterday and I saw that pallette and wondered why there was a powder and cream. This was great. Back to sephora tomorrow to pick it up.

                                                    Monica Franzo

                                                      I will have to try this Wayne 👍♥️

                                                      Debbie Holzherr

                                                        Love the face to have a nice pink look. Thanks for the tips

                                                        Holly Gentry

                                                          I love this tip – thanks so much for sharing. And you are handsome as ever, Wayne!

                                                          Lydia Tarine

                                                            Wayne, your brushes have spoiled me. I went on vacation with my old ELF set (I refuse to travel with yours even though I have, at this point, three sets, which is one more than I need for my use one, dry the other rotation; it'd break my heart of they were lost) and while I was well enough with the eye brushes, the face brushes have become frustrating. ;-; They just don't work with powder foundation, especially, as well as yours do and I don't apply blush the same way that I used to. I had to relearn my old technique from before I started using round brushes with blush. I'm just darn spoiled now.


                                                              Wayne, please do an updated underpainting video(you know, the one that’s “trending”?). I love your techniques and would definitely start doing the underpainting thing if you do an updated video about it! Thank you.

                                                              Marlene Leatherwood

                                                                I love, love, love your videos. Thanks for all your tips.

                                                                CC Z


                                                                  Tammy Weeks

                                                                    Love the look!! I love blush!!


                                                                      It looks great, but I've always been taught to not put cream over powder! might work on dry skin tho


                                                                        aa vv

                                                                          simply stunning wayne

                                                                          Julie Villeneuve

                                                                            Why doesn't YouTube and telegram block these effing accounts?? And not scrutinize words content creators are using. It's laughable and these scammers are the ones preying on and abusing the viewers.

                                                                            Suzy Smith

                                                                              I'll try it. Always happy to learn from one of your videos.


                                                                                Love it Wayne thanks 👍💖👍

                                                                                Anne Albaugh

                                                                                  Thank you for another wonderful video tutorial 💜🌻✌🏻

                                                                                  Anne Albaugh

                                                                                    I love the shade on you ❤


                                                                                      Will it work with Liquid Blush?…or just cream? 🤔 if so, any fav Cream Blush 😊

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