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      BABY FEVER Before The Wedding?? | NikkieTutorials

      Today I rescue a soon to be mom and a bride in need! To create your own professional website go to ❤️ PREVIOUS …


        DYLAN.. I'M WAITING! 😅🤣

        Ally Slye

          I feel like I don’t do my makeup any more. Cause I just never am using the right products. I could use some help to get me on track.
          Snapchat -allyissmexy11

          Samira Michmich

            We never know Lolll. Dank je wel from belgium. 🤗

            Birgitta Brinks

              Soooo jealous of Nikki’s gorgeous hairrrrr 😍

              Yousra Zighira

                Lol it's HILARIOUS 😅😅

                Karolina H

                  I need that advice, im a mess lol. Ig: hume_lans

                  TheCoeFam K

                    ♥️please come follow my IG @thecoefam_k

                    Miss Daniek

                      You sound like supernanny 🤣

                      Evermore e

                        I wonder… Is Nikkie going to do her own makeup when she gets married or is she going to pay someone to do it? 😳🤔

                        Tugce Edikyakan

                          Hooow is it possible to have perfectly stiled hair everyday without getting split ends or dry hair or whatever

                          Nadine van Diggelen

                            I have been doing the same winged eyeliner for years, would love to learn something new!!❤️

                            Instagram: nadinevd


                              Nickieee u can contact me on instagram d.dvdp ♥️

                              Lara Savels

                                Gosh I just want you to come do my make-up when I get married so badly now

                                IG: lalalara_ss

                                Hermione Malfoy

                                  This episode was so sweet! I can’t get over the fact that both women had such amazing skin it’s insane…
                                  (Twitter @dream_smile_4U)

                                  Nicole A Montoya Acevedo

                                    You are so tall 😱

                                    Sara Dejesus

                                      Dylan, I’m waiting 😂🤣😂🤣my favorite part 😂🤣😂 Snapchat: Sdejesus814

                                      T. Čogurić



                                          why does your hair always look like it was touched by angels 😍 @justdaniellaaa

                                          Sara Mullis

                                            Love these!!! The track and sounds to these 😂😂 issawhitelatina on IG love 💕

                                            Nakhal Iqbal

                                              “Dylan… I’m waiting”

                                              Ig: nakhalxo

                                              casandra ross

                                                You are so sweet nikkie.

                                                laura sousa

                                                  This episode was beautiful. Thank you for blessing us with that, Nikkie.

                                                  Vivien Mya

                                                    @vivienmya_x i really do need some make up tips😬x

                                                    Isabel W

                                                      Duhhhhh, Dylan…. She's Waiting!!! 😒😂❤️ Ly Nikkie

                                                      Stefania Cojocaru

                                                        Omg beautiful…i wish that you do my makeup…eeevery day😀😀🤤🤤😍😍good luck in every thing you do.kisses from Romania.

                                                        Colleen Raymond

                                                          The mom-to-be looks like a child standing next to Nikkie!

                                                          Elizabeth Ault

                                                            I need this in my life! I hope I hear from you Nikki!!

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