BABY NAME CLUE at Amazing Baby Shower! Going into labour EARLY!?

Main BABY NAME CLUE at Amazing Baby Shower! Going into labour EARLY!?

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    Sarahs Day
      BABY NAME CLUE at Amazing Baby Shower! Going into labour EARLY!?

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      Sarahs Day

        For the hundredth time haha, let’s just establish that that baby’s LAST NAME is Tilse. Please read this before you comment saying I slipped up and revealed the name 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

        Robyn Boudreaux

          Haha I always forget Sarah's last name is Stevenson! Can't wait to meet this little baby bubby boy 😍

          Staf Chat

            Not knowing the baby name is driving me crazy!! Is it linden? Or aspen?

            Tori Jo

              Is it Cam?? 🥰


                Where can I find that dress😍 it’s beautiful

                Ashleigh Hartley

                  "She always smells like poo,
                  what's new?"
                  "That's true."

                  A poem.

                  Hailey Neu

                    The name is going to be something ocean and nature-like!

                    Belle lally

                      Surely the bubbas name will be Ash!! Love your work btw Sarah. Always stunning, no makeup and all. All the best for your last 4 weeks of pregnancy 💖


                        Where is that dress from ^_^

                        Annabel Ankers

                          Nane guess: Blu

                          Tynaiza Mon’e


                            J.Jones True

                              I hosted a baby shower one time where we did a diaper changing relay race and one girl ripped her baby’s arm off. Needless to say she did not win lol.


                                You are adorable!!! Sending lots of good energy for you in this last weeks!

                                J.Jones True

                                  I love how you never make excuses for yourself not to do things you know you need to do. TEACH ME!!

                                  Cole Macameory

                                    His name is Kobi I thinkkkk!!!!!

                                    Grace Nelson

                                      Omg Sarah where is that dress from ?! 😍😍😍

                                      maddison paquet

                                        We love a pregnant sezzy

                                        Dorothy Guadagno

                                          No matter what your body always looks beautiful

                                          mikayla ford

                                            Due on Saturday and I couldn’t imagine working out right now lol props to you girl ! My work out is going up the stairs to pee every 5 minutes lol

                                            Alyssa Johnson

                                              I guess I missed the part right before she threw the baby where everyone was playing with it and when she threw it my heart broke a little. Hahahahaha

                                              Ally Garraway

                                                Wait so why is Kurt going away?

                                                Annie Davidson

                                                  This is the cutest most Pinterest baby shower I’ve ever seen. Your family did such a great job! 💙💙

                                                  Lauren B.

                                                    Mimi or Gigi is a cute grandmothers name so they don’t feel so old!

                                                    Gemma Beckingham

                                                      I think baby Tilse is called JAX! You are GLOWING Sarah, pregnancy looks amazing on you! Sending love from London xxx

                                                      Shannen Morris

                                                        I’m dying 😂 the monkey dance made my morning lool

                                                        Andreia Bernardino

                                                          You're such an inspiration to me! my God I wish my future would be just like yours, keep doing this wonderful job! You're going to be the most wonderful mom ever! Kisses from Portugal! <3

                                                          Christina Rose

                                                            Omg I cried watching the announcement video and I’ll cry watching the birthing video 😭❤️ oh I also looked up what it means to be carrying low. And some doctors said that if your baby is small they tend to be lower in the belly. But if the baby is bigger the baby sits higher in the belly!

                                                            Nora Jamieson

                                                              Your bump is so cute 💕

                                                              Madeleine Hall

                                                                Someone take Sarah’s pin she said baby a few times!!!!

                                                                Brionna May

                                                                  This is the perfect way to wake up in the morning!! Haha

                                                                  Emily Lewis

                                                                    Why did Kurt Lowkey sound like Freddie Mercury in the beginning


                                                                      My middle name is Kai ☺️💙

                                                                      Mariam Sarver

                                                                        Where is your dress from!!!

                                                                        Hannah Waldrop

                                                                          One of those first shots you look like you’re carrying much lower. Has the baby dropped?😱


                                                                            Anybody knows where her baby shower dress is from?! 🤗


                                                                              The cutest baby shower ever😍

                                                                              Ella Geoghegan

                                                                                My parents have a while until they are grandparents but they already decided their names are gonna be boobah and grandmother. Yeah so my family’s weird

                                                                                Grace Bennett

                                                                                  Is his name Sol?🙇🏻‍♀️

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