BABY NAME REVEAL!! His name is…

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    Sarahs Day
      BABY NAME REVEAL!! His name is...

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      Kylie Ryan

        I first heard Box Ocean, and I grew concerned haha Fox is way cuter

        Evi Bardutzky

          i really like you but it is kind of sad that you seem to use your son as a clickbait 🙄


            AHHHHH I love it!! It’s perfect 😍😍😍

            Lindsey N Gal

              Offended accountant

              Christina Rose

                I think I’ll remember him by Fynn 😂 Love you guys, congrats! He’s beautiful 😍

                Yogi Jess

                  I love it!! It suits you all absolutely perfectly!! 💗💗

                  Brianna Wallace

                    Such a gorgeous little name for a gorgeous little boy💗💗

                    Destinee Mulcahy

                      Can you explain all the clues then? Because that day Kurt showed the bush and said it’s a clue is confusing me lol

                      Leeloo Vefa

                        This is so cuuute I love that!!!! ♡♡♡

                        Isabel x

                          He’s so cute! I love the name, Well done Sarah x

                          Lisa Fischer

                            A very beautiful name and the birth was so unbelievable and amazing ❤ thank you for this 🙏 God bless you all ❤


                              CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3


                                I knew his name would have something to do with the ocean like wave or something


                                  Honestly I love the name Fox and even though he’s not my baby, I wasn’t fond of the name Fin lol

                                  Ashleigh Ballard

                                    Congratulations mama and papa, Sarah you’re a warrior. Your birth vlog was amazing. He’s so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

                                    Joanna Karpowicz

                                      Totally unexpected and so unique😍 Sill love Fred Bubba Tilse though😂🙈 P.S. Are you going to use both names on a regular basis?

                                      Poppy Goddard

                                        I’ve waited for this vlog for so long. I love the name so much. Foxes 🦊 are my most favourite animal and have been since I was and little. Welcome to the world fox 🦊 xx

                                        Amelia D

                                          omg the name is so beautiful 😭😡😍😍
                                          Also what is this song!?? i cannot find it lol

                                          Zoe VonCheeks

                                            Love it 🥰

                                            Jade Norman

                                              Lovely! Love the name 🤩 you and Kurt never fail to make me laugh! ❤️ ps: your bubba is so cute!

                                              Tiffany Hill

                                                Ugh Fox 🦊!! You are so loved from so many. Mum & dad, y’all are killing it❤️ love from Texas💙

                                                Alyssa Rivera

                                                  oh i’m so happy Ocean is part of his name!! i had a feeling it would be. his name is so beautiful!! so happy for you and your family Sezzy! 💙💙

                                                  Emily Ernst

                                                    Focean 😂😂😂

                                                    Margaret Calder


                                                      B r o o k e !

                                                        This is lovely 💓💓

                                                        Lindsey Campbell

                                                          This song is so beautiful! What’s it called !? Congrats on your new bundle of joy , he is absolutely precious

                                                          Art with Jess

                                                            welcome Fox Ocean 🦊 🌊 I love it! So unique! Please take time to rest, recover and enjoy this time with bubba now ❤️ we love your videos and updates but it is time for mumma to enjoy being a mumma 😍

                                                            Emma Jones

                                                              congratulations to you both , he is beautiful 💗


                                                                I know you’re both tired but god you look so happy!!
                                                                He’s absolutely gorgeous and what a great name!
                                                                I’m so happy for you Sarah. I don’t know you or anything but I feel like such a proud friend.

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