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      Back To School Pamper Routine!

      I N S T A G R A M: @Lisette ♡ T W I T T E R: @Luhhsetty SCHOOL SEASON IS HERE! In today’s video I am showing you all a back to beauty routine to help you …


        Peep the nails!! 👀 I did them myself! Thumbs up this video for the tutorial 💕


          I loooove you 🙁


            How often do you shave your face?

            cyrex fabular

              My idol

              Wiktoria Oliwia

                are you doing face shaving without any shaving oils etc?

                Cuisine avec Andrea

                  So beautiful 💜

                  Raman Salam

                    Love uuuuuu❤️❤️❤️❤️

                    Guin GG


                      Hannah Paterson

                        Over here in Scotland your videos come out at like 2 am so it feels so good to wake up on Monday morning to your videos

                        Ly 😻😽

                        Dina’s Tube

                          Hey no matter how your day is going I hope you stay positive and active because we become what we think about ❤️

                          Zejneb Basic

                            this is my favourite video all the time.

                            Athena Mitoglou

                              You are amazing!!!💞


                                I just wanted to tell y’all to not wash ur face in the shower because hot water dries ur skin on ur fsce


                                  Are u even going back to school?

                                  Merlin Borghuis

                                    Every year you do one of these and i love it 😍

                                    Honey_moon Q/ueenn

                                      Its my birthdayyyy luhhsetty i love u so much ur my favorite youtuber ur a big sister i never had please reply love u xo ❤️😚


                                        3:37 MY LONG NAILS SAID BDJDIFENICKAOX

                                        marina jakšić

                                          You spend so much water while washing your hair. You could have turned off water while lathering up the shampoo and conditioner.

                                          Rianne Barreto

                                            Stop wasting water turn off the shower ffs. Also funny how this is a back to school video but you used tatcha. Girl we ain't got that kinda money especially not when we go to school


                                              Your nails are looking good 😍

                                              Mackenzie Leigh

                                                You are INSANELY beautiful 😫😫

                                                Clara Popa

                                                  Queen of hygiene🌠👑💛

                                                  ebaa Al hajj

                                                    Ur so pretty love u

                                                    Elen Houlgate

                                                      I love how when you do a pamper day you acctually look different, I never look any better😂💗

                                                      Lonaninai Singe

                                                        Thanks so much for this gorgeous! 😻Was wondering if you could give any tips to someone who has many scars from popped pimples (ew) in the past? Thank youuu literally struggling !! ❤️❤️

                                                        Sto Lica

                                                          I’m starting high school and Im so nervous…

                                                          Sto Lica

                                                            god i loveee this videos

                                                            Tianna Lindsey

                                                              My one wish is to get a reply back

                                                              xx moonlight xx

                                                                I love your routines 🤤😍


                                                                  Love you💓 OMG!!

                                                                  123 456

                                                                    Hii, I know you probably don’t see this but please don’t use the pore strip because it’s only get worse please watch a video why you don’t should use a pore strip because I can’t really explain it but use a clay mask that clean your pores that really helped for me love youu xx

                                                                    beauty babe

                                                                      You sooo cutee

                                                                      • Sofia •

                                                                        Turn off the water… 🙄🚿


                                                                          how long do you your pamper showers last?😂

                                                                          Hana Waitere

                                                                            Your hair is beautiful

                                                                            Daisy Kiwi

                                                                              Does the nose thing hurt. 😂

                                                                              Amora Panchal

                                                                                amount of skincare products and names can be the next video plz




                                                                                    tip: you shouldn't shave your face, otherwise the hair will grow back darker, quicker and thicker

                                                                                    da to

                                                                                      ouiii ❤️

                                                                                      Giulia Tacchino

                                                                                        Nice video but, please, close the water while you are using the shampoo or the conditioner!

                                                                                        # jean mitchele

                                                                                          I really needed this 😂😂😂😍😍😍😘😘😘😘thanks ❤️ we love u


                                                                                            I love your videos and your cute face your voice is so calm xoxo

                                                                                            Ahiri Chakraborty

                                                                                              Stop wasting water.



                                                                                                Lulya Gerez

                                                                                                  Love you 💞

                                                                                                  isla emous

                                                                                                    U know it body wash… I have a conditioner from the same brand

                                                                                                    Virginia De Luca

                                                                                                      MABEL FROM THE TRACKLIST😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩 ahahah love u

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