Basic Beauty: 4 Great Moisturisers for Very Dry Skin

Main Basic Beauty: 4 Great Moisturisers for Very Dry Skin

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      Basic Beauty: 4 Great Moisturisers for Very Dry Skin

      Four face creams for very dry skin – more info listed below! You can sign up to my blog for more skincare posts here: AD info: this is not a …

      Donna Moore

        I love beautypie, everything I need skincare and make up wise I buy from there. I have a membership for £150 a month and always spend my allowance each month. 90% of the products are amazing, every so often there’s a disappointing product but you’d get the same with every brand

        Gemma Prothero

          That brightened my day with the shadow puppet hands!

          Susan Smith

            Hi Ruth, I love all of your video's🌷 I suffer from migraines which of the products would you say have no scent or minimal scent, also could you please recommend a very high quality hyaluronic acid serum that is unscented? thank you kindly 🌺

            Shelby Hall

              I tried to live without Beauty Pie for three months. I only made it three months. Their lip products are amazing. Their powder products are amazing. I absolutely love the contour wand and the one powder wonder. Their cleansing balm in the tube is amazing and their eyeliners and even lip liners are outstanding. I cannot live without them and I have panned two powder products and three lipsticks in less than a year. I haven’t done that with any other products.

              Dean Smith

                I don’t think Beauty Pie is too confusing. Spending limited = what they would normally retail at. Simples.

                Angela Harvey_99

                  Ruth, hilarious. I always love your style of reviewing products, whether you are being serious or making me crack up with your exclusive content. Thank you for sharing your self-deprecating sense of humour. It is wonderful to have someone out in the social media world who doesn’t pretend life is polished and perfect. ❤️

                  Yararita A

                    I also love the first aid beauty body cream on my face and the cerave ointment. Saved my skin when I started using a prescription retinoid. The first is really light, sinks right in and gets rid of redness. Miracle cream.

                    Poppet CrabappleToadflax

                      Love to see long haul flight routine x

                      Elizabeth Morgan

                        bahaha your YouTube exclusive content at the end made me spit out my coffee. 5 stars would watch again


                          I just bought the Weleda Skin food cream today as I'm running out of my DHC Extra Moisture Nightcream – I have crazy dry sky and I live in the desert lol. So the DHC cream is morning and night cream for me. I love the scent of the Skin food.


                            You're a hoot! Love your videos.

                            Arabella Davis/Tried &True.

                              Beauty Pie seems too gimicky and adding price on top of price? I prefer Aveeno unscented for my dry skin—it’s a wonderful skin soother and is good for sensitive skin. It’s drugstore priced, and you don’t have to be a member of anything to buy it. 🙂

                              Rhian Jones

                                So so perfectly timed for me! Thank you, such a wise and honest lady.

                                Katie Gaffney

                                  Thank you for this Ruth, just wanted to say thank you also for the recommendation on retinol in a previous video. I was on a flight recently and browsing the duty free mag I noticed a cream with 0.5% retinol (Alpha H) , thought of your video and purchased it, well that was mid March. I use it twice a week and omg I have noticed a massive difference, I've never ever ever had that before with any cream, always thought everything is a pure and utter load of crap but this one I am loving xxx anyway apologies for the ramble xx

                                  Teresa Xisto

                                    I'm loving Lumene Nordic C Valo line. My skin is better than ever 😘

                                    Amy M.

                                      Hi Ruth, have you ever done a video on re applying sunscreen when you already have your make up on. That can be tricky due to several factors. 1. how do you do that without destroying a nicely made up face? and 2. it just feels gross. 3. In Europe a lightweight decent mineral powder is difficult to come by and not the best solution for 40 plus skin. What to do now that the sun season is coming? Thanks!

                                      Karen Jean Hunt

                                        5,000 more views on Instagram TV 📺. I’m feeling old. 😆

                                        christina lashutka

                                          Exclusive content 😂


                                            Hello , LOVE your channel. Could you tell me what you have on your eyes. It looks beautiful. Can you or have you done the eye look? Thanks have a great day. 😘

                                            Erika Morelli

                                              Ruth you crack me up!!

                                              Megan . eco-Gal

                                                Ruth, you are just too flippin' cute. I really want to try the aromatherapy Darphin. That will have to be a nice treat for myself soon. 🙂 And na na na na na na Instagram people…. we got more stuff!!!

                                                Tyran Prinsloo

                                                  Dr. Hauschka's rose day cream is amazing for dry skin plus it smells of freshly cut roses.

                                                  Kat Car

                                                    Really Ruth, the beautypie concept is pretty simple and remember you can save up your monthly allowance to buy the more expensive products!

                                                    Lisa Dwyer

                                                      Thank you beautiful, bonkers lady. How about SPF products and bronzers for face to get us in the mood for summer. Xx

                                                      Pencilfriend Paperscribbler

                                                        💐 Happy Spring, Ruth! 💐


                                                          Bepanthen nappy cream, you can't beat it for dry skin.

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