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      Beauty Store Employees Play Never Have I Ever

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      Zara Hoffman

        I LOVE both Destiny and Jazzmyne. Them together is MAGIC.

        sym is annoyed

          I wanna work at a makeup store so bad.😭

          Sheri A

            I am so saddened by some of the stories you ladies told of customers' husbands who brought them in to the makeup store and ask you to make them look a certain way that was not them. That is just wrong and it is so sad as an employee of the makeup store you just got to do it I guess. You don't have the choice of saying no. Wow! So glad I never worked retail. Maybe this explains why the employees at my Ulta are always so snotty. Maybe they've just had it!

            Ali Paki

              02:25, “never HHHHHHHHHAave i ever” thought i was watching star wars

              karina suyal

                So no one told jazzmyne she had lipstick on her teeth the whole time?

                Danielle Ricketts

                  They should do one of these for Target emplyoees. 👀👀 We got some wild stories.

                  Chanda Pathak

                    ❤❤❤💙💙💙 love jazmin 💛💜💚

                    Katherine August

                      I’m willing to bet MONEY that she worked at a Bare Minerals omg


                        i love destiny she seems like such a wonderful person and she’s so pretty too 💗


                          Stripper edition?! Rapper edition?! Pleaseeee

                          sarah herring

                            i don’t work at a makeup store but as a general rule i’d you are nice to people who’s serve you, we will bend over backwards but if you’re being rude we won’t ruin your order or whatever but don’t trip thinking i’m going to go put in extra effort after you just yelled at me. no.

                            jennifer padilla

                              Girl I work at Walmart I feel like quitting every single day hahahaha

                              Golden_Leader 92

                                When will rude costumers understand that workers are just that (workers) and not personal servants that you can mistreat when you have bad days, only because they usually can't talk back to you? Cowards.

                                Celeste Seymore

                                  Legally you couldn’t charge for doing her wedding make up, unless you are a licensed cosmetologist. But I’m sorry you weren’t given any form of tip.

                                  Christain Wright

                                    Me I am that employee that’ll tell you your child and anyone else to stop that

                                    Lauren Forsberg

                                      I have absolutely told people we didn’t have something that we had 4 of because they were awful

                                      Charlotte Reimer

                                        The girl on the left smiles like Emilia Clarke, so cute!


                                          I love jazz’s earrings

                                          Veneka Paradza

                                            That last story broke my heart💔

                                            Natalee Denlinger

                                              i don’t like the girl on the left

                                              Ariel Thrasher

                                                I could listen to Jazz talk all day tbfh


                                                  Destiny! Why do I feel like you worked at BareMinerals?!


                                                    Once it is outside of work, you should have been able to be paid.


                                                      HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAZZMYNE

                                                      Charlene Hall

                                                        Customers are the absolute worst. I would like my job 100x better if I didn't have to deal with customers.


                                                          the last story… poor lady <3

                                                          Hallow Eve
                                                            Aimless Gera

                                                              A lot of these apply to any retail job

                                                              some BODY

                                                                If someone wants to be lighter or darker, let them live. It’s their life and their skin. If it makes them happier, so be it. It doesn’t impact your life

                                                                Freaquy Games

                                                                  Happy birthday Jazzmyne


                                                                    The situation where the man said to make his wife look like you, she was probably too shy to say what she wanted, and she probably told him as inspired that she wanted to look like you, and he just repeated what she said!


                                                                      The smile and laugh of the left girl remind me of a black Emilia Clark /daenerys. Is it just me??

                                                                      PiercedBitxh Aila

                                                                        ON THE UPSALE- YES.

                                                                        I’m like “you need it bc if you don’t buy it- I loose my job lol but if you don’t want it, I don’t want it for you”

                                                                        gabby campbell

                                                                          It's very jarring that people still wear makeup many many shades lighter and think only fair skin is beautiful, you see it often in South Asia. And in East Asia and they use products to lighten their skin. I wish everyone could see theyer perfect just the way they are. Change the things you CAN change to better yourself as a person, be more understanding or gain more knowledge. No matter what color you are, you're beautiful I promise 🤗

                                                                          Kassandra wilson

                                                                            what lipstick is destiny wearingggggggg omg love it

                                                                            Aaliyah Haughton

                                                                              Their personalities bounce off each other really well, I want more videos with them 2

                                                                              T M

                                                                                Destiney is so beautiful and I love her personality

                                                                                yeet yeet

                                                                                  ~*joyce byers has joined the chat*~

                                                                                  Alexis Ligon

                                                                                    As a fellow beauty store employee, I loved this video😂


                                                                                      Y’all can’t take tips??? THATS some bs

                                                                                      yattsugoo 8

                                                                                        I thought Jazz was james charles in da thumbnail 😂

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