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      Today I’m reviewing the Vera Mona iBrush (Instructional Eye Brush) Kit … let’s see if it works! xo’s ~ Tati HALO Before & After PHOTOS HERE …

      Kirsten Welch

        Love the idea of how it tells you what brush to use where and how to use it super beginner friendly ❤️

        Terence Burns

          I would LOVE to see you review the Pixi Collaborations! I love Pixi 🙌🏽🧡

          Reemsha Inayet

            TATI! Make a video about brush cleaning!!! Please 🙂

            Debbie George

              Love the editing.



                Belle Beauty And lifestyle

                  Yes please do a video on all the Pixi collabs!!!❤️


                    Loved the editing with the brushes shown on the side!!

                    Becky Silver-Aunes

                      Hey Tati! Can you do a video on Estee Lauder makeup? I am allergic to the eye makeup, but I LOVE their skin care and use it religiously! Also.. I need your help! I have always had great skin… But since my total hysterectomy a year ago and stress of live-in elderly in-laws, recently being laid off and searching feverishly for my next job (I'm the bread winner, so the pressure is on).. And I can't for the life of me find a foundation that will provide decent coverage and work in the humidity of Florida, while not being cakey and gross! HELP! I think I need a Tati Day!!!

                      Audrey Weinlader

                        Loving the shirt Tati. That color on u is gorgeous.

                        Vivi Baker

                          Tati is literally the Bob ross of makeup. Like, hearing her calms me down

                          Brandy Bellmann

                            Super fun love it 💚 yes please do the pixie video.


                              Please do dedicated pixi video ❤️💕❤️

                              Natalie Watkins

                                I am all over this look! THIS is my every day go to. ❤️

                                K J

                                  Now this is what a " makeup tutorial" is Youtube. People take a not please and stop uploading stupid stuff.
                                  Thank you Tati, truly appreciate you, all your knowledge and honest reviews. Xo 💕

                                  Rebecca Murray

                                    Thank you Tati so much for being you and not doing any challenges girl your real and honest never change


                                      This video is great for someone like me who has the hardest time applying eye makeup. Thank you Love 😘

                                      Olivia Bacon

                                        I would love to see a Pixi Pretties breakdown! 😍


                                          I really enjoy watching you explain brushes. I would love to see more videos of your favorite brushes and how to use them. Like tati's brush class 101.

                                          Mackenzie A

                                            I need those gold hoops in my life, they are perfect!  Where did you get them?

                                            Julie Anne

                                              All Pixi product review please!!!

                                              Camilla Andersen

                                                You should do a “one makeup brush Challenge” where you create an entire look with one brush!

                                                Kailynn Branscom

                                                  I loved this video a lot since I am still kinda new to the whole makeup thing, but excited to go head first.

                                                  Cheyenne Marx

                                                    Yes queen 👸


                                                      I would love to see your impressions on the newest color-changing foundation that's all over instagram. I'm so skeptical! Lol

                                                      Amy Morgan

                                                        Is it just me or the brightening powder is just an overpriced white eyeshadow?

                                                        Uzma Nayani

                                                          Try brushes from SHEIN!

                                                          Hafsah Saeed

                                                            Yeah do a video on the Pixi

                                                            Rebecca Winship

                                                              I think this video was a great idea <3 definitely on that boat where I don’t know what brushes do what

                                                              Charlotte Barr-Smith

                                                                Please stop saying boring colours say nude colours because most people believe nude colours are way less boring then vibrant unnatural colours

                                                                Manal Doshi

                                                                  Please try Lakme and NY Bae products….

                                                                  Sarah Raja

                                                                    I know it sounds lame but could you always mention the soundtracks you use in your videos in the description?
                                                                    Btw always love your videos and got me inspired to come into the makeup world ❤️ love from Pakistan 🇵🇰


                                                                      Thank you. This is very my look I’m 50 and my eyes look silly with extreme colors and cut creases etc. with my aging hooded/crepe eyes this is all that looks ok on me.. I truly appreciate how to place certain shadows as to not drag my eyes down etc. I watched as you placed the deeper shade of brown in the crease, and I usually mess up and bring the color down to my bottom lash(kinda) and it makes my eyes look drawn down and I have to play with concealer etc to “clean it up” to look less blah. I am going to place my deep shade like I saw here!! Thank you. I needed a” why am I messing this up” kinda tutorial. It helped!!

                                                                      Jean Hanik

                                                                        Thank you and your mom I never know which brush to use there's so many. Lol

                                                                        Jessi B

                                                                          yes! please do a PIXI video! i like!

                                                                          Love Yourself

                                                                            I never use brushes for what they meant for…….I have tons of brushes that I use in any way I feel they can help me create a certain look 💜

                                                                            Devon Moxley

                                                                              Please review holo taco

                                                                              Ellen Mannschreck

                                                                                I’m really sad Tati stopping listening the makeup she was wearing in videos😢

                                                                                Lauren Hoffman

                                                                                  Yesss review rachhloves highlighter palette!😍

                                                                                  Alix Louise

                                                                                    Tbh when I started doing makeup I looked so bad I could play Annabelle 👻😂

                                                                                    Christa Glover

                                                                                      Hi Tati! I would love if you could do a review on the PUR Get a grip eyeshadow primer. I have used it a few times but cant get the shadows to blend even with setting the primer. Thank you!


                                                                                        Yes Tati! Please make a video reviewing all the collabs with Pixi

                                                                                        Meerkat M

                                                                                          best skin care brands that have trust worthy ingredients?

                                                                                          Annie Sebastian

                                                                                            That was me when I first started out with makeup😂 I would get the little basic ones from eco tools and elf I still use them because I love them lol, I have a lot more brushes now though

                                                                                            Samantha G

                                                                                              Try this mexican youtuber's line. Her name is Yuya

                                                                                              vishal kumar

                                                                                                Not again. Who trust this man? Is this a man or a woman.? She does look like jefreestar

                                                                                                NAzifa Islam

                                                                                                  Try the new dada beauty color changing lipstick. I want to know if it works. It turns into whatever color it touches lol

                                                                                                  Sarah Helfrich

                                                                                                    A video of reusable products or like going green!

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