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    Five amazing things to try in 2019 – you won’t be disappointed! This video contains an ad for Indeed Labs and the amazing new Bakuchiol Reface Pads, …

    Cristina Magurean

    For me, Skin Food is amazing in combination with Khiels Midnight Recovery Serum. Glides like a dream and my face feel fantastic in the morning. Love Weleda products!!!

    Irene C. Tromp

    Hi love, a question about the GHD tool: how do you clean it? I have a similar hot brush, but am considering getting a better one. However, it's such a pain to keep it clean!

    PK Blondie

    Did they provide a protective glove with the styling tool?

    Carla Campbell

    Great post.I am skin food junkie. Canadian winters and aging skin soak it up like a sponge.I would love to see a video of a few relatable eye looks.Everyone seems to be showing over the top colors such as oranges,reds ,bright pinks or peacock colors.I would look like a complete knob in them.Looking for some pretty but everyday looks.

    Kennedy Webb

    Ruth, what do you recommend a girl should do if she can’t find a legit modeling agency? PLEASE HELP ME! 😭😢😳🤭….

    Michele Mitchell

    #1 You look more gorgeous than usual in this video #2 CT Flawless Filter has to be the best product ever. #3 I am gutted that we can't seem to get the GHD Glide in the States. Yet.


    I'd love to know how the GHD brush compares to the Dafni brush. Anyone??

    Julia Pearson

    Those heated brushes have been around for ages. I've had a Silver Bullet one for at least a year. I think the Dafni brush was one of the first to come out. I have curly hair and I use the brush to straighten my hair when I don't want to wash it and it is too messy to do anything else with! In 5 mins I ca get it straight enough to look presentable. My love of this brush actually led me to buy the Dyson Airwrap for the smoothing brush, so I could have the same effect from wet hair with less heat being used.

    I've never burnt myself with my Silver bullet btw. I also use it so the bristles poiniting outwards, you get more volume that way.

    wjs 57

    And Ruth- you could just take the easy option and tell your subscribers to wander over to your mate Caroline’s channel and follow her very current series on all things retinol-you can then pop off and treat yourself to a Magnum.


    Wow shade 4 Your skin must be quite dark

    Morven Shaw

    Love a good no nonsense Ruth favourites! your poor burnt hand though but bashing on like the pro that you are! I have found so many things through your favourites that I wouldn't normally have tried thanks Ruth! xx


    I do have that Skin Food. I don't use it very often and I really should. It would be really nice for using on a long-haul flight for my face (I never wear makeup on the plane) and for your feet as well. Thanks for reminding me about it. 🙂 xoxo

    Dalen Rosa

    you are so relaxing and calming to watch. Could you review treatments like facials etc

    Zuzana Zuscinova

    How would you compare CT Flawless Filter with Becca Backlight Priming Filter?

    Lucy McGuren

    Love your sense of humour, your awesome and beautiful x


    Loved the video, got some great tips! With you on the Weleda! But recommending a styler that burned your hand?!… I wonder if bloggers would recommend it if it wasn’t GHD…..

    Tina Linton


    RedheadHun 71

    For me, Egyptian magic is a better alternative to skin food.

    Kristi Marie

    I remember the flat iron days where I'd burn my hand on my own hair. 🙂

    Tracy Montgomery

    Hi Ruth, I've just recently started using the Indeed Labs Hydraluron Intense Moisture Lotion which I really like. I'd be super interested in your views on their retinol product (I'm nearly 58 so feel like I need the extra punch of an actual retinoid). Thanks as always for an interesting, fun video x

    La Siddina

    Hi Ruth, love your videos. I'd need an advice and I think you can help me. I am waiting for my second little one and I need to switch from my trusty face cream for another one for these months. I am thinking of the weleda skin food and I found out that there is a light version of it.. What do you think? What did you use during your pregnancies? Thanks in advance

    Ginny Burley

    I cringed when I saw your reaction to that hot brush. I would SO struggle with getting burned being as clumsy as I am with hair tools 🤪. I love a terribly greasy product for my vert dry skin. The greasiness just doesn’t last as it sinks in nicely after a little while. I will need to try that Weleda Skin Food.

    Elena Power

    What nail polish is that? Absolutely perfect rosey nude!

    reformschool girl

    Weleda do a weather protect cream (in he baby range) which is amazing of walking/ cycling/ being outdoors in the cold

    Aleksandra Naczynska

    INDEED bakuchiol reface pads sold out in boots … – do you know where else to find it?

    G M

    Im going to buy some weleda now 🤗🤗


    Ruth, have you tried the skin food light yet!? Still very nice but "light"💁🏻💕


    For those who find the Weleda Skin Food a bit too heavy/oily, they now do a light version. Emma x

    Kristi Jerome

    how do you think the Charlotte tilbury flawless filter compares to glossier skin tint? Great video…thanks!

    Leona Shopaholic

    Love the sounds of those pads. I’m 41 and keep hearing so much about retinol and I know I should be using it already but my skin is so sensitive I just don’t want to try something and it freaks out however I think I might just give these pads a go 🤔. Thanks Ruth! xx

    Teresa Rolfe Kravtin

    “Cheap as chips”

    Di Temperley

    I really like Weleda Skin Food. When I’ve been a bit (a lot) enthusiastic with my script strength Vitamin A, this remarkable cream just comes to the rescue, and saves my face, yet again!

    Zuzana Zuscinova

    You look great with straight hair!


    alcohol is the fifth ingredient, in veleda how is that good for dry skin…

    Elizabeth Paredes

    Love your videos as always! Do you know if I can get those pads in the USA


    It stands to reason if you bend over and turn your head upside down while you brush your hair with the GHD Glide, you will achieve more volume, while smoothing and straightening your hair. Of course you can do this in an upright position by sectioning off the hair, working small sections and brushing upwards. But I'm all for quick and easy and letting a little blood rush to my head for a quick hair style! It seems logical that applying heat to the root while lifting the hair off the scalp should result in fuller, more voluminous hair. As conversely, applying heat to the root of the hair while pressing it down onto the scalp will result in a sleeker look. As a side note, you might want to dig out some heat resistant gloves! I assume there are no heat level controls on the new Glide… and just the options of fires-of-hell and off! lol (Hope your hands recover!)

    Sara LeBlanc

    I love Skin Food but a little goes a long way! I’ve found you need to really warm it up and press it in.

    Daniela Lutea

    Hia! 🤗😘😍

    A L

    Yes, Weleda Skin Food is amazing – it’s been my go to hand/foot cream for years.

    Megan . eco-Gal

    Also, I am not sure if this is the best way to ask a question like this, but I was wondering if I could ask what you would recommend for eliminating dark spots or uneven color on the face? I am 55, very fair, and my skin is pretty good but one thing I would like to work on if possible is just making the skin tone even. I'll sneak in one more question 🙂 my lips have always been smaller and thinner, but they seem so thin with a bit of age now. I have tried things like cinnamon balm to "plump" the lips and I don't think any of these plumpers work but would you suggest something for – 1. plumping (if it's really possible) and 2. repairing and smoothing skin on the lips. Not sure if you address these kinds of questions here but either way, thanks for everything.

    Mandy McMullin

    I can't imagine that the GHD is going to be any good for dry hair and like youself, i want the Babylis Big Hair because that is more like a hairdryer which cuts out the middle man

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