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      Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) It’s finally here!!!!!! MY NEW BLUSHES & ZODIAC COMPACTS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!!!! I hope you enjoy learning about ALLL of …

      Merrill Please

        Scrumptious was the best highlight they ever made and it’s discontinued. I have flexitarian but it’s not as flattering because it’s so foiled and glittery. I do love that one but scrumptious has no glitter, it’s pale and has a very very slightly pink undertone so beautiful and looks like an amped up version of just skin glow.

        rusuke bordones

          Please help. I could get only one palette. What should I get: Dream st. or the zodiac?

          Laura Galek

            My favourite Colourpop product would probably be the liquid or stix foundation. I love them both. I also really like the My Little Pony palette.

            Mikoto Chenmai

              Kathleen! The "OOO" pigment is actually "OH-OH-OH" thats supposed to stand for "Out of Office" !!!!


                I'm obsessed your collabo from Colourpop💗💗

                Rei Life

                  My favorite product has to be the velvet blur lipsticks. Such a comfortable "your lips but better" finish AND the super shock shadows (my fave is Ladybird). I am loving your blushes! Please do some looks with that orange blush & the new California love collection 😀

                  Mackenzie Artz

                    I need so many of these…now! I miss my Aquarius lippie liner, does anyone know of a good Colourpop one that’s a dupe or extremely close?

                    elizabeth kay.

                      favorite colourpop product is for sure the glisten super shock shadow! that is my go to!!

                      farah safirah

                        Ive been waiting for this video in like forever!!! Your dream st. palette was a good buy for me. You look stunning as always! 😭😍

                        Danielle Sebire

                          Anyone got tips on how to stop liquid lipsticks smearing on my face and transferring?

                          Rocky –

                            Lunch money 💰 is my favorite highlighter of all time. I had to give my ABH glow kit away since I stopped using it.

                            Christine Marie

                              Anyone else on ColourPops website adding things to their cart while watching this video? Lol🤷‍♀️

                              le petite sirene grotte

                                I've never bought anything from colourpop before but I just placed a big order with a bunch of your creations and your favees 💘 its my birthday this weekend so that's my excuse 😬

                                Chelsea Lambert

                                  Whenever I click on your videos I immediately wanna go eat spicy food idk why lmfao but it always end up being hot fries I’m so unhealthy😂😂😂

                                  Rodna Jean

                                    Just ordered a bunch of your faves! I may be in trouble, but……

                                    Promise 333

                                      You are so darn cute I get paid Friday

                                      Sofia S

                                        Marisu is secretly a beauty guru and that's why she's stealing your lip gloss.

                                        Hannah Tuber

                                          Zuma ultra blotted lip hands down is my favorite colourpop product of all time. Literally the nude of my dreams and there is nothing else like it in color or texture!!

                                          Heidi V

                                            Last Dance… It was a mini liquid lipstick in a Christmas collection a few years ago and it was the perfect red.

                                            Rowena Petrova

                                              Girl, “Delichass” “juitcy” my new favorite words😍😂 also, go to skincare products?

                                              Izaak Betch

                                                Ur nailsss thoooooo😍😍😍😍
                                                Also those blushessss thoooooooo😍😍😍😍😍💦💦💦💦
                                                Also the cute little single shadow packaginggg thoooooooo💦💦💦😏😏😏🤤🤤🤤😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

                                                Debi Dooms

                                                  Kathleen you are so sweet but I am getting a bit of Jaclyn Hill/Morphe vibes at this point.. would love to see you branch out from Colourpop or even make your own makeup brand

                                                  kelly pettersen

                                                    Dammit Kathleen! I just spent $80 on makeup I didn’t need! It was on sale! And it’s colourpop…. shakes fist

                                                    Rita Dong

                                                      I really want to try the colourpop eyeliner or mascara but my Asian ass is deadly afraid that it will smudge on my hooded freaking oily eyes

                                                      Ana Najera

                                                        Lip swatches/ try on with Emilia


                                                          I have the “get leid” supershock blush and I absolutely love it! It gives a almost sunburnt, Ive been in the sun vibe. But in a good way! Lol. It looks very healthy, and adds life back to the skin. Especially with full coverage foundation.
                                                          I also love “between the sheets”. It goes with everything!

                                                          Amanda Diaz

                                                            Of course Libra had to inspire you for the dusty pink blush. ❤️❤️❤️

                                                            Ela Aguirre

                                                              Kathleen I ordered all the 4 blushes I am so glad they are not sold out yet. So I grab them all. I am excited to get them. and those are big blushes!! I am really big fun and I am slowly building my makeup with all your collab.. ❤️ and I have flexitarian and I am observed with it. I wish I had watched this video first before I made my purchase. Lol 😝

                                                              Emily Richards

                                                                Picking a favorite is hard. I still use the dream street pallet almost every time I do my makeup. My favorite liquid lip though is WYD in the matte formula.

                                                                Michelle Ring-Walters

                                                                  I think Kathleen said "I love this" at least 300 times…..

                                                                  Also definitely just ordered the Libra single!!


                                                                    I don’t know if anyone notices, but I think Kathleen mistakes Ziggie for Who run this and vice versa?…

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