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      Best Friend Vs. Professional Stylist: New Year's Eve Look Challenge

      Who can style Lindsay better? Her Best friend or a professional stylist? Stylist: Devon Simon: Get the looks for yourself Jazz’s Outfit: Top …

      Axelle Mey.

        Am I the only one who liked the stylists' outfit??? It was really classy, sophisticated and coherent, yet bold. It gave me fashion week vibes.
        Jazz's look is more trendy, young.


          That green/yellow dress was giving me muumuu vibes, she looked like my little old grandma on her way to bed

          Aarya Louise

            Professional stylist: confidently buys clothes
            Also professional stylist: is hesitant about every piece of clothing she bought

            Maya Kahlo

              For Lindsay I would put

              The thigh high shimmer shoes at 2:35
              And the 2 piece minus the sunglasses at 2:43

              Idk 😂

              Amna Tariq

                That dress did not make me RELAX


                  Kind of awkward that they're shopping at Dolls Kill. It's well known that they've been implicated in stealing other people's designs, and not to mention the racist disaster that was "goth is white".

                  Kathy Kishanto

                    The designers outfit ….ew

                    Courtney S

                      A blind person could probably pick a brighter outfit than this stylist 👀

                      Dimple Malviya

                        Best fren did a grt job😍😘😘


                          I LOVE this series

                          Natasha Coffey

                            I just want jazz to dress me 😭

                            Emma O’Bryan

                              Why is nobody upset about the polka dots with leopard with snakeskin with mirrors…

                              Heidi Williams

                                Love the stylist's taste in earrings tho

                                Darryl Jerome

                                  Yeah… the stylist clothes were not very good picks lol

                                  Angelica Games

                                    Jazz is so good

                                    Maia _ H

                                      Jazz’s hair color looks great!

                                      Nicole James

                                        Can jazz dress me??

                                        Rosario R.

                                          Love jazz's white outfit

                                          Peggy Koko

                                            uhm, not a fan of the stylist's pick at all… points for jazz on this one

                                            Dalia Villa

                                              Strongly disliked the stylists blazer from the beginning

                                              Choker Boy

                                                Jazz look is Baby Spice


                                                  I kept looking at the pink dress that the stylist brought praying that she would choose it but…… 🥴

                                                  TC Jordens

                                                    I hate everything in this video 😭 am I that out of touch with culture these days?

                                                    Courtney noelle

                                                      The stylist clothes was a big fat noooo

                                                      Victoria Alexis

                                                        It looked like a nighttime dress

                                                        katrina fiebig

                                                          is there anyone else here who actually didn’t mind the RELAX dress

                                                          Addy 00f

                                                            I hate the relax dress

                                                            Maddi Zion

                                                              oh my god the white outfit is SO cute

                                                              Maddi Zion

                                                                i didnt know dolls kill had a store front!

                                                                1 CMW

                                                                  50% of those pictures of people she styled were Freddie, and she looks great, along with Curly and Quinta


                                                                    The white look wasn’t forward… or colourful. It was 90s slutty pop star on a budget… like a low budget… like you bought it at Party City. On the other hand, that green dress had absolutely no shape, but at least the accessories were cool… No to both.

                                                                    C harlie

                                                                      The stylist's look weirdly reminded me of like the 1960's or something, anyone else?

                                                                      Crista Busse

                                                                        I agree the stylist should have been a little more in touch with the fashion but also guys you don’t need to comment it over and over if she sees all of those comments she not gonna feel good and I will admit I like the yellow dress just not after I realized how long it was and the relax dress I think that was horrible I’m sooo sorry but please get rid of that. Also the stylish was super fun with her style so guys let’s just keep the comments nice thanks!

                                                                        Olivia A

                                                                          I actually didn’t mind the dress and shoes w the stylists choice I just didn’t like the jewelry or the bag

                                                                          Brooklyn Hobbs

                                                                            Ngl that yellow dress kinda looks like a hospital gown😂🤢

                                                                            Rachel Frumkin

                                                                              Am I the only one that loved Relax dress. I was really hoping she would have chosen that one. The outfit sounded so kewt.


                                                                                I think the Relax dress is a Pride look, not a New Year’s look.

                                                                                Quiley Harper

                                                                                  Jazz will you PLEASE take me shopping 😍😍😍😍

                                                                                  Rachel Frumkin

                                                                                    What a subdued look for Jazz.

                                                                                    Crowned Shorty

                                                                                      The stylist lowkey sucked

                                                                                      Kamora Harden

                                                                                        Her best friend styling… I'd love to shop with her.


                                                                                          That arts and craft relax dress costs $220……. WHY

                                                                                          Gwyn Griffith

                                                                                            Gosh I don't understand youth anymore. I finally feel old.

                                                                                            Paige Foote

                                                                                              Or you could cut off the ears


                                                                                                Why are they always bringing in stylists with a very poor sense of style 😅


                                                                                                  I'm getting Clueless vibes from all Jazz's looks.

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