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      Best Friends Play Truth Or Dare Jenga

      “Last time I played truth or dare jenga was the last time I kissed a man.” Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos …

      D Yon

        Joyce’s cheekbones 😍

        Kayla Collins

          I love how disappointed Jazz was when she talked about her first kiss!!!

          Olivia Ambs

            Let me just say…. they are all gorgeous

            abby ehrenstein

              Didn’t try guys also just do this?

              Hysteria F.

                My first kiss was pretty bad. The boy kept bugging me about it until I said yes, and when we were outside he forcibly moved me onto a snow hill so we'd be the same height and he kissed me for want felt like minutes, but was probably 30 or 40 seconds until he realized I wasn't kissing back. I couldn't move out of the way or say no. Mostly because I was frozen still and he was still holding me in place

                share bear

                  “Of course you do, Libra”

                  abdullah&lujaina 1987

                    keep doing videos with all buzzfeed girls #Girlpower

                    Olivia Grace

                      Am I the only one who thinks Spencer looks like Brie Larson?…

                      Rose Kennedy

                        Omg Jazz is a Libra? I love her even more now


                          Love this channel but could we get some more queer guys

                          Sweet Strawberry

                            Ripped jeans girl at 5:37 looks depressed

                            Ricky Franc

                              Jazz is an agent of chaos 😈

                              Surabhi Sharma

                                The moment she said "what can i do dogs love me" my dog started barking🤣


                                  suspicious 🤔


                                    Try guys did it better

                                    Solana Anne

                                      Spencer gives me the whole Sarah Paulson vibes.

                                      isabella howard

                                        oooommmmmggggg WE NEED A PT. 2 !!!!!! this was amazing and low key kinda empowering

                                        Hannah Czarnecki

                                          5:17 ooooooh, that's what it is.

                                          Alaina Hanning

                                            imagine having 5 best friends, what a concept

                                            Sophia Vines

                                              I love Lindsay’s outfit! She looks so color coordinated and cute!

                                              lustforlife14 lolz

                                                We need more SPENCERRR


                                                  Spencer always reminds me of Bri Larson every time I see her in a video. They could pass as sisters if not cousins. Lmao.

                                                  Viki Wishes

                                                    And then the try guys upload a Jenga video 🙈 so many coincidences

                                                    Mauro Pena

                                                      I just can’t with all the beauty in this room!

                                                      Lalie Aussibal

                                                        are you kidding me the try guys and as/is did the exact same vid on the exact same day

                                                        Grace Nguyen

                                                          omg i love chloe

                                                          Viresh Chopra

                                                            I love how Lindsay and jazz are in pajamas like it's a sleepover cause you play Truth and dare at sleepovers but everyone else didn't get the memo

                                                            Heth Cottrell

                                                              MORE VIDEOS WITH SPENSER PLEASE!

                                                              Mickayla Davey

                                                                It's my birthday today 😆

                                                                Gavrille Kapend

                                                                  Omg Chloe is just like I can't do viral dances


                                                                    Jazz has a new group of best friends every video

                                                                    Ginger Cat

                                                                      Happy birthday is copywrited that's why restaurants all.have their own version

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