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      Best Friends Rank YouTuber Eyeshadow Palettes

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      Isabelle Lewis

        Do this again

        Risha Loots

          Why is she on her phone the whole time? So annoying 😑

          Mishka Vallabh

            Sophdoesnails pallete is bomb


              F manny and his racism

              Valeria Rojas

                Using the right base and the right brushes for every kind of formula probably would help more 🤷🏻‍♀️

                Beautiful Soul

                  All I have to say is “yes please!”

                  Hullo Hanimu


                    Jesus Rodriguez

                      Do more!

                      Lauren Kwong

                        Was anyone else waiting for Adelaine x Tarte palette or was it just me?

                        Lucy Skippings


                          Jayden Johnson

                            I love her Brendon Urie shirt ♥️♥️♥️

                            Ava Jane426

                              Do more of this

                              bridget selna

                                Do Adelaide Morin’s new palette in the next YouTube palette vid!!💛💛💛

                                Kadence Tate

                                  I LOVE Megan's shirt!!!!!!

                                  Avianna Lambert

                                    Do it

                                    Cupcakes Roar

                                      James Charles has been out to make money by whatever means necessary since day 1. He has no qualms about crushing other ppl, stealing ideas and wants the limelight 24/7. Such a fake and horrible personality. He came up with “sisters” to try to project that he cares about his audience but oh no honey he only sees cash cows. Shady diva since day 1 and I will never watch him nor am I impressed by with assless chaps 🙄

                                      Cakey Rat

                                        Jeffree should be the higgest

                                        Holly Kelly

                                          In the zodiac palette I have it and for some reason Aquarius is the worst shade it’s different from the rest of the mattes but I love the palette and use it all the time

                                          Nikole Huntley

                                            Who uses their finger to put on eyeshadow? Just Saying !!!

                                            andria reyes

                                              It would help if they chose people that know how to apply makeup

                                              Just Totally Jamie 120907

                                                I have the James Charles pallet

                                                imogen mattel

                                                  how is jeffree third

                                                  Miranda Lavalley

                                                    Aspyn ovard pallet is bomb

                                                    Emily H

                                                      James’s Palette is EVERYTHING!!! ❤️😻

                                                      susan gomez


                                                        Sudipto Mandal

                                                          He has never heard of James Charles!!!
                                                          Are you sister-kidding me?

                                                          Ryan Tillman

                                                            I’m Ryan and he’s cough cough Ryann

                                                            Kitty and Tate

                                                              Rank more

                                                              Ljiljana Djuric

                                                                We need a part two!!!!

                                                                Aisha Upmanyu

                                                                  Ryan does a full face of jeffree star cosmetics

                                                                  Jordan Elijah Michael

                                                                    i KNOW y'all didn't put any primer or concealer on those lids baby lol

                                                                    Aidene ___

                                                                      Should've picked Blood Sugar tho😂✌

                                                                      jana alomari

                                                                        The James Charles x morphe Pa lit is back

                                                                        Lizzie Nixon

                                                                          MEGAN WEARING A PANIC AT THE DISCO SHIRT I STANNN

                                                                          Ekram Abdullahi

                                                                            y'all missed out on bretman damn


                                                                              how in the world did jaclyn hills palette beat jeffree’s


                                                                                adelaine morin's palette collab with tarte

                                                                                Lizzie Lowe

                                                                                  Kinda disappointed Adelaine's isn't in this one given how close her drop lined up with this video and that they had no Tarte products in the review

                                                                                  Victoria Deassis

                                                                                    i wish they didn’t just use their fingers for some of the mattes, used the right brushes, and used a primer or concealer bc it’s absolutely necessary.

                                                                                    lilly s

                                                                                      Funny how he said he would pay 30$ for 4 colors and then 20$ for 12 😂😂😂😂

                                                                                      lilly s

                                                                                        Omg Kathleen’s zodiac palette 💓💓💓

                                                                                        Phoebe Cereal

                                                                                          Jenna as the pop up beutuber makes me v happy

                                                                                          Maggie Brown

                                                                                            Rank all of Jeffrey stars Palletes next that would be soooo fun

                                                                                            Jasmyne Castro

                                                                                              What even is this video concept


                                                                                                I love any video with Ryan. Being about makeup made it even better. Great video!

                                                                                                Sonya Spilmon

                                                                                                  You should Jeffrey’s palettes blue blood and blood sugar

                                                                                                  Anni A

                                                                                                    I got the James Charles pallette yesterday at ulta

                                                                                                    Pinkity Drinkity

                                                                                                      Patrick Star eyeshadows with four pans 43$ James Charles eyeshadow pallete 39 pans 39$ like what?!


                                                                                                        they honestly should have talked abt the controversies to holistically determine if the palettes are worth it most ppl dont want to put money in the pockets of problematic people


                                                                                                          Their price points are just so wrong

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