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      Best Friends Style Wigs For A Week

      “I keep getting the urge to pull my wig off in public” Subscribe to As/Is: About As/Is: Subscribe for daily videos & series about beauty, …

      Helen Lenander

        Lindsay is Sansa, don’t fight me on this

        Alexandra Evans

          LOL why would u plan this challenge and then randomly go to CATALINA ISLAND FOR LUNCH??? who does that

          lillie del rio

            5:43 – i still listen to mcr 😭

            Aarti sehrawat

              i don’t get how putting a wig on is getting out of your comfort zone

              Chesca Enna

                8:08 found Mortica Addams

                Hey It’s Colleen xo

                  I want the purple wig sm

                  Lawrence Granger

                    Lindsay's overall fit for the first wig reminds me of something Hoseok would wear………


                      Love how jazz felt by the end of this video

                      Kathleen Haskins

                        The last wig jazz wore is SOOO PRETTYYY!!!! I get it's not you but it looks absolutely fabulous! You can rock so much jazz!!! Lindsay! I was really hoping you would pick a short pixie cut wig! Sad you chose two long ones. But you both rocked all of them! I love it!

                        Aaron Lidasan

                          Jazz's wig and outfit looks like the mother from The Wizards Of Waverly Place The Movie

                          Gacha Strawberry

                            The second one looks amazing on you Jazzmyn

                            Don't hate on me if I got the name wrong it's hard to spell..

                            Alisha Azad

                              8:03 beautiful

                              alexandra hartvik

                                This gotta be my fav buzzfeed vid tbh


                                  OMG Jazz looks so good with the long brown wig 😍

                                  Heather Smith

                                    Lindsey has flawless skin! Jazz always looks amazing! Loved this.


                                      Ok but what is the wig shop called? I’m tryna find wigs. I need locations!

                                      jackie ASMR

                                        I literally just ordered a wig today and was super nervous about it this video really just makes me feel like I can do this and I shouldn’t worry about what people think as long as I can rock it and feel myself in it then No one will be able to tell

                                        Sarapauli vG

                                          Lindsay’s eyes were so pretty in the first wig

                                          Eliza Sanders

                                            I’d love if jazz were more open to things! In every video that they make her try something new the comment from the co-worker is : it looks great but you hate it. Like come on it’s for a video. Have fun!

                                            Naturally Nat

                                              Yassss! Wigs can be a thing in our fashion. Yes.


                                                Jazz’s wig made her look like Rihanna🔥🔥🔥 u looked so good in that wig giirl that Rihanna is quaiking🔥🔥🔥

                                                Nick Silva

                                                  Lindsay in the black bob looked exactly like Sarah Barthel

                                                  Katie Suzanne

                                                    Lindsay gave me major Billie Eyelish vibes😂

                                                    Dillon Taylor

                                                      My favorites were #2 for Lindsay and #3 for Jazz. Like damn, I love the looks that came out 🤩

                                                      Corazón Peach

                                                        The fat gay black guy is annoying


                                                          Ugh these plastic wigs 🙃 pluck the part and hairline and shape them to their face. I know they’d like them better.

                                                          Jen Harrison

                                                            They look drop dead gorgeous before and after ❤️ love this

                                                            Riezlkayla Tuparan

                                                              Lindsey's 2nd wig/outfit looks like Morticia Addams 😍😍😍

                                                              aly d

                                                                these peoples wigs being snatched!🤠

                                                                Kayla Duncan

                                                                  Jazzs second wig looked so beautiful on her omahgodd

                                                                  Brielly top

                                                                    Só passa amor pelo o meu corpinho quando eu vejo os vídeos de funcionários do buzzfeed kakajj ♡

                                                                    Anna Schanus

                                                                      The fact that women are expected to have long hair and being a woman who chooses to wear their hair short makes the experience of wearing a long wig different. You're stepping into the role you usually actively avoid. People treat you different. The world experiences you in a more accepting way. It doesn't matter people's intentions, a woman who has short hair or no hair is always going to be treated as strange/other.

                                                                      Anna Schanus

                                                                        I LOVE MEGANS SHORT HAIR!!!!!

                                                                        Lauren D’Amico

                                                                          Lindsay in her third look reminds me of Chrissy.


                                                                            When she said u guys are fashion icons! n the picture the post😂🤣 no thanks

                                                                            Mary Jo Cole

                                                                              Brave, very brave. I feel as though I’d be waaay to hot. Not in a good way.

                                                                              Hailey Roberts

                                                                                Omg u both look so good in those wigs

                                                                                allie Sally

                                                                                  Lindsay shouldve changed it up with one of those bob wigs, the last two didnt feel that diff and the bobs look so good

                                                                                  Melissa Thomas

                                                                                    Awe, in the second wig Lindsay looked like Alexis Bledel in the Yale years of Gilmore Girls 💜

                                                                                    Alexa Yager

                                                                                      Megan looks so Magical. She looks like a elf but without pointy ears. ❤️❤️❤️

                                                                                      allie Sally

                                                                                        How did jazz look incredible in every wig she tried on at the store????? She was like “oh no” and i was like “WHO IS SHEEEE”


                                                                                          Joyce: “This is you when you’re like married… and your FICO score goes up to 900.” 😂

                                                                                          Sadie Ann

                                                                                            Y'all should have switched wigs with each other the last day

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